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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I^^^^^^Hl ^^f^- ^^' 


Explorer Tearboo^ T>edication 

Repeatedly called "the man, the 
myth, the legend" by current and 
former La Salle students, beloved 
Brother Edward Sheehy is the 
receiver of the 2007-2008 Explorer 
Yearbook dedication. This unique 
individual has been known to allow 
students to throw pies at him to 
raise money, was voted "most likely 
to get asked to monitor a boys 
lavatory during a high school prom" 
in a 1997 Collegian and is 
apparently well versed in 



"Pittsburghese", which he learned 
while working in Pittsburgh. From his 
well known quotes -"is there anything 
on anyone's mind today?"- to his 
random outbursts of songs - to his 
dedication to La Salle athletics, it's 
difficult to miss Brother Sheehy as he 
circles the campus everyday. 

And circles the campus. Brother 
Sheehy certainly does. From 
teaching 8:00am history classes to 
bleary eyed college students, to 
chasing the basketball team up and 
down the court. Brother Sheehy is 
easily visible all over the campus, as 
he bounces from one event to 

While a dedicated and charismatic 
member of the History Department, 
Brother Sheehy is more then just a 
professor at La Salle. He moderates 
basketball, and formerly football, 
acting as a mentor for these students 
on and off the court. However, 
Brother Sheehy also supports many 
events that occur on campus. For 
example, he offers himself to the 
Service Trips auction, raking in over 
$100 for dinner with him. (Yes, 
Brother Sheehy is THAT 
entertaining as a dinner companion.) 

These are just a few things that 
Brother Ed has done; however, his 
work at La Salle and in education are 
truly legendary, going back many 

years. Brother received the Robe of the 
Christian Brothers in 1963 and 
graduated from La Salle in 1968 as 
valedictorian (the first Brother to ever do 
so). After graduating from La Salle. 
Brother Sheehy left La Salle for a while, 
making his presence known at high 
schools all over the mid-Atlantic region. 
He went to Calvert Hall College High 
School, where he worked as a history 
teacher and Dean of Discipline. He then 
moved to St. John's College High 
School. Brother Sheehy then switched 
to the administration side of work, acting 
as a vice principal at Hudson Catholic 
High School and principal at Central 
Catholic High School. During this 
sojourn, Brother received his doctorate 
from George Washington University. 

Finally, nearly twenty years after 
graduating, Brother Sheehy returned to 
his Alma Mater in 1988. taking a 
position as a history professor. During 
his long tenure at La Salle, Brother has 
aided in the Admissions department, 
served on the Faculty Senate, and 
received the Lindback Teaching award. 

Upon looking back on Brother Sheehy's 
dedicated career, it is truly easy to see 
why he earned his nickname as "the 
man, the myth, the legend". He has 
devoted his life to La Salle, creating his 
legend in the minds and hearts of La 
Salle students, past, present and future. 

Jen McShane. '10 5 

Every year, the Explorer Yearbook opens with 
a section that highlights occurrences from La 
Salle. Each year is marked by different events, 
making up the history of the school. This year 
is no exception. 

Turning these pages, there is a record of the 
Phillies' incredible season, an overview of the 
campus construction, the "kick off" of a new 
year, and the celebration of La Salle's 145 
years. These events and the participants, along 
with many others and the changing world, 
"chart the course" to carry La Salle into the 



La Salle 

Reaches New 


&^r. 'OCAY\ 

At the beginning of the 2007-2008 
school year, returning La Salle students 
and employees noticed some changes all 
around campus. Some of the 
modifications to the campus landscape 
were immediately noticeable, like the 
absence of Benilde. Other changes were 
more subtle, such as the addition of 
benches all over campus, like the ones 
installed near St. Basil Court. 

La Salle began expanding its borders with 
the addition of Germantown Hospital on 
May 8, 2007 from the Albert Einstein 
Health. The Germantown Hospital 
property added 23 acres to La Salle 
designated West Campus. Soon after this 
purchase, plans were put into action to 
tear down Benilde Hall on Main Campus 
and move its occupants over to the 
renovated hospital. University 
Advancement, University 
Communications and Alumni Relations all 
now reside in Germantown Hospital. 
Other offices formerly located in Benilde 
moved over to the Administration 
Building and College Hall. 

The highly anticipated Shoppes at La 
Salle broke ground on October 29, 2007. 

La Salle grad and Philadelphia State 
Representative Dwight Evans was on 
hand at the groundbreaking. "La Salle has 
been doing a lot of reaching out. in many 
different ways, and is an economic 
anchor to this community." He stressed 
the benefits of the shopping center for 
the surrounding community as well as La 
Salle. Among the stores to be installed 
are: Fresh Grocer supermarket. Starbucks 
cafe, T-Mobile, GameStop and America's 
Best Eyewear. 

The Japanese Tea House, located in a 
quiet, remote area of the campus was 
also dismantled in late August. The tea 
ceremonies are being relocated to 
another undecided area. 

Besides these big projects. La Salle also 
experienced some aesthetic changes to 
the campus. This includes the addition of 
benches campus wide, as well as other 

It is clear that the campus will continue to 
grow and build, with renovations to the 
science center, the Explorer's Den and a 
bridge to connect West Campus to the 
library still in the works. 

Jen McShane, 10 

a New Ibttrney 

Activity on campus, slow during the hazy 
days of summer, picked up again during 
Opening Weekend 2007. It is Opening 
Weekend every year that truly kicks off 
the beginning of a new school year at La 
Salle. Returning students meet up with 
friends, reciting stories of internships, 
jobs and beach trips. However, it may be 
that the Freshmen, the newest members 
to the La Salle community, that are most 
effected by Opening Weekend, getting 
their first taste of college life. 

Thursday, August 23 was the beginning 
of Opening Weekend, when 780 
Freshmen students stepped onto campus 
for the first time as La Salle students. 
Many, about 88% of these new students, 
spent the morning meeting roomates and 
moving into the dorms with assistance 
from the Football team, RSA, SGA and 
La Salle Ambassadors. Freshman 
communters also arrived on campus, 
testing SEPTA and La Salle parking. 

The Opening Weekend Family lunch, 
held on the Main Quad allowed the 
newcomers to mingle with fellow 
classmates, as well as returning students. 

After Opening Convocation, when the 
newest class of Lasallians received a 
warm welcome from the La Salle 
community, parents left the campus. This 
led many of the Freshmen to now 
explore La Salle on their own. 

Opportunities arose all weekend for 
Freshmen to make new connecions with 
their fellow classmates. Stadium Jam 
occured on Thursday Night, where good 
music and food could be found. Bus trips 
to South Street, Pat's Steaks, Metroplex 
and King of Prussia Mall gave new 
students an opportunity to meet other 
people, yet it also let them become 
acclimated to Philadelphia andthe 
surrounding area. And Explorer Games 
was a chance to show off athletic abilities 
and have a good time in McCarthy 

The weekend turned out to be fun for all 
involved. "I thought opening weekend 
was a lot of fun, and it was good to spend 
time with my roommate, however, the 
activities should all be in the gym... where 
there is A/C," said Christine McCullough, 

Jen McShane, '10 

Welcome Cla^ 

Celebrating the 


Playoff Hunt 




Phillies Pride 

It was a grim start for the Philadelphia 
"Phightin" Phils, with a 1-6 beginning to 
the 2007 season. The Phillies struggled 
during April and May, having lost more 
games then they had won in both 
months. Was shortstop Jimmy Rollins' 
comment on February 20, 2007, "we're 
the team to beat", doomed to haunt the 
Phils all season? 

After the slow start, the Phillies began to 
pick up the pace. However, injuries 
marred the season, slowing the Phillies' 
climb. During the season, the Phillies had 
to play without the skills of: Ryan 
Howard, Brett Myers, Tom "Flash" 
Gordon among many others. Perhaps, 
the biggest scares for the persistent Phils 
came when beloved, second baseman 
Chase Utley and ace pitcher. Cole 
Hamels went on the DL. 

Despite the deluge of injuries, the Phils 
continued to slowly gain ground on the 
Mets, leaders of the NL East. The month 
of September was a turning point, as the 
Phillies continued winning key games, 
including sweeping the Mets. At the same 
time the Phils were executing this 
onslaught, the reigning Mets self- 
destructed, allowing the Phillies to win 
the NL East title in the final games of the 

season. This put the Phillies into the 
playoffs for the first time since 1993. 

With the Phillies in the playoffs, the city 
went nuts. Everyone was celebrating the 
victory of the "come back kids" as the 
Phils were being nicknamed. 

La Salle was no exception. Phillies t-shirts 
were donned as students joined in the 
triumph of the Phillies. One could not 
walk into Olney Hall without seeing 
Phillies gear. 

As the playoffs began, the University 
showed the games in the Dan Rodden 
theater, allowing students to gather 
together to cheer on the Phils or bite 
their nails. Free pretzels were given out in 
support of the Phillies. 

The glory ended as the Phillies were 
swept in 3 games by the red hot 
Colorado Rockies. Yet. many were not 
disappointed. In fact, they were proud of 
the Phils, coming back against the odds. 
All in all, it was an exciting season, with 
the Philadelphia motto ringing in our 
ears, "There's always next year." 

Jen McShane. 10 



For theOf f icers 

With sternos burning and spoons and 
forks in hand, the La Salle Ambassadors 
served Thanksgiving Dinner to the police 
of the 35th District Police. For the past 
eight years, the Ambassadors, a student 
group working out of the Advancement 
Office, along with the help of members of 
the community and other student groups, 
have been serving the delicious meal 
including turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberry 
sauce, vegetable, mashed potatoes, 
candied yams and the rest of our favorite 
Thanksgiving foods. It is a time to thank 
the police officers for the support they 
have shown in keeping the La Salle 
community as safe as possible. 

But there was something different and 
bittersweet about this Thanksgiving 
Dinner. Just a few shorts weeks before 
dinner was to be served, Officer Chuck 
Cassidy was killed in the line of duty. A 
member of the 35th District himself, 
Cassidy sometimes helped patrol La 
Salle's campus. A display dedicated to 
Cassidy -his portrait, clad in blue with a 
strong stare- was surrounded by flowers 
and cards sent to him from local school 
children. It was in light of Cassidy's death 
that the La Salle Ambassadors decided 
that any amount of money raised over the 
cost of food would be donated directly to 

the Cassidy Fund. Business Affairs set up 
a table in the Union Building for 
fundraising to go straight to the Cassidy 
Fund in conjunction with the money the 
Ambassadors raised. 

As the Ambassadors served dinner to the 
hungry police officers, a check for 
$3,500.00 was presented to Captain 
McCluskey, on behalf of Cassidy's family. 
Also presented was a picture of Cassidy 
being served Thanksgiving Dinner by one 
of our Ambassadors last year. Both the 
check and picture were given to Cassidy's 
family later that day when they held their 
first press conference in the station. 

This is the La Salle I know and love 
where the entire community comes 
together in time of pain and need. It is a 
humbling experience to help serve dinner 
to a group of individuals who put their 
lives on the line for each of us each day. 
The Ambassadors will continue this 
tradition as long as there is a 
Thanksgiving to celebrate. We welcome 
support from every member of the La 
Salle community in the future and thank 
you for the support in the past. 

Michal J. Wilczewski, '09 



.'■•■* ..„»"'"/<"'*i.-'*' 


"i45 Years and 



^"-1 a 




-^ Salle 

In 1863, the Christian Brothers, after 
setting up the successful Christian 
Brothers' High School, were asked by 
Bishop (later Archbishop) Wood of 
Philadelphia to set up La Salle College. 
After receiving approval from the 
archdiocese of Philadelphia and the state 
of Pennsylvania, the Charter was put into 
writing. Right in the middle of the Civil 
War, March 20, 1963, the Charter was 
signed by the Speaker of the House of 
Representatives of PA, the President of 
the Senate of PA and the Governor of 
PA, effectively recognizing and 
accrediting La Salle College. "The La 
Salle Charter IS the birth certificate for La 
Salle College (now University)," said Bro. 
Joseph Grabenstein of the Archives. 

Charter week 2008 was a big celebration, 
as the school celebrated its 145th year. 
The week was packed with events 
honoring faculty, presentations given 
about La Salle, ethics forums given by the 
school of business. Basket Bidding for 
service trips and the ever popular Charter 

Perhaps the most informative part of the 
week was a presentation offered by the 
Division of Student Affairs. The 
presentation, "Learning La Salle", 

offered some key insights about La Salle 
as addressed by the students. 
The presentation introduced to the 
university the results of student surveys 
about alcohol, substance abuse, health, as 
well as students' feelings about services 
offered by the university. 

The university also recognized 
achievements of faculty members, as well 
as remembered a very special Christian 
Brother. The 2nd annual Brother 
Scubillion Award for Justice was awarded 
on Tuesday, March 18. Dr. David Gulp. 
Assistant Professor of Business Law. was 
this year's recipient of the award. 

One of the most favored events for 
students during Charter Week is the 
Charter Dinner, held on Wednesday, 
March 19 this year. The Charter dinner 
included some outstanding foods, like 
chocolate strawberries, creme brulee and 
various carving stations. Making the food 
even better were the servers. At different 
times that night, one could find Bro. Ed 
Sheehy. Bro. Michael McGinniss. Dr. 
Bonni Zeiteck and Dr. Cicala, among 
many others, all serving food to hungry 

Jen McSha: : ; 


Creativity excels at La Salle. Throughout 
a semester, there are various ways that 
Lasallians can show off their creative 
skills: clubs, activities, events like the 
Charlie Awards. However, a collaborative 
effort exists that allows for faculty, 
students and staff to show their creativity 
in one exhibition. 

This year marked the second annual La 
Salle University Student, Staff and Faculty 
Art Exhibition. Members of the La Salle 
community from all three of these groups 
entered artwork to the art museum staff 
for judging. Pieces entered included 
paintings, sculptures and photographs. 

After the artwork was submitted, all of it 
was put on display in the La Salle Art 
Museum in Olney Hall for the entire 
campus to view. The artwork was held on 
exhibit from the end of March to the 
beginning of April. 

At the end of the art exhibit, prizes were 
awarded to the faculty and students with 
the best pieces. The awards were given 
out to the winners on April 1 . The 
awards were divided into faculty /staff and 
student categories. 

The award for excellence went to John 
Kovach in the faculty/staff category for 
his innovative piece, Vortex, designed 
from aluminum and copper. The student 
award for excellence was awarded to 
Tesla Thomas for her photograph. 
Confusion of Light. Honorable mention 
for the faculty /staff category was awarded 
to Dr. Lynn Collins for her digital art 
piece. Between Sets, New Orleans. 
Meanwhile, on the student side, the 
honorable mention was given to Melanie 
Charles for her oil piece, StiU Life. 

At the close of the awards ceremony in 
the Olney Lobby, students from Jim 
Williams's art class sketched live models. 
In a brief talk before the sketching began, 
Professor Williams was quick to point out, 
live models usually refers to nude models, 
however, these models were definitely not 
nude. The models were merely other 
students from his art class. The artists' 
demonstration marked a fitting end to an 
excellent showcase. 

Jen McShane, '10 

i> ; 'I 


"Uniting for a 


n>/-]nG) Pl'mc) 


Spring Fling 2008 was the climax of 
student programming this year. It 
exemplified the product of student 
organizations working together, and 
created a festival that will be talked about 
for years to come. 

Organizations such as the Resident 
Student Association, Sigma Phi Epsilon, 
Gamma Phi Beta and Circle K worked 
diligently with Late Night La Salle and the 
Student Programming Center within the 
Division of Student Affairs to diversify the 
events of the weekend to appeal to the 
largest audience. With this collaboration 
among students and staff. Spring Fling 
was set to be an incredible weekend, full 
of fun and diverse activities for students. 

Spring Fling weekend, which was held 
April 10-12, kicked off Thursday night 
with a comedy showcase. La Salle had 
the privilege of being one of the stops on 
Comedy Central's "Indecision Tour" 
featuring headliner Colin Quinn with Dan 
Boulger and James Adomian. The night 
turned out to be a great way for students 
to relax and laugh with the end of the 
semester stress on the horizon. 

On Friday Night, students rocked out to 
the musical rendezvous of Irish rock band. 
Blackthorn. This eclectic group led the 
enthusiastic crowd with a mix of original 
Irish reels as along with traditional rock 
and roll. 

The weekend drew to a close on Saturday 
night with a dinner and dance party 
featuring DeeJay 007. 

While the weekend was fun for students, 
staff and all involved, it also helped 
benefit those in need. All of the proceeds 
that were raised throughout the weekend 
from the comedy show and concert show 
tickets sales, t-shirt sales and dinner sales, 
went to YouthAIDS. A total of $1,500 
was raised. 

Altogether, over 1000 students 
participated in the events of Spring Fling 
making it a complete success and a job 
well done. 

Brittanu Philbert. '08 

\ 'P 

\ c\ c e 

To the Finish 

While the Presidential candidates from 
the Republican and Democratic parties 
are not formally chosen until the 
conventions, the primaries give the nation 
a fairly good idea of who these 
nominations might be. 

The Presidential race of 2008 started out 
with numerous candidates on both sides. 
As the months rolled by, candidates 
slowly dropped out of the race. Over 
time, the party front-runners became 
defined: Senators John Edwards, Hillary 
Clinton and Barack Obama for the 
Democratic Party, and Mitt Romney, 
Mike Huckabee and John McCain led the 
Republican party. 

As the early primaries began, and famous 
Super Tuesday passed, the list of 
candidates whittled down even more. 
Finally, a candidate for the Republican 
party was clearly in the lead with Senator 
John McCain. However, it was clear the 
primary races were far from over. 

The Democratic race was not as easily 
determined. Close races between 
Edwards, Clinton and Obama kept the 
Democratic party up for grabs. Finally, 


after taking third place in the beginning 
primaries, John Edwards left the race, 
leaving Hillary Clinton and Barack 

As the primaries continued, Clinton and 
Obama exchanged wins, continuing in a 
dead heat. Neither candidate commanded 
a large enough lead. For this reason, all 
eyes turned to Pennsylvania as its 
Democratic primary drew closer in April. 

Both Obama and Clinton invaded 
Pennsylvania, trying to pull off a victory 
in PA. La Salle, with its large number of 
eligible voters, was swarmed with Clinton 
and Obama supporters. 

Rock the Vote, held the Saturday before 
the primary, saw Clinton's daughter, 
Chelsea, visit the campus and address 
students gathered at St. Neumann. 
Students also debated at Rock the Vote in 
support of either candidate. The La Salle 
chapter of Students for Obama worked 
hard to help the Obama campaign, 
attending his speech at City Hall. This 
group of students also worked on primary 
day, encouraging students to vote for 
Obama all around campus. 

Jen McShane, '10 

Primary fever 
hits La Salle 

Academics lie at the heart of La Salle 
University. With classes led by devoted faculty, 
students are introduced to a variety of subjects 
designed to help them succeed in any field. 
Whether an English or Biochemistry major, 
students are sure to get the best education 

The Academics section is devoted to 
describing each and every department that 
exists at La Salle. Dividing up the section are 
the three schools present at La Salle: the 
School of Arts and Sciences, the School of 
Business and the School of Nursing and 
Health Sciences. 

Whatever the department, Academics chart 
the educational course of a student, from 
freshman to senior year. 


(Dfflce of Ike ^re^cienl 

Michael J. McGinniss, F.S.C. 

Alice L. Hoersch, Ph.D. 

Executive Assistant to the President 
Joseph J. Willard, F.S.C 

Executive Assistant to the President 
William J. DeVito, M.A. 

Executive Assistant to the President, 

Director of Community and Economic 


As President of La Salle, working 
out of the Peale House, Brother 
Michael McGinniss is easily found 
at events all over the campus. A 
visible figure to the community, 
Brother McGinniss has many 
responsibilities that come under 
his jurisdiction, to keep La Salle 
running smoothly. 

Before becoming President, 
Brother McGinniss both taught 
and attended La Salle. "When I 
graduated in 1970, it never 
occurred to me that I would 
return as President", said 

over the city and the nation, 
including politicians, always acting 
as a spokesman for the University. 
"I really am the ultimate 
spokesperson for La Salle." While 
traveling, McGinniss always extols 
the virtues of La Salle 

On campus, nothing gets past 
Brother McGinniss. He oversees 
all aspects of La Salle, with help 
from his President's Team, who 
help keep him informed of the 
goings-on of La Salle. Everything 
from campus expansion to 
academics to athletics comes 
under his watchful eye. 

The 2007-2008 school year 
marked Brother McGinniss' ninth 
year as President. 

Part of Brother McGinniss' job 
includes meeting with people all 

Brother McGinniss hopes to see 
La Salle continue to move forward 
and grow. "I believe that I know 
the direction that we need to go to 
better suit the need of students." 

Jen McShane, 10 

(Dfflce of I he r^ionod 

The Provost oversees many 
departments and responsibilities 
at La Salle, however, many 
students may not xq^ylq that the 
successful Diplomat in Residence 
Program (DRP) also comes under 
the Provost's care. 

Director of the DRP, Dr. Cornelia 
Tsakiridou of the Philosophy 
department, received her Ph.D. 
from Georgetown University. 
While there, she was impressed 
by the emphasis that the school 
put on international studies. 
Thinking La Salle could benefit in 
this area as well, she founded the 
program in 1994. Tsakiridou 
commented that the Christian 
Brothers are an international 
order and "a program such as the 
DRP was both appropriate and in 
the spirit of the Brothers' 

The visitors that come to La Salle 
are DRP's way of bringing 
international awareness to the 
University. Since the program 
started, over 150 foreign and 
U.S. diplomats have visited the 
University. The visitors that come 
to the school are decided by a 
combination of the DRP program 
participants, as well as faculty 
members. Dr. Tsakiridou tries to 
supply topics that are relevant to 
events happening now. "Our 
topics are timely, reflecting 
current affairs and significant 
events in world history." 

In the fall of 2007, DRP brought 
back the popular Tibetan monks 
from Drepung Gomang 
Monastery, as well as Marthe 
Cohn, a former French Jewish 
spy in Nazi Germany during 
WWII. Jen McShane, 


Richard A. Nigro, Ph.D. 

John J. McGoldrick, F.S.C., Ph.D. 

Assistant Provost 
Joseph Y. Urgas, Ph.D., C.M.A. 

Dean, College of Professional and 

Continuing Studies 

Elizabeth Heenan, M.Ed. 

Assistant Dean 

Madeline Viljoen, Ph.D. 

Director of the Art Museum 

John S. Grady, M.A. 

Director of the Honors Program 

Edward Nickerson, M.B.A. 

Director of Information Technology 

John S. Baky, M.S. 

Director of Library Services 

Ten Ceraso, M.A. 

Director of Learning Support Services 

Steve Fabiani, M.S., Ed. 

Executive Director of Academic Computing 


Matthew S. McManness, M.S. 

Vice President of Business Affairs 

Rose Lee Pauline, M.A. 

Assistant Vice President Affirmative Action 


Richard D'UIisse, B.S. 

Director of Accounting and Budgets 

Robinette Ramsey-Barnes, M.B.A. 


Ralph Carey, B.S. 

Director of Physical Facilities 

Margurete W. Walsh, M.B.A. 

Director of Human Resources 

Nancylee Moore. B.S. 

Director of Accounts Payable and 


Arthur Grover, B.A. 

Director of Security and Safety 

Stephen C. Greb, M.Ed. 

Director of Food Service 

Samuel Pino 

Director of Duplicating and Mail Services 

John Dolan, Ph.D. 

Vice President of Enrollment Services 

Robert G. Voss, A.B. 
Dean of Admission and Financial Aid 

Michael Wisniewski, M.A. 

Director of Student Financial Services 

Dominic J. Galante, B.S. 


Paul J. Reilly, M.B.A. 

Director of Marketing, Graduate and Adult 


Kathryn Payne, B.S. 

Director of Information Management 


Michael Roskowski, Ph.D. 

Director of Institutional Research 

ana C^ J J ire ojeymoK/rienl 

John Dolan is the newest 
member to join the dedicated 
administration personnel at La 
Salle. He joined the 
adminstration on October 15, 
2007 as Vice President for 
Enrollment Services. 

Dolan came to La Salle from the 
University of Denver, a private 
university. There, he served as 
Vice Chancellor for Enrollment. 
Combined, Dolan has been in the 
Enrollment business for 25 years, 
loving every minute of it. 

Coming from Denver, it took 
Dolan some time to settle his 
family into the Philadelphia area. 
While finalizing the move, Dolan 
actually lived with the Christian 
Brothers on campus. He said that 
he learned the "in and outs of La 

Salle" from them. Dolan's biggest 
responsibility here is to set down 
the policy and profile for 
incoming students. He looks for 
the right student for La Salle. "Its 
not about the first to apply or 
alphabetical order but who fits at 
La Salle," said Dolan. He also 
wants to right size the enrollment 
here, as the campus continues to 
grow and expand. "We are really 
on the move. I mean, hey we got 
Gamestop (referring to Shoppes 
at La Salle). If I want Guitar Hero 
3, its right there." Dolan admits 
to being very good at this game. 

To many, Dolan has a vivacious 
personality to him that will 
certainly help him in enrollment, 
as well as a love for the job. "Its 
been alot of fun, I can't wait to 
see what comes next at La Salle." 

Jen McShane, 10 

(Office of .^Ihlellc/j and 
(Office of ^^/Icii^ancepienl 

La Salle has a large quantity of 
dedicated athletic teams. 
However, another program of 
teams exists, allowing students to 
be athletically involved while on 
campus. That program is the 
Intramural sports program. 

The sports offered through 
Intramurals are flag football 
(spring and fall), basketball, 
Softball, volleyball, water polo, 
dodgeball and ultimate Frisbee. 
"Some students play these sports 
in high school at varsity level, but 
cannot for various reasons at La 
Salle. Intramurals allow these to 
still compete," said Robert 
Mcintosh, director of the 
Intramural program. Mcintosh 
explained this as the reason that 
La Salle has an Intramural 

There are three different leagues 
available for students to 
participate in within the different 
sports: men's, women's and coed. 
High numbers of students 
participate in all the leagues and 

Because of the tight schedules of 
students, there are no formal 
practices for the various sports. 
Students just show up and play. 
"They get to come out and have 
fun," said Mcintosh. 

The best teams in a league can 
move on to compete in City 6 
events: competitions among the 
other city colleges. Some La Salle 
teams in the past years have won 
City 6 events; flag football has 
won once, volleyball has won a 
total of four times and softball has 
won three times. jen McShane, 10 

Thomas Brennan. Ed.D. 

Director of Intercollegiate Athletic Affairs 

John Lyons, M.Ed. 

Associate Director of Atfiletics 

Peter D'Orazio, M.Ed. 

Assistant Director for Advancement 

Christopher Kane, B.S. 

Assistant Director for Business Affairs 

Mary Ellen Wydan, M.A. 

Assistant Director for Compliance 

John Kane, F.S.C., M.A. 

Director of Academic Services 

Kcde Beers, B.A. 

Director of Athletic Communications 

Phil Snead, B.S. 

Director of Facility Operations 

Bill Gerzabek, M.S., ATC 

Director of Sports Medicine 

Angle Marfisi, M.Ed. 

Director of Campus Recreation 

R. Brian Elderton, M.Ed. 

Vice President for University Advancement 

Theresa K. Travis, M.A. 
Assistant Vice President for Development 

Joseph W. Donovan, B.A. 

Assistant Vice President of Marketing and 


Jeunes K. Gulick, B.A. 

Assistant Vice President of Alumni 


Edward A. Turzanski, B.A. 

Counsel to the President and 

Assistant Vice President for Government 

and Community Relations 


^yim^bion of ^/ludenl .S^ffah^j 

Joseph J. Cicala, Ph.D. 

Dean of Students 
Alan B. Wendell, M.Ed. 

Senior Associate Dean of Students 

Anna Melnyk Allen, M.A. 

Associate Dean of Students 

Lane B. Neubauer, Ph.D. 

Associate Dean of Students, Counseling 

and Health) Services 

Jefferey S. Hershberger, M.B.A. 

Director of Administrative Services 

Lous A. Lamorte, Jr., M.S., Ed, 

Director of Career Services 

Robert Kinzler, F.S.C., M.S.W. 

Director of University Ministry and Service 

Mark Badstubner, M.A. 

Director of Community Standards and 


Amber Mullen, M.A. 

Director of Residential Communities 

Ryan Holmes, M.A. 
Director of Off-Campus Communities 

Chris Kazmierczak, M.Ed. 

Director of the Student Programming 


Dina Oleksiak, MSN, FNP, BC 

Director of tfie Student Health Center 

Suzanne Boyll, Ph.D. 

Director of the Student Counseling Center 

Many aspects of student life 
con^e under the Division of 
Student Affairs. This dedicated 
group of administrators, led by 
the devoted and enthusiastic Dr. 
Joseph Cicala, work extremely 
hard to help keep a student's 
journey through La Salle on the 
right course. 

One of the many administrators, 
and devoted personnel under 
the Division of Student Affairs is 
Dr. Lane Neubauer. Dr. 
Neubauer serves as Associate 
Dean of Students for Counseling 
and Health Services. She 
previously served as the director 
of the Counseling Center, as well 
as advised the PEERS 

As Associate Dean of Students, 
Dr. Neubauer oversees Health 

Services, the Counseling Center 
as well as Career Service. The 
combination of the three services, 
new to the 2008 school year, was 
done in the hopes to get more 
collaboration between the three. 
One collaboration of these three 
services is the new Explorer U 
program, where students can 
discover more about themselves, 
career opportunities or majors. 

All of the services under Dr. 
Neubauer's care have programs 
to help students in various ways: 
Career Services offers the Career 
Expo, Explorer U and Health 
Services runs the Health Fair 
while the counseling center 
manages the Alcohol Education 
program."All of the services we 
offer are positive and strength 
building,"said Neubauer. 

Jen McShane, 10 

School of ,^il/j and ^clence^'j 

There was an air of fantasy which 
surrounded Dr. Michael Kerlin. 
Reputation preceded him, and it 
was always anticipatory. Dr. Kerlin 
represented one of La Salle's 
greatest treasures; a grand 
confluence of all that is good in 
the realms of academia, 
professorship and humanity. In 
this one man was contained such a 
caring and expressive heart. Upon 
this body rested a head containing 
a most humble and genius mind- 
not to mention a set of "dreamy" 
blue eyes. 

To list Dr. Kerlin's collection of 
degrees from various universities 
of the world would be in 
contradiction of his welcoming, 
unpretentious demeanor. In the 
classroom, he was another 
member of the discussion, always 
contemplating our ideas. This 

simple act of listening generated 
the feeling that if such a well- 
learned man digested our 
thoughts, then our musings 
became more than mere class-time 
banter. Dr. Kerlin was a maker of 
legitimate philosophers, and the 
beauty became that we all could 
lay claim to such a title. 

While Dr. Kerlin's presence will be 
sorely missed, his spirit-this 
empowering essence of the 
classroom-must never depart, not 
only from the heights of Wister 
Hall but across our campus. The 
legacy of Dr. Michael Kerlin is best 
preserved not through plaque or 
pomp, but through the 
compassion with which we 
embrace new scholarly thought, 
and perhaps a good frozen yogurt. 

Doug Phelan, '09 

Thomas A. Keagy, Ph.D. 

Dean, School of Arts and Sciences 

Margaret M. McManus, Ph.D. 

Associate Dean 

Sally Rooney, M.S. 

Assistant Dean 

Julie Valenti, M.A. 

Assistant Dean 


iL-ii Salle's 



Charting a New Route 

American Studies is 
one of the newer 
majors on campus, as 
well as one of the 
fastest growing, as ■ 
well. This 

interdisciplinary major 
is headed up by Dr. 
Francis Ryan and is 
taught by numerous 
other professors on 
campus. While most 
students in this 
discipline choose to 
combine it with their 
studies of Elementary 
and Special 
Education, others 
choose to use it as a 
stand alone major or 
as a minor that can 
supplement their 
studies of many other 
majors on campus. 

Each student in the 
major is required to 
take three American 
Studies courses, 
including the 
Introductory Course, 
Themes in American 
Culture, and the 
Capstone Seminar. 
Recently, a variety of 
new topics of study 
were added, inclusing, 
Disney, the American 
City, Bob Dylan and 
the 1960's, and Food 
and Drink in America. 
Along with these 
courses, American 
Studies students take 
courses in several 
other disciplines, such 
as History, Literature, 
Music, Art History, 

and Philosophy to 
round out their studies 
of the nation. 

Those who major or 
minor in American 
Studies have a 
plethora of 
opportunities at hand 
when they graduate, 
including law, 
journalism, politics, 
and education. 

Megan McGee, '08 

LAmQtilcm Stuc(i68 ^acu^ty 

Francis J. Ryan, Ed.D. 

Director and Professor 

Stuart Lcibiger, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Judith Musser, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Kevin Grauke, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

An Interesting Direction 

In my first Art History 
class at La Salle, 1 
expected to walk in, 
sit down, have the 
lights turned out and 
somewhere between 
spurts of dozing off in 
the darkness, learn 
something about the 
famous art on the 
slides in front of me. 
However, it was 
nothing like what I 
had imagined it to be. 
Instead, it was an 
extremely interactive, 
lively and informative 
classroom experience. 
So interesting, in fact, 
that eight months and 
one more art class 
later, Art History 
became my major. 

Many often question 

the career options 
presented with an Art 
History degree. 
However, the 
extremely informative 
Fine Arts department 
takes painstaking 
efforts to let any 
potential Art History 
major know that their 
options are plentiful. 
Not only can you 
work as a museum 
curator or Art History 
professor, but the 
door is open for 
careers in advertising, 
publishing, law and 
even the medical field. 
The visual, historical, 
social, formal and 
personal analysis 
needed to study any 
painting, sculpture or 
piece of 

architecture can be 
applied to nearly any 
career path. 

In conjunction with 
another major, Art 
History can be even 
more marketable. 

complements to the 
degree are 
communication , 
business, English, a 
foreign language, or 
the sciences. 

Although it is difficult 
to determine where 
an Art History degree 
from La Salle may 
take you, you can be 
sure that it will give 
you endless options. 

Michelle Kukawski, '09 

iAki ^isto/ty "^^acu^ty 

Partricia Haberstroh, Ph.D. 


Siobhan Conaty, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Direction to Success 


The Biology 
Department at La 
Salle University 
certainly lives up to its 
mission, which 
parallels the 
University's mission 
espoused by St. John 
Baptist de la Salle. 
The professors in this 
department are 
wonderful to say the 
least. By putting a 
large emphasis on 
laboratory work, 
research, and hands- 
on learning, the 
professors can assure 
that each and every 
student develops the 
skills necessary to 
move on to a 
successful career. The 
demanding yet 

supportive academic 
environment of the 
biology department 
has lead to the 
success of many 
Biology graduates. La 
Salle's Biology alumni 
are doing almost 
everything, as they've 
become biological 
researchers, teachers, 
marine biologists, 
botanists, zoologists, 
doctors, dentists, 
salespeople, lawyers, 
and even artists. In 
this department, the 
passion that every 
professor has for the 

subject is passed 
along to the students. 
Furthermore, each 
student is treated as 
an individual and with 
a great deal of 
respect. The biology 
professors not only 
know you as a 
student, they know 
you as a person. 

Sarah Dodson, 08 



Norbert F. Belzer, Ph.D. 

Chair and Associate Professor 

Annette O'Connor, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Gerald P. H. Ballough, Ph.D 


Geri Seitchik, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Thomas McPhillips, F.S.C., 


Stefan J. Samulewicz, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Ann M. Mickle, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 


Essential Exploration 

Chemistry is essential 
to life. From the 
plastics in water 
bottles to the ink and 
paper this book is 
printed on, chemistry 
is a part of 
everything. Chemists 
are synthesizing 
medicines. Chemists 
are expanding the 
field of nano- 
technology. Chemists 
search for ways to 
improve the quality of 
life and solve many of 
the Earth's problems. 
Chemistry and 
biochemistry students 
at La Salle learn the 
fundamentals to 
explore chemistry and 
produce new ideas 

and products. 

Students get hands-on 
experience in 
chemistry labs, that 
reinforce the concepts 
learned in the lecture 
of each course. 
Students gain 
experience in using 
equipment, including 
mass spectrometry, 
nuclear magnetic 
spectroscopy, and 
infrared spectroscopy. 
La Salle's small class 
size allows each 
student to actually 
work with these 
instruments, instead 
of sending samples to 

technicians, as occurs 
at larger universities. 

La Salle's small size 
also facilitates student- 
faculty interactions. 
Professors are almost 
always available for 
consultation, whether 
for class materials or 
just to talk. La Salle 
chemistry professors 
are always caring and 
willing to help, going 
out of their way to 
help students 

The Chemistry and 
Biochemistry program 
also prepares students 
for careers in forensic 
science and medicine. 

Mike Dao, 'C 

CfiGmist/ty/ ^iocfiemist/iij 

Thomas Straub, Ph.D. 

Chair and Professor 

David Cichowicz, Ph.D. 


William A. Price, Ph.D. 


Stuart Gentry, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Michael J. Prushan, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 


Journey to South Campus 

Students make the 
daily hike to what 
sometimes feels like 
the outskirts of 
campus to reach their 
destination of the 
Comm. Center. 
Besides Comm- 
unication majors, 
most students 
probably have not 
stepped into the 
building, which was 
renovated from St. 
Basil's Orphanage 
elementary school to 
a high-tech 
Center in the 1980's. 

In 2007, the 
department received a 
makeover in many 
different ways. The 

new curriculum is fully 
in swing, with new 
courses available like 
Management and 
Journalism and 
Communication Law. 
The class of 2009 will 
be the last class to 
graduate with the old 

Also, upgraded paint 
and new plasma TV's 
cling to the walls of 
the classrooms and 
lounge. The television 
studio, once the 
elementary school 
cafeteria, contains five 
new Hitachi cameras 
and three 

color teleprompters to 
help the aspiring 
anchors at La Salle 

The Communication 
department houses 
many creative 
individuals who are 
looking for careers in 
Journalism, Mass 
Communication and 
Public Relations. With 
the new classes, 
appearance and 
students should never 
complain about the 
long trek to south 
campus anymore. 

Allison Meyers, '09 

Communication 9^acu% 

Lynne A. Texter, Ph.D. 

Michael Smith, Ph.D. 

Katie Neary Dunleavy, 

Chair, Associate Professor 

Associate Professor 


Assistant Professor 

Marianne Dainton, Ph.D. 

William Wine, M.S. 


Associate Professor 

Sidney J. MacLeod, 
Jr., A.F.S.C., M.F.A. 

Gerard Molyncaux 

Elaine D. Zelley, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

F.S.C., Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 


Andrea M. Pampaloni, 

Donna Celano, Ph.D. 


Brooks Aylor, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Assistant Professor 

Associate Professor 

Huntly Collins, M.A. 

Anthony M. Waltrich, 

Richard J. Goedkoop, 

Assistant Professor 

Jr., M.A. 


Assistant Professor 

Associate Professor 

Processing the Future 

Computers and 
technology are 
constantly upgrading 
and changing. In an 
age where computers 
impact many aspects 
of life, it can be 
difficult to adapt to 
these changes in 
computers and 

The computer science 
program at La Salle 
offers students the 
tools and knowledge 
necessary to keep up 
with the changes in 
Computer science 
focuses on teaching 
about the technology, 
hardware and 
software of 

computers. Students 
learn about the 
software by taking 
courses on the various 
types, as well as using 
the applications. They 
study the actual 
hardware that makes 
up the computer. 
Some courses focus 
on the graphics, while 
others look at the 
different operating 
systems. All of the 
courses that a 
computer science 
major take eventually 
make the student well 
rounded in 

Majoring in computer 
science offers 
graduating students a 

variety of career 
paths, as well as 
graduate school 
programs. Careers 
available for the 
computer science 
major including: 
network engineering, 
professor, senior 
technical consultant, 
internet specialist, 
database consultant, 
controller and graphic 

Whatever the 
computer issue, 
computer science 
majors are sure to 
have an answer. 

Yearbooi< Staff 

Compute/i 2ci 

-GHCe 9f^acu^ty 

Linda J. Elliott, Ph.D. 

Samuel Wiley, Ph.D. 

Chair and Assistant Professor 

Associate Professor 

Jonathan C. 

Timothy Highley, Ph.D. 

Knappenberger, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Associate Professor 

Jane Turk, Ph.D. 

Michael A. Redmond, 

Assistant Professor 


Associate Professor 


A Map to Experience 

In the past four years, 
the Criminal Justice 
Program at La Salle 
University has gone 
through a major 
transformation. In 
the fall of 2005, the 
program initiated a 
new curriculum plan 
that would prepare 
students not only to 
enter the field on a 
local, state, or federal 
level, but would also 
allow the opportunity 
for students who seek 
other options, such as 
graduate or law 
school, to be 
Furthermore, the re- 
development of the 
program is evident in 

the diversity of the 
expertise of its faculty 
members including: 
Statisticians, Federal 
Probation Officers, 
Sex Offender 
Investigators, and 
Lawyers to name a 
few. The real world 
experience that is 
brought to the 
classroom is uncanny, 
and the research that 
the faculty 
participates in is 
ground breaking. 
With our society 
constantly changing, 
especially as far as 
crime trends and 

justice issues, the CRJ 
program rises to the 
occasion by supplying 
a plethora of classes 
from policing to its 
procedures, courts to 
corrections, terrorism 
to international crime, 
victimology, gender 
and crime issues, 
white collar crime, 
ethics and law, etc. 
Criminal Justice 
majors are challenged 
to learn about the 
world in which they 
live from a 
perspective, giving 
them the foundation 
needed to become the 
next great leaders of 
our society. 

Brittany Philbert, '08 

Ctilmlmd justice ^^acu^ty 

Bonni Zetick, Ph.D. 

Program Director 

Kathleen A. Bogle, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Frank Butler, MBA, J.D., Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Harry Rhea, M.S. 


Designing the Course 

Many people ask 
what the Digital Art 
and Multimedia 
Design program is, 
but it seems to be 
wiser to describe what 
D'Art is not, and 
Professor Sandra 
Camomile put it best: 
"We're not just 
graphic design." To 
that extent, we're not 
just web design, 
either, nor are we just 
programmers or just 
photographers or just 

The Digital Art and 
Multimedia Design 
major provides those 
entering the field to 
be digital polymaths, 
becoming well- 

rounded in not only 
artistic graphic design, 
but the technical 
aspects of modern 
technology, such as 
web coding, database 
design, musical 
composition and 
much more. 

Combined with state- 
of-the-art facilities, an 
amazing faculty and 
the creative drive of 
fellow students, a 
D'Art major is 
equipped to take on 
the world. From web 
design to video game 
development; from 
laying out newspapers 
to fashion shoots 
across the world, a 
Digital Arts degree 

from La Salle 
University opens 
doors and lets creative 
students fulfill their 
artistic visions. 

A very exciting event 
happened for the 
department this year. 
The University hosted 
the annual 
International Digital 
Media and Arts 
Conference in 
November. Several 
students had their art 
work displayed at the 
F.U.E.L. gallery in 
Center City. 

Cory Anotado, '09 

^U/it ^^acu^ty 

Conrad Gleber M.F.A. 



Sandra Camomile, M.F.A. 

Associate Professor 

Raymond Kirsch, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

John Beatty, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Susan McDonald, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 



The Trail Begins Here 

Economics 150 is 
part of the Core for 
students to complete. 
Often, in this class, 
professors end up 
teaching a mix of 
students whose 
knowledge of 
economic situations 
varies. A mix of 
different majors 
participate in the class 
from business majors, 
to communication 
majors, to biology 
majors and art history 

For this reason, 
Economics 150 ends 
up being a very basic 
and introductory level 
economics class. 
However, this does 

not mean that the 
class is easy or 
simple. In fact, that is 
far from true. 
Studying economics, 
even at an 
introductory level, is 
very in-depth and 
intense. In this class, 
students learn the 
basics of economics, 
that helps to make 
them make better 
spending choices in 
the future. From the 
ever-popular supply 
and demand, to 
money supply and the 
Federal Reserves, it is 
clear that this Core 
class is full of useful 
knowledge to help 
students later in life 
and in the job market. 

Making this class even 
more beneficial are 
the professors 
teaching it. Professors 
like Dr. Robison, 
department chair, 
teach the class. These 
professors offer real- 
world experience, 
making the class 
easier to understand. 
Plus, it is always 
interesting and 
entertaining to hear 
these intelligent 
professors comment 
on how they would 
handle economic 
issues, as compared 
to the government. 

Jen McShane, 10 

Sconomicg ^acu% 

H. David Robison, Ph.D. 

Chair and Professor 

David George, Ph.D. 


Richard Mshomba, Ph.D. 


John S. Grady, M.A. 

Associate Professor 

Elizabeth A. Paulin, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Mark Ratkus, PhD. 

Assistant Professor 

A Global Curriculum 

Upon entering the 
department, most 
students notice the 
stacks of papers, 
books, and news- 
papers that seem to 
consume every inch of 
desk, floor, and shelf 
space. But ask an 
Economics major the 
feeling that strikes 
them upon entering 
the Econ. department, 
and you'll hear words 
like "devotion," 
"caring," and "wise". 

Economics students at 
La Salle know that the 
department cannot be 
contained by Olney's 
office walls, for 
Economics transcends 

through every 
department and every 
field of study. The 
Economics and 
International Studies 
major (ECl) strives 
further to grab the 
world and sandwich it 
between the pages of 
the latest "Economic 
Principles" text. Thus, 
ECI strives to not only 
apply Economic 
theory to what we see 
in America, but also 
open our eyes to what 
the rest of the world 
has been trying to 
show us. 

ECI accomplishes this 
mission in many ways. 
The curriculum of the 
ECI major has been 
altered from the 

standard Economics 
curriculum. For 
instance, in place of 
electives, ECI majors 
must take two courses 
in international history, 
two courses in 
international business, 
humanities, or social 
science, and three 
courses in a foreign 
language. Moreover, 
the senior seminar 
must be completed in 
both English and a 
second language. This 
globally crafted 
curriculum manifests 
principles in a global 
spectrum of the 
world's many cultures, 
heritages, and political 

Sean Hand, '09 


& 3nklimimall ^iadim 


H. David Robison, Ph.D. 

Chair and Professor 

John S. Grady, M.A. 

Associate Professor 

David George, Ph.D. 


Elizabeth A. Paulin, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Richard Mshomba 



Mark Ratkus, PhD. 

Assistant Professor 



The Graduate Path 

There are two classes 
that are essential to 
completing a masters 
degree in Education. 

EDC 501, a survey of 
fascinating learning 
theories, is taught by 
a gifted teacher. Dr. 
Liang knows how to 
get her students 
motivated more than 
any professor that I 
have had a chance to 
study with before. I 
always felt elated in 
her class and thus all 
assignments became 
breezes rather than 
burdens. We spent a 
great deal of time in 
class and at home 
discovering and 

comparing different 
theories. We studied 
great names like 
Pavlov, Piaget, 
Vygotsky, Bandura, 
and Weiner. We also 
learned how to get the 
best pieces of each 
theory to work for our 
teaching career. With 
her instructions, we 
balanced our time 
working by ourselves 
and with peers, so as 
to apply what we 
learned from readings, 
lectures, and 
discussions, to real-life 
teaching tasks. 

EDC 502 approaches 
social and emotional 
health of human 
beings. It is a great 

course for those who 
really want to 
understand what we are 
like and how we grow 
psychologically, and 
mentally. The class 
teaches how 
psychological research 
has contributed to 
teaching and learning 
activities and vice versa. 
This class scans almost 
all significant aspects of 
human nature and 
development and is 
composed of many 
interesting and 
beneficial readings and 
in-class discussions. 

Vu Nguyen. '09 

Education 9^acu% 

Frank J. Mosca, Ph.D. 

Arthur J. Bangs, F.S.C., Ph.D. 


Associate Professor 

Maryanne R, Bednar, Ph.D. 

Ling Liang, Ph. D. 


Associate Professor 

Gary K. Clabaugh, Ed.D. 

Virginia B. Modla, Ph.D. 


Associate Professor 

Preston D. Feden, Ed.D. 

Greer Richardson, Ph.D. 


Associate Professor 

John Sweeder, Ed.D. 

Sharon F. Schoen, Ed.D. 


Associate Professor 

Robert M. Vogel, Ed.D. 

Carole Patrylo, Ed.D. 


Assistant Professor 

Deborah S. Yost, Ph.D. 


Ode to the English 

I owe much to thee 
For a chance to fulfill 
my dreams 

And change the world 
With my art and 
passions realized 
Through exposure to 
the greats 

Words float before my 


Waiting to be written 


For the universe to 


I make my way down 

A path of 


Inspired by characters 
of life and education 

Given the benefit of 

the doubt 

And made to work for 

the grade 

Told to find conflict 

and a thesis 

Throwing drafts and 

outlines out 

To find a better paper 


Lively discussions of 


The work of authors 

long dead and still 


Poetry analyzed 

Given purpose and 

meaning in the world 

Literary theory and 


Point of view for 

Elitists, idiot savants, 
and true artists 
Define this generation 
of scholars in the field 
Abstract thinkers and 
genuine appreciators 
Of the fine pens, 
blank sheets of paper, 
and old book smell 
Future professors, 
publishers, lawyers, 
poets, and novelists 
Working towards a 
common goal: 


Cara Conocer, '10 

Sng^isli 9^acu% 

Kevin J. Harty, Ph.D. 

Stephen Smith, Ph.D. 

Assistant Chair, Associate 

James A. Butler, Ph.D. 


John J. Seydow, Ph.D. 


Margot Soven, Ph.D. 


Marjorie S. Allen, 

Associate Professor 

John E. Beatty, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Claire M. Busse, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Gabriel Fagan, F.S.C., 


Associate Professor 

Emery C. MoUenhauer, 

F.S.C., Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Maribel Molyneaux, 


Associate Professor 

Judith Musser, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Phyllis M. Betz, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 
Madeleine Dean, 

Assistant Professor 

Craig Franson 

Assistant Professor 

Kevin Grauke, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 
Thomas Malatesta, 
Assistant Professor 
Bryan Narendorf 
Assistant Professor 



Rising Awareness 

There is no doubt that 
awareness has risen in 
the past few years, 
especially with 
growing concerns 
about global warming 
and pollution. It has 
become increasingly 
necessary for students 
to have some 
understanding of the 
environment and our 
place in it, whether 
we choose to study it 
or not. Nature is not 
just for our 
enjoyment; rather, we 
are an integral part of 

La Salle's Environ- 
mental Science major 
offers balanced insight 

from different 
perspectives into the 
study of the environ- 
ment. Chemistry, 
biology, geology, and 
science in general are 
all incorporated into 
environmental science 
studies. There is 
extra emphasis on 
geology, due to the 
growing demand by 
the industry for 
employees who have 
a basic understanding 
of the geologic 
processes that shape 
the environment. 
Every Environmental 
Science major is 
required to choose a 
concentration in 
biology, chemistry, or 

geology. Environ- 
mental Science is 
more than textbooks 
and lab work. 
Students are 
encouraged to learn 
from a hands-on 
approach with 
numerous field trips. 

Science is a rapidly 
expanding field with 
applications to many 
other studies such as 
economics, politics, 
philosophy, and 
business. There are 
many facets to 
explore in the 
science, and many 
that have yet to be 
discovered and 

Steve LaMonte, '10 

fim/i/tonmenta^ Studies ^acadiy] 

Henry A. Bart, Ph.D. 

Chair and Professor 

Alice Hoersch, Ph.D. 


Stephen A. Longo, Ph.D. 


Bertram L. Strieb, M.S. 

Assistant Professor 

A Cultural Expedition 

Every La Salle student 
knows a Core 
requirement for 
graduation is to 
complete two classes 
(one if the student is a 
Nursing major) in a 
fine art or a foreign 
language. What some 
students may not 
know is just how 
many languages are 
offered at La Salle or 
anything about the 
Foreign Languages 
and Literatures 

La Salle offers majors 
in the Classics (Latin 
and Greek), French, 
German, Italian, 
Russian and Spanish. 

Minors are also 
offered in these 
languages, as well as 
in Japanese. Any 
student majoring in 
one of these 
languages, must also 
take four classes in 
another language. 
So, essentially, these 
students will be fluent 
in two foreign 
languages when they 
graduate. Career 
opportunities are 
greater when an 
applicant can speak 
another language. La 
Salle grads can be 
ahead of the pack. 

As with many majors 
at La Salle, the 
chance for learning is 

not capped in the 
classroom. Many 
other opportunities 
for growth exist. For 
instance, there are 
many extra curricular 
student organizations 
that one may join. 
There is the Italian 
Club, Central Eastern 
European Society, 
and Organization of 
Students, just to name 
a few. These groups 
create and participate 
in cultural events on 
campus, bring in 
lecturers, and take off- 
campus trips to learn 
more about language 
and culture, and to 
just have fun. 

Yearbook Staff 

9^0/teig^ Slanguages & 2^tte/tata/tes 

Bernhardt G. Blumenthal, 

Chair and Professor 

Vincent Kling, Ph.D. 


George Perfecky, Ph.D. 


Luis Gomez, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Luisa Ossa, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Hsiao-Ping Biehl, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Marco Cerocchi, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Sp^ ^ 




Discovery in the Field 

In grade school we 
took class trips to the 
candy factory and the 
zoo. In high school, 
trips to museums for 
culture and 
amusement parks for 
physics experiments 
were highlights. 
Rarely, in college, do 
our classes allow for 
fun field trips. Sure, 
it's a requirement for 
P/O to go out and 
experience Philly, but 
what major takes you 
out at least twice a 
semester? Geology, 
thats what. 

From Dr. Bart's 
introductory Field 
Studies class, which is 
popular even among 

non-majors, to upper 
level Metamorphic 
Petrology, almost 
every class guarantees 
some real life learning 
out of the class room. 
Memorable trips 
include, the trash to 
steam plant for Field 
Studies, the Avalon, 
NJ beach trip for 
Sedimentology, the 
Acid Mine Drainage 
site visited for Geo. 
Chem., and the 
overnight trip with 
Professors Natalie 
Flynn and Dr. Alice 

In addition to these 
trips, the geology lab 
and lounge are 
frequently populated 

by students late at 
night and sometimes 
in the early morning 
studying for lab tests, 
crunching data on the 
computer, cutting 
rock into thin 
sections, and running 
individual research 

The camaraderie built 
by the Geology 
majors during these 
long day trips and late 
nights studying can be 
matched by few other 
departments, but will 
remain hidden from 
the rest of campus in 
the basement of 
Holroyd, at least until 
the new science 
center is built. 

Scott Baietti, '08 

Qeo^ogy 9^acu^tij 

Henry A. Bart, Ph.D. 

Chair, Professor 

Alice L. Hoersch, Ph.D. 


Stephen A. Longo, Ph.D. 


Bertram L. Strieb 

Assistant Professor 

Ideas to be Explored 

Due to the popularity 
of Nursing, Business 
Management, and 
Communications, the 
History department 
tends to get over- 
looked. The quality of 
the program and the 
helpfulness of the 
professors, however, 
are amazing. The 
program offers three 
American, European, 
and Non-Western. 
This allows 
specialization in one 
area, while providing 
freedom to choose 
which courses one 
would prefer to take. 
From Dr. Leibiger's 
American Revolution 
course to Dr. Allen's 

Russian history class, 
the history program 
provides the 
opportunity to learn a 
variety of interesting 

There is always a 
history class that a 
student of any major 
can relate to, no 
matter what period or 
location is being 
discussed. History 
majors, in particular, 
develop a much better 
sense of how 
individuals and events 
can completely 
change the world 
order and bring about 
a new era. They learn 
how to use both 
primary and 

secondary sources, 
and to question 
existing beliefs or 
ideas that are often 
assumed to be fact. 
La Salle's B.A. in 
history is incredibly 
useful for future jobs, 
and is a flexible 
degree that allows 
students to choose 
their own career, 
rather than 
constricting them to a 
short list of possible 
jobs. Whether you 
plan to teach, work in 
a library or archives, 
or become involved 
in politics or law, the 
study of history offers 
valuable and exciting 
ideas that are meant 
to be explored. 

Sarah Bischoff, '08 


isto/ty 9^acu^ty 

Stuart E. Leibiger, 

Charles A. 

Michele Zelinsky 


Desnoyers, Ph.D. 

Hanson, Ph.D. 

Chair, Associate 

Associate Professor 

Assistant Professor 


Theopolis Fair, 

Lisa Jarvinen, Ph.D. 

Francis J. Ryan, 


Assistant Professor 


Associate Professor 


Jeffrey LaMonica, 

Edward J. Sheehy, 


George B. Stow, 

F.S.C., Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 


Associate Professor 


Milen Petrov, Ph.D. 

Barbara Allen, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Assistant Professor 



A Network of Paths 

Many students often 
ask, "What is the 
difference between 
Computer Science 
and Information 
Technology?" Both 
majors, along with 
Mathematics are apart 
of the same 
department. The 
major is also closely 
related to the D'Art 
program/major. So 
what is the difference 
and why choose the 
IT degree? 

Computer Science is 
all about computer 
technology, hardware, 
and software. It can 
almost be described as 
a bit more tangible 

than Information 
Technology, whereas 
all computers must 
have hardware and 
software to make 
programs run. A 
computer's hardrive is 
what a computer is, 
and software 
programs can be 
purchased and 
physically installed. 

Technology, on the 
other hand, covers 
networks and client 
support systems. 
These are 

applications that are 
written for particular 
clients. Not everyone 
needs to be on a 
network, so IT 

lessons have a more 
business, rather than 
personal focus. 

Technology majors at 
La Salle may find it 
helpful to double 
major or minor in 
Management, or 
Digital Arts and 
Multimedia Design as 
these concentrations 
can support a 
particular interest for 
the student's or help 
narrow a job focus. 
Careers can include 

Administration and 

Yearbook Staff 

3nlotimatm ^ecfino^ogy 9^aca% 

Thomas Blum, Ph.D. 

Director, Professor 

Stephen A Longo, Ph.D. 


Joseph T. Catanio, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Margaret M. McCoey, M.S. 

Assistant Professor 

Leading the Way 

Among the various 
majors at La Salle, 
and many academic 
throughout our 
region, Integrated 
Science Business 
technology (ISBT) is 
the most versatile. 

What distinguishes the 
ISBT major from the 
rest, is the vast array 
of subjects entrenched 
in the ISBT 
curriculum. It is 
seldom in a major 
that you can acquire 
so much information 
about science, 
business and 
technology. This 
combination of topics 
that has placed the 

increasing number of 
ISBT alumni and 
students on such a 
high level. 

Not only is the 
curriculum diverse and 
beneficial to future 
careers, but the 
professors, students 
and overall 
atmosphere of those 
that make up the 
program, make being 
apart of ISBT 
worthwhile. It is often 
felt that those in the 
program are apart of 
one big family; it's 
rare one can joke, 
laugh, learn, and 
effectively take care of 
business with teachers 
and advisors, 

as well as fellow 

Overall, ISBT is great! 
One day this major 
will rule the universe. 

Lenny Johnson, '08 

^S^^ 9racu% 

Nancy Jones, Ph.D. 

Chair and Professor 

Susan C. Borkowski, Ph.D. 


William L. Weaver, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Marsha W. Timmerman, M.S. 

Assistant Professor 





Investigating Concepts 

Impossible stands for 
"I'm possible". It might 
be difficult to count 
numbers and draw 
three dimensional 
pictures, but it's an 
mechanism of 
concepts that we face 
each day. That's what 
mathematics stands 
for. Math is the 
subject of logic and 
perpetual research. 
It's hard to believe, 
but mathematics is 
one educational 
course that everyone 
lives by. For instance, 
it's logic that to call 
the elevator, one 
needs to press the 
button. Mathematics 
is not only numbers. 

Numbers constitute 
about 40 percent of 
mathematical problem 
solving. Mathematics 
is the quest of logic 
and reason upon 
evidence. Because 
nature itself has 
ground rules, 
mathematics has 
ground theories that 
need to be followed. 
La Salle gives the 
opportunity for 
students not only to 
follows rules but to 
understand the 
concepts with the 
help of wonderful and 
outstanding teachers. 
The university 
provides students with 
a well loaded math 

library and a math 
tutoring center for 
students in need. The 
goal is not for the 
students to memorize 
but to grasp the 
concept and to 
picture the 
relationship existing 
between us and the 
objects that we use. 
A typical job for a 
math major after 
graduation is an 
Actuary, working with 
banks, credit cards, 
and insurance 
companies in order to 
predict and maintain 
financial actions. 
Mathematics is more 
than just numbers. 
Come and explore 
the mystery behind it. 

Kevin Mbakop, 11 



Linda J. Elliott, Ph.D. 

Jonathan C. 

Chair and Assistant Professor 

Knappenberger, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Carl McCarty, Ph.D. 


Gary E Michalek, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Stephen Andrilli, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Anne E. Edlin, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Richard A. DiDio, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 


Searching for Wisdom 

Gaining wisdom, the 
pursuit of knowledge, 
and the sharpening of 
ones mental acuity: 
majoring in 
philosophy at La Salle 
can facilitate all of 
these things. 
However, Philosophy 
is often caricatured as 
impractical and 
unrealistic. Ultimately 
this point of view is 
contravened by the 
actual experience that 
one gets as a 
philosophy major at 
La Salle. By being 
challenged to 
entertain the ideas of 
difficult thinkers like 
Plato, Immanuel 
Kant, and Richard 
Rorty, students 

stretch their abilities 
and empower 
themselves to be 

When the issues that 
philosophy majors 
consider cross into 
the ethical, as is often 
the case, students of 
philosophy are also 
challenged to be 
active and 

conscientious citizens 
that strive for the 
greater good. Thus it 
is that the goal of the 
La Salle philosophy 
professor is not only 
to impart a certain 
body of content to 
groups of students, 
but also to construct 
an environment that 

is conducive to the 
improvement of 
students as persons. 

If improved thinking 
capacity and a sense 
of ethical 

responsibility are not 
both practical and 
realistic, then it would 
be hard to posit 
qualities of practicality 
or realism to any 
endeavor whatsoever. 

Anthony Delcoilo, '08 

'^f^i^080p^ *9^acu% 

Mark R. Moreau, Ph.D. 

Chair and Assistant Professor 

Michael J. Kerlin, Ph.D. 


Frederick Van Fleteren, Ph.D. 


Arleen B. Dallery, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Cornelia Tsakiridou, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

S. Joel Garver, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Robert J. Dobie, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Joseph A. Volpe, Jr., Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 


Building A Networtc 

Political Science is a 
major that gives a 
broader under- 
standing of the world 
around us. There are 
two programs within 
this major, Political 
Science and Public 
Administration. There 
are also four major 
subcategories that 
students may pick to 
concentrate on their 
upper level studies: 
American Govern- 
ment, Comparative 
Government, Inter- 
national Relations, 
and Political Theory. 
Studying in this field 
prepares students for 
graduate studies, law 
school, careers in 
foreign and domestic 

politics, and many 
other options. A 
Public Administration 
major focuses on the 
ins and outs of 
government. This will 
require classes in 
management, and 
political science. 
Opportunities for 
internships with 
political campaigns. 
State & U.S. Senate, 
U.S. House of 
Representatives, and 
many more, give a 
student networking 
experience to form a 
foundation for their 
future careers. There 
are three scholarships 
available for Political 

Science majors at La 
Salle, The Robert J. 
Courtney Scholar- 
ship, the John F. 
Byrne Memorial 
Scholarship Fund, and 
the James A. 
Finnegan Public 
Service Fellowship. 
There are also several 
student organizations 
that represent Political 
Science on campus 
such as the Students' 
Political Association 
and Student 
Association. Political 
Science is a major 
that makes the world 
a smaller and more 
accessible place to live 
in and produces future 
leaders of our world. 

Carly Ziegler, '11 

'-PodiiimH Science ^aca^i^ 

Michael Dillon, Ph.D., J.D. 

Chair, Professor 

Joseph V. Brogan, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Elizabeth Paulin, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Mary Ellen Balchunis-Harris, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Kenneth L. Hill, M.A. 

Assistant Professor 

Consent for Participation 

This investigation will 
be undertaken here at 
La Salle University 
under the direction of 
the Psychology 
Department faculty. 
The purpose of this 
investigation is to 
engage in the study of 
human interaction 
and how individuals 
think and behave. It 
is a four-year long 
investigation that 
requires individuals to 
study various areas of 
the field. 

Participants will be 
asked to work hard 
and learn how to 
apply their knowledge 
of human behavior. 
In addition, they will 

have to study statistics 
and research 
methodology in order 
to understand how to 
perform research in 
the field. Homework 
and examinations will 
be given, in addition 
to papers, written in 
APA style. Upon 
successful completion, 
students will graduate 
with a bachelors 

The only discomfort 
that is anticipated 
from participation is 
possibly pushing 
oneself to the limit 
academically. Despite 
this, the benefits of 
understanding the 
intricate working of 

the human mind are 
rewarding. This 
understanding will 
prepare participants 
for careers in 
business, education, 
healthcare, social 
services, and more. 
More importantly, 
participants will also 
gain greater 
understanding and 
new perspectives of 
the world. 

By consenting to 
enter to this major, 
participants must be 
ready to learn about 
some of the most 
complex mysteries of 
the world: human 
interaction and 

Stephanie Boag, '09 

^gyclio^ogy 'x^aeadii^ 

Brother Joseph F. 

Kelly McClure, Ph.D. 

Patricia Wilson, Ph.D. 

Burke, F.S.C., Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Assistant Professor 


Mary Ellen McMonigle, 

Sharon Lee 

Frank L. Gardner, Ph.D. 


Armstrong, Ph.D. 


Assistant Professor 

Associate Professor 

LeeAnn Cardaciotto, 

Diane P. F. Montague, 

Lynn H. Collins, Ph.D. 



Associate Professor 

Assistant Professor 

Assistant Professor 

David J. Falcone, 

Randy Fingerhut, Ph.D. 

Myungho Moon, Ph.D. 


Assistant Professor 

Assistant Professor 

Associate Professor 

Jennifer Lemer, Ph.D. 

Erin L. O'Hea, Ph.D. 

John A. Smith, Ed.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Assistant Professor 

Associate Professor 














Managerial Approach 

The Public 

Administration major 
is offered through the 
Political Science 
department. The two 
programs are 
obviously similar, in 
that they both study 
government and 
politics. Public 
however, is more 
about the 
management, or 
administration, of 
Therefore, majors 
must also take two 
courses in Economics 
(Micro and Macro- 
economics) and two 
courses in accounting. 

Students studying 

Public Administration 
will be exposed to 
many politicial 
theories and 
concepts. They will 
learn about 
the practical make up 
of governments, 
leadership styles, how 
to correctly assess 
programs, budgeting, 
civil service, and 
public policy making. 
They will also receive 
a firm education in 
how the U.S. 
government is built 
and operates, as well 
as learning about 
governments and 
relations. The quality 
education a student 
receives in a La Salle 

classroom will provide 
not only a better 
understanding of the 
world around us, but 
can lead many 
opportunities after 

A Leadership and 
Global Understanding 
minor is a dynamic 
compliment to the 
Public Administration 
major, especially for 
those students wishing 
to explore 
possibilities. There 
are also many student 
organizations on 
campus where 
opportunities create 
further experiences. 

Yearbootc Staff 

^[xbdlc Jkdmm^iliaim ^acu^ty 

Michael Dillon, Ph.D., J.D. 

Chair, Professor 

Joseph V. Brogan, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Elizabeth Paulin, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Mary Ellen Balchunis-Harris, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Kenneth L. Hill, M.A. 

Assistant Professor 

Travels to Greece 

Over Spring Break, 
16 students and Br. 
Joe Dougherty 
traveled to Greece 
with Dr. Jacqueline 
Fastis as part of her 
"The World of the 
Early Christians" class. 
The trip was designed 
to help students get a 
better understanding 
of the social history 
and the lives of early 
Christians in Greece. 

The group started in 
the northern city of 
Thessaloniki, which is 
generally referred to 
as the 2nd largest city 
in Greece. During the 
three-day stay, they 
took a panoramic tour 
of the city with stops 

at the famous White 
Tower, Saint Dimitri's 
Church, St. Sophia, 
and the Rotunda. 
They also took a full- 
day excursion to 
Kavala (where Paul, 
Silas, Luke, and 
Timothy first set foot 
in Europe from Troy) 
and the ancient city of 
Philippi. Along the 
way, they enjoyed 
traditional Greek 
meals at some 
delicious restaurants. 

After stopping for one 
night in the small 
town of Kalambaka to 
tour its mystical 
monasteries nestled 
high atop huge 
sandstone rock 

formations, the class 
continued to Athens. 
While there, they took 
a full-day tour of 
Ancient Corinth, the 
Corinth Canal, 
Cenchrea, Mycenae, 
and Acrocorinth. 
Athens was toured to 
see such sites as the 
House of Parliament, 
the Temple of Zeus, 
and the Panathenaic 
Stadium, site of the 
first Olympic Games. 
They also visited the 
Acropolis, home of 
the famous Parthe- 
non. On the last day 
of the trip the class 
took a ferry to the 
Greek island of 
Aegina and enjoyed 
touring the island. 

Andrew Weingarten, '08 

^eftgion 9^acu^tij 

McGuinness, Ph.D. 

Chair, Professor 

William Grosnick, 


Geffrey Kelly, Ph.D. 


Gail Ramshaw, 


Jacqueline Pastis, 

Associate Professor 

Vivienne Angeles, 

Assistant Professor 

Jordan Copeland, 

Assistant Professor 

John Crawford, FSC 

Assistant Professor 

Joseph Devlin, 

Assistant Professor 

Joseph Dougherty, 
FSC, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 



S.H.C.J., Ed.D. 

Assistant Professor 


Planning to Help 

The Social Work 
program at La Salle 
allows students to 
work in a field where 
they can truly help 
others. A large part of 
the job for social work 
majors involves aiding 
those people in the 
community suffering 
from desperate living 
situations, including 

homelessness and 

Since its inception in 
1982, professors 
within the Social 
Work program have 
taught and inspired 
students, both in and 
out of the classroom. 
Working closely with 

the city of 

Philadelphia, students 
are able to receive 
hands-on training in 
the field. Students 
learn the techniques 
in the classroom that 
they then use in the 

The Social Work 
program receives 
accreditation by the 
Social Work Council. 
Last year and into the 
Fall 2007 semester, 
the Social Work 
program celebrated 
this accreditation with 
events at 

Homecoming and on 

Many professors 

within the program 
have held jobs within 
the Social Work field, 
giving students a 
unique perspective 
about their future 
jobs. Professors also 
act as mentors, 
guiding students 
through a tough and 
sometimes emotional 
field of study. 

Along with all of this, 
each year the Social 
Work program offers 
an award to a student 
who not only excels at 
the study, but is a 
single parent as well. 

Jen McSiiane, '10 

Social QAio/tfc 9^acu% 

John Connors, Ph.D. 


Francis Tri V. Nguyen, 
F.S.C., Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Judith StuU, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Kathleen Bogle, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Frank Butler, MBA, J.D., 

Assistant Professor 

Donna R. Fiedler, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Janine Mariscotti, M.S.W. 

Assistant Professor 

Bonni Zetick, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Mapping a Double Major 

Through studies, 
Psychology majors 
attempt to 

understand, evaluate, 
and enhance the 
individual. However, 
in order to study a 
human being as a 
whole, it is extremely 
essential to also 
consider the influence 
of social factors. 
Social factors account 
for a great deal of 
who we are and how 
we behave because 
humans are a species 
primarily driven by 
the influences of 
families, and later by 
friends, media, and 
society. In turn, 
individuals determine 
the values that we 

assign to our families 
and friends, as well as 
how society functions. 
Psychology influences 
Sociology and 
Sociology influences 

Some of the most 
interesting, enjoyable 
professors are in the 
Psychology and 
Psychology courses 
such as Psychology 
Statistics with 
Professor Falcone, 
Human Sexuality with 
Professor Cori, and 
Personality with 
Professor Brook make 

undergraduate studies 
memorable. Sociology 
courses such as 
Gender, Crime, and 
Justice with Professor 
Sally and Research 
Seminar with Brother 
Tri make majoring in 
Sociology both 
engaging and 

The fields of 
Psychology and 
Sociology are like love 
and marriage-you 
cannot have one 
without the other. 

Denise Jackson, '08 

Sociology ^rJ^acu^ty 

Brother Francis Tri V. Nguyen, F.S.C., Ph.D. 

Director, Associate Professor 

John Connors, Ph.D. 


Judith Stull, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Kathleen Bogle, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Paul Brazina, M.B.A. 

Dean, School of Business 

Lynn Miller, Ph.D. 

Associate Dean 

James Smither, Ph.D. 

Associate Dean 

Steven Meisel, Ph.D. 

Associate Dean 

Susan Mudrick, M.B.A. 

Assistant Dean 

Sychool of ^^u.')(neM 

The School of Business, in 
collaboration with the Business 
Honor Society, Beta Gamma 
Sigma, hosted an ethics forum 
during Charter Week. This year 
marked the 3rd year of the 
Business Forum. 

Dr. Paul Brazina, Dean of the 
School of Business, moderated 
the discussion in Dan Rodden 
Theater on March 19. He was 
joined by an esteemed panel that 
included business leaders: John E. 
Caruso of Montgomery 
McCracken, Edward J. Fierko of 
EJF Associates, Mark J. Gerber 
of PricewaterhouseCoopers and 
Robert J. Truitt of Crown Cork 
and Seal. 

The forum was a discussion of 
exactly what is considered 
"ethical" in the United States 

and international business world. 
As described by Dr. Brazina, "the 
lines between what is ethical and 
not are fuzzy." Because of this, it 
was considered very important 
for Business majors to know what 
ethical actions are and are not. 

Each of the four panelists took 
about 20 minutes of the forum to 
explain in-depth a real ethical 
issue that they studied. Because 
of the real-world experience the 
panelists had, they were able to 
offer some key insights into each 
of the cases presented. Some 
topics that the panel touched on 
included anti-bribery laws in 
foreign countries by United States 
businesses and the blockage of 
Google by China. 

Jen McShane, '10 

Business Excursion 

Accounting is very 
important in the 
business world. It is 
often the job of the 
accountant for a 
company to interpret 
financial issues to help 
a company make 
monetary decisions. 
Therefore, it is 
important for 
accounting majors to 
understand exactly 
how businesses work 
in accordance with 
their financial 

There are fives areas 
of study within the 
accounting program 
at La Salle that 
students can focus on: 

cost, management, 
information systems, 
auditing, taxation and 
relations. These areas 
of study help prepare 
accounting students 
for many different 
types of business 
related jobs. 
Accounting majors 
can work as business 
executives, bankers, 
financial planners, 
consultants, and tax 
planners. Accounting 
majors are also 
prepared to work in 
various other fields 
like product 
medical, non profit 
and even 


Eight courses make 
up the requirements 
for accounting 
majors. The 200-level 
courses focus on 
general accounting, 
while 300-level 
courses focus on 
management of 
finances, with courses 
on taxes and auditing. 
Finally, the 400-level 
courses specialize in 
the different aspects 
of accounting. 

Jen McShane, '10 

(Accounting 9^acii% 

Mary Jeanne Welsh, Ph.D., 

Kristin Wentzel, Ph.D. 


Associate Professor 

Chair, Professor 

Gerald Fitzgerald, F.S.C., 

Susan C. Borkowski, Ph.D. 



Assistant Professor 

Scott Stickel, Ph.D. 

Al Massimini, M.B.A. , 



Assistant Professor 

Bruce Leauby, Ph.D., 

C.P.A., C.M.A. 

John Zook, M.B.A., 

Associate Professor 


Assistant Professor 










Finding Financial 

If one were to survey 
a number of finance 
students about what 
motivated them to 
choose finance as a 
major, the results 
would reveal a variety 
of reasons. Some 
students might think 
that the finance field 
is a great career path 
because of the 
diversity of jobs 
available across 
different industries. In 
contrast, others may 
say that a career in 
finance will allow 
them to easily find a 
job and be well 

Despite the different 
motivations to study 
finance, these 
students will probably 
agree on the fact that 
finance at La Salle is 
a great career option 
because of the finance 
faculty, which is 
composed of 
professionals who are 
passionate about what 
they teach. Indeed, 
this faculty 
complements its 
passion for teaching 
with valuable 
experience that is 
continuously acquired 
through consulting 
and private practice. 

The finance student 
also benefits from the 
finance department's 
relationships with 
companies that 
provide opportunities 
not only to obtain 
experience prior to 
graduation, but also 
competitive jobs upon 

Let the teachings that 
we have received in 
our finance courses 
inspire us graduates 
of 2008 to further our 
education, excel in 
the work place, and 
give back to the La 
Salle community. 

Angelica Mota, '08 


finance ^acnHii^ 

Jan Ambrose, Ph.D. 

Chair, Associate Professor 

Lester Barenbaum, Ph.D. 


Joshua Buch, Ph.D. 


Walter Schubert, Ph.D. 


Kathleen McNichol, M.B.A. 

Assistant Professor 

Kenneth Rhoda, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Guidina Success 

Management is a 
topic that not only 
affects businesses, but 
most aspects of life. 
Every idea, strategy 
and decision is a form 
of management. 
Supervisors use 
various management 
techniques to run 
their firms, just as 
people make various 
managerial decisions 
to function in their 
lives. The techniques 
and skills that students 
gain through their 
education in La Salle's 
management program 
benefit them 
throughout whichever 
paths they choose in 
their lives. From 
mundane decisions to 

enigmatic problems, 
management helps 
guide towards 
solutions and success. 

The La Salle business 
school's exceptional 
faculty instruct 
numerous courses 
that educate and 
enhance management 
abilities. Through 
scenarios, audio-visual 
aids, case studies, and 
group collaboration, 
management classes 
allow their pupils to 
experience the 
information they 
learn. In this way, the 
information is not 
only retained longer, 
but accessible for use 
to aid in situations 

throughout the 
students' lives. 

La Salle's 

management program 
breeds intelligent 
leaders who are 
capable of making a 
difference in the 
world with their 
knowledge and 

Ruel Fernandes, 'C 

Management ^acu% 

PrafuUa (Praf) 

William Van Buskirk, 

Marianne S. Gauss, 

Joglekar, Ph.D. 



Chair, Professor 


Assistant Professor 

Lynn Miller, Ph.D. 

Steven Meisel, Ph.D. 

Jack Rappaport, 


Associate Professor 


Assistant Professor 

Joseph Seltzer, 

Anne M. Walsh, 



Kathryn Szabat, 


Associate Professor 


Assistant Professor 

James Smither, 

Gregory O. Bruce, 




Assistant Professor 

\n ftluflt W mS u i 


Destination Analysis 

Information Systems 
(MIS) focuses on 
designing computer 
systems to help people 
do their work better. It 
involves bridging the 
gap between 
technology and the 
people who use it by 
converting user 
requirements into cost- 
effective computer 
information systems 
and finding ways to 
make users and 
systems more 

Information systems 
have always been 
significant in the 
management of 
organizations. The use 

of computers has 
continued to evolve 
from machines that 
could calculate and 
produce simple 
reports to distributed 
multiprocessors with 
powerful individual 
work stations for the 

Professionals entering 
the MIS marketplace 
require specialized 
training and 
education. Unique skill 
sets are necessary to 
support a large 
number of job titles 
and positions, such as 
systems, business & 
data analysts, database 

applications analyst, 
computer systems 
auditor, information 
systems manager, 
computer and software 
marketing manager, 
office automation 
specialist, computer 
consultant, network 
administrator, and off- 
shore contract 

Although many low- 
level computer 
programming jobs are 
off -shored these days, 
career opportunities 
for higher-level MIS 
professionals are 
expanding rapidly and 
will continue to do so 
in the foreseeable 

From the La Salle University Website 


JWanagGment ^^o/tmatiofi Systems 

Prafulla Joglekar, Ph.D. 

Chair, Professor 

Madjid Tavana, Ph.D. 


Dennis Kennedy, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Frank LoPinto, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Kathryn Szabat, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Taraetina the Plan 

Frequently, majors are 
combined to give 
students even more 
skills to tackle the job 
force. A major that is 
often combined with 
other areas of study is 
marketing, partly 
because of its 

Communication is a 
great major to 
combine with 
marketing, as well as 
any of the other 
majors in the School 
of Business. 

While advertising is 
extremely important 
in the marketing 
world, marketing 
courses at La Salle 

also focus on 
obtaining new 
customers, but at the 
same time, retaining 
previous customers. 

Beginning in the 
marketing field of 
study, students learn 
the basic concepts of 
marketing: what 
products will be 
offered? Which group 
of customers will be 
targeted? How will 
the products be 
promoted to the 
specific customer 
group? By answering 
these questions, 
students learn the best 
way to market 
products and services. 

In marketing classes, 
professors teach 
students how to 
create presentations 
and advertising to 
reach a consumer 
group, analyze the 
behaviors of targeted 
consumers and 
observe consumers to 
gather research, 
making marketing 
effective. Classes also 
focus on teaching 
realistic problems so 
students can come up 
with solutions, giving 
them an idea of what 
occurs in the 
marketing world. 

Jen McShane, '10 



David B. Jones, Ph.D. 

Chair, Associate Professor 

Evelyn Cogan, J.D. 

Assistant Professor 

James Talaga, Ph.D. 


David Gulp, J.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Pingjun Jiang, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Rita Dynan, M.B.A. 

Assistant Professor 

SweeLim Chia, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Dom E. Nucera, M.B.A. 

Assistant Professor 

Zane Robinson Wolf, Ph.D., RN, 

Dean. School of Nursing and Health 


Mary T. Dorr, M.S.N., RN 

Assistant Dean 

Barbara J. Hocrst, Ph.D, RN 

Director of the Undergraduate Nursing 


Barbara J. Amster, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, 

Director of the Speech-Language-Hearing 


Jule Anne Henstenburg, M.S., R.D., 


Director of the Nutrition Program 

S^chool of (^//UiMn^ and 

Many nursing classes, until this 
year, were held in Holroyd Hall. 
However, with the implementation 
of the science building renovation 
underway, the School of Nursing 
and Health Sciences was in need 
of a new home. 

During the Fall 2007 semester and 
then over winter break. Nursing 
classrooms, equipment and 
professors were moved to the St. 
Benilde Tower. The St. Benilde 
Tower previously housed 
Germantown Hospital which was 
purchased by the University in 
May of 2007. After the purchase, 
it was decided by members of the 
Administration in collaboration 
with the Nursing program that the 
former hospital was the perfect 

place to move the Nursing 

Preparations for the Nursing 
program's new home were 
completed just in time for the 
2008 Spring semester. Before 
Nursing students could begin 
classes however, the St. Benilde 
Tower was blessed on January 
11, 2007. Dr. Zane Wolf 
promised all at the blessing the 
School would honor the new 
space given to the growing 
Nursing program "with hard work 
and great teaching". And so, withi 
the "SimMan" comfortably resting 
in a new bed, classes were ready 
to begin in the newly blessed St. 
Benilde Tower. 

Jen McShane, lO! 

Reaching Out 

With the need for 
medical care growing 
in the United States, 
it is easy to see why 
the Nursing program 
is one of the biggest 
areas of study at La 
Salle. Noticeable on 
campus by their 
uniforms and various 
type of medical 
equipment strung 
over their arms, 
nursing majors are 
always present on 

All of the professors 
within the nursing 
program hold degrees 
in nursing and actually 
have experience in 

challenging, but 
rewarding field. 
Bringing this degree 
of experiences allows 
the professors to 
guide the future 
nurses into the correct 
area of nursing, 
whether it be 
pediatrics, geriatrics 
or even emergency. 

The curriculum for 
nursing students is 
tough, involving a 
variety of science 
classes like anatomy, 
physics and biology, 
as well as clinical 
work outside the 
classroom. Students 
get experience from 
the clinical work they 

do at the various 
medical practices 
around La Salle. 

This year was a big 
year for the nursing 
program. It now 
resides in St. Benilde 
Tower, the former 
Hospital. Dean of the 
School of Nursing and 
Health Sciences and 
professor in the 
nursing program. Dr. 
Zane Wolf was also 
named a Caring 
Scholar by the 
Christine E. Lynn 
College of Nursing for 
her research within 
clinical studies. 

Jen McShane. '10 

cAlu/tsing 9^acu% 

Zane Robinson Wolf, 

Diane Wieland, Ph.D., 

Christina Harkins, MSN, 

Dolores Matecki, MSN, 

Ph.D., RN, FAAN 




Dean and Professor 

Associate Professor 

Assistant Professor 

Assistant Professor 

Janice M. Beitz, Ph.D, 

Gerry Altmiller, Ed.D., 

Barbara Hoerst, Ph.D., 

Shantia McCoy, MSN, 






Assistant Professor 

Assistant Professor 

Assistant Professor 


Patricia Bicknell, MSN, 

Shelley Johnson, MSN, 

Anne McGrorty, MSN, 

Patti Rager Zuzelo, Ed.D., 





Assistant Professor 

Assistant Professor 

Assistant Professor 


Joan Parker Frizzell, 

Denise Kavanagh, MSN, 

Jennifer Brindisi Sipe, 

Diane M. Breckinridge, 




Ph.D., RN 


Assistant Professor 

Assistant Professor 

Associate Professor 

Assistant Professor 

Frances Kinder, MSN, 

Robert M. Strayer, MSN, 

Ana Maria Catanzaro, 

Mary Lou Gies, MSN, RN 



Ph.D., RN 

Assistant Professor 

Assistant Professor 

Assistant Professor 

Associate Professor 

Earl Goldberg, Ed.D, RN, 

Ciara Lynch Levine, MSN, 

Mary Wilby, MSN. 

Mary Anne Peters, DNSc, 





Assistant Professor 

Assistant Professor 

Assistant Professor 

Associate Professor 

Mcryle Gurmankin, RN 

Margaret Lowenthal, 



Assistant Professor 

Assistant Professor 


A Delicious Itinerary 

When you hear the 
words nutritionist or 
dietician, what comes 
to mind? For most, it's 
probably a person 
who tells someone 
what to eat. That is 
part of the answer, 
but it isn't that simple. 
The field of nutrition 
isn't just about the 
foods you need to eat 
to stay healthy or to 
gain or lose weight. 
Nutrition is more 
about the different 
components of the 
food and how they 
work together in the 
body. It is important 
to understand the 
science that supports 
it, like anatomy and 
and physiology, 

organic chemistry and 
biochemistry, and 
microbiology. A 
dietician also needs to 
understand the 
differences in nu- 
trition needs for each 
age group in order to 
support growth or 
maintenance. At La 
Salle, we offer two 
different programs for 
nutrition. One is a 
bachelors in Nutrition 
and the second is a 
Nutrition degree 
through the 
Program. The 
Coordinated Program 
enables students to 
take internships 
throughout the 
summer and their 

entire senior year. 
Internships are given 
in food service, clinics 
and hospitals. Taking 
the internships while 
in school saves these 
students from having 
to take them after 
graduation. If a 
student is in the 
Program, s/he can 
graduate and take the 
Registered Dietician 
exam right away. 
Without the 
Program, students 
would have to find 
their own internships 
after they graduate 
before they can 
become a registered 

Alyssa O'Bomsawin, '10 

iMaikliion 'rJ^acu^ty 

Jule Anne Henstenburg, MS, RD, CSP, LDN 


Susan E. Adams, MS, RD, LDN 

Assistant Professor 

Elizabeth A. Emery, MS, RD, CNSD, LDN 

Assistant Professor 


Grounded in Knowledge 

The Speech- 
Science Program 
prepares students for 
careers as Speech- 
language pathologists. 
A speech-language 
pathologist works 
with people who have 
stuttering problems, 
voice disorders, or 
have problems 
producing speech 
sounds. They also 
work with people 
who have swallowing 

La Salle offers a four 
year program for 
those students aiming 
to get only a 
bachelors degree. 
However, it is the 

Masters degree that is 
required for 
certification and 
licensing. La Salle 
offers a five year 
accelerated program 
to complete the 
Masters degree. 
Students with a 
Bachelors degree 
from another school 
can also come to La 
Salle to complete 
their Masters. 

Led by a dedicated 
faculty, the Speech- 
Science Program 
offers an intimate 
environment for 
students to learn, 
work, practice and 
excel in. Professors 

are always available to 
aid students and pass 
on their own 
knowledge of working 
within the speech- 
language pathology 
field. Small class sizes 
make it easy for 
teachers and students 
to develop close 

The Speech- 
Science Program is 
located in Wister Hall. 
A computer lab exists 
there, solely for SLH 
students to work. 
However, classes are 
also held at hospitals 
and schools for 
students to get hands 
on practice. 

Taken in part from the La Salle University & US Dept. of Labor websites 

Sf)eecfi-S^anguage-^ea/ting Science 

Barbara J. Amster, Ph.D., 


Evelyn R. Klein, Ph.D., 

Associate Professor 

Jennifer Kleinow, Ph.D., 

Assistant Professor 

Joan A. Luckhurst, Ph.D., 

Assistant Professor 

James M. Mancinelli, M.S., 

Clinical Coordinator 

Cesar Ruiz, S.L.P.D., 

Assistant Professor 




A student's journey through La Salle is more 
than just heading to 8:00 AM classes, term 
papers and used books. It is the life outside of 
classes- events, activities and organizations- that 
truly sets La Salle students apart from other 
college students. 

The Student Life section describes the various 
activities and events that occur daily on La 
Salle's campus. One can always find something 
to do on campus, from free period events to 
weekends with Late Night La Salle. 

Perhaps the best aspect of Student Life is the 
fact that students are the driving forces behind 
all the events and activities; they prepare and 
sponsor them. It is truly "Student Life", 
designed by students for students. 

student Life 

Families of La Salle students were 
invited to campus during the 
weekend of October 5-7 to take 
part in on and off campus activities 
while spending quality time with 
their students. The annual event 
radiated with a Philadelphia theme, 
with many activities taking place in 
Center City Philadelphia. 

Families had the opportunity to 
check out many of the buildings on 
campus where students go every 
day, as well as participate in 
activities that are offered each 
weekend. They were treated to 
dinner in Treetops Cafe, athletic 
events on the new fields, and a 
special Family Weekend Liturgy in 
the chapel. There was also the 
Honors Convocation in the Tom 
Gola Arena. Other highlights were 
Late Night La Salle sponsored 
events, such as Family Feud, the 
Philadelphia based movie 
"Invincible", and a magicAiypnosis 

"In coming i;ears, my family will 

definitely come out." 

- Chris Meyer, '11 

show by Kevin Hurley entertained 
families. Improv 101 also held their 
annual comedy performance. 

Off campus trips into Philadelphia 
were big hits with students and 
families alike. Weekend 
participants could go to the 
Philadelphia Zoo, see the Lights of 
Liberty and take a shopping trip. 

Freshman Chris Meyer's favorite 
activity was the Ghost Tour. He. 
along with his parents and older 
sister, walked throughout Old City 
and were shown many historical 
places where ghosts have been 
sighted. Of particular interest was a 
library where Ben Franklin is 
thought to haunt. Chris also 
enjoyed having his parents attend 
his hockey game which, since they 
live in Red Bank. NJ. they usually 
don't get to come and see. "In 
coming years, my family will 
definitely come out", said Meyer. 

World (Sul+ui^es Pair 

Si\c\v^\ng CZu\^uv^c\\ ^^pe^v^x&vxc^^s 

Imagine an event that brings groups 
of people from different 
backgrounds together to share 
ethnic foods, cultural performances 
and world music. Well thats what 
happened on October 4, 2007, 
when the World Cultures Fair 
celebrated their 7th annual event 
featuring various multicultural 
organizations, programs, service 
trips, and performance groups. 

The fair was started with the goal 
of providing the La Salle 
community the opportunity to 
showcase the diversity on campus 
through an event that is fun, 
friendly and full of cultural 
experiences. Each year the fair has 
grown in size with more 
organizations participating and new 
attractions to feature. 

This year the Cross Cultural 
Association (CCA) hosted the event 
in hopes of promoting acceptance 

"The collaborative efforts of ail tiiose 

involved inelped make this year bigger 

and more entertaining". 

and diversity throughout campus. 
The collaborative efforts of all those 
involved helped make this year 
bigger and more entertaining. The 
event featured a delicious array of 
ethnic foods ranging from Indian, 
Korean, Mexican to Italian and so 
much more. Performances by the 
Step Team, Neo African Drums n 
Dance, and L.A.T.I.N.S. as well as 

henna designs by DESI (Indian and 
Pakistani student organization) 
added to the festivities. Chestnut 
Hill sponsors generously gave gift 
certificates and baskets that were 
raffled off to all those who attended. 
Special thanks go out to the 
Programming Center and the 
Multicultural and International 
Center for all their efforts and 

On behalf of the CCA, we hope 
that you join us next fall for this 
special time! 

Chiara de Leon, '08 





yV Celebi^cition of L.c\ 3cille 

Homecoming Weekend 2007 
turned out to be a wet and 
somewhat soggy affair. Yet, even 
the rain could not contain the 
excitement felt all around campus, 
as alumni returned to La Salle and 
students eagerly awaited the football 
game and the crowning of the 
Homecoming King and Queen. 

Before the game, there was plenty 
to do around campus. Alumni 
participated in reunions, 
Oktoberfest, a post game party and 
Putting on the Greens, as well as 
the 25th Anniversary celebration of 
La Salle's Social Work Program. 
RSA sponsored Carnifall in the 
Ballroom for students to enjoy. 

The football game versus 
Assumption College kicked off at 
3:00 PM, with rain falling. 
However, by half time, the rain had 
tapered off, allowing for the 
crowning of the Homecoming 

"It is definitely an honor, hut I know 

that there are lots of other senior 

girls who deserve itl" 

-Martha Kutteii, '08 

Homecoming Queen 

King and Queen to take place on 
the field. 

Jordan Feld was awarded King. "I 
was very surprised when I won. It 
was an honor just to be 
nominated", said Feld. Feld, is Vice 
President of La Salle Ambassadors, 
as well as a member of SGA, the 
New Explorers Program, Project 

Appalachia and Neighbor to 

Martha Kutteh was announced 
Queen. Kutteh, a long time service 
volunteer said "It is definitely an 
honor, but I know that there are lots 
of other senior girls who deserve it!" 
Like Feld, Kutteh is also deeply 
involved in the University 
Community. AIDS Outreach. Los 
Ninos, Homeless Outreach. TEAM 
Lasallians and Foster Care Tutoring 
are just a few organizations that 
Kutteh volunteers time to. 

A^l^'"^'^<^'^|■^l^'^<^l ^duca+ioKv 

T-i|+een \^ecir^s of- Divei^sity CJni+iotives 

Campus Diversity Initiatives began 
with the start of the Academic 
Discovery Program in 1975. Since 
then, La Salle has been able to 
promote diversity on campus with 
the addition of more programs such 
as Study Abroad and the Minority 
Achievement Program in 1991. 
To celebrate 15 years of cultural 
awareness, La Salle decided to 
honor its achievements in 2007 
with a tribute to these programs 
and many others. The success of 
cultural awareness is due to La 
Salle's ability to adapt to its 
changing students with the help of 
the Multicultural and International 
Center, academic departments, and 
the Division of Student Affairs. 

On the evening of October 5, La 
Salle celebrated its 15th 
anniversary of promoting cultural 
awareness with a tribute that 
included traditional food and music 
from around the world. What most 

The success of cultural awareness is 

due to La Salle's ability to adapt to 

its changing students. 

impressed Betsy Wilson, 
Administrative Assistant of the 
Multicultural and International 
Center, about the evening was the 
large variety of the attendees 
present at the event. "That was the 
strength of the whole idea," said 

The celebration highlighted the 

success of La Salle in achieving the 
diversity present today. Cherylyn 
Rush, Multicultural Coordinator of 
the Multicultural center, said that 
"the event was able to demonstrate 
not only the different cultural 
organizations on campus, but also 
in the education field." The 
academic departments collaborate 
to include courses that give students 
the opportunity to learn about 
different cultures. 

As La Salle continues to grow and 
expand, more opportunities for 
diversity will grow as well. 

Karly Castillo, 10 



'Raising JKAon^y foi^ ex CAoac\ Ociuse 

October was Breast Cancer 
Awareness month and it came with 
a fury to La Salle this year. Several 
student organizations raised money 
and awareness for the cause. 

Alpha Sigma Tau sorority has 
raised hundreds of dollars for the 
Susan G. Komen Foundation over 
the past 3 years and this year was 
no different. The organization sold 
pink t-shirts within the group to 
raise money. 

Alpha Theta Alpha sorority held a 
Wiffle Ball Tournament. The 
proceeds from the tournament and 
donations collected added up to 
$1,365. The money was brought 
to the American Cancer Society's 
Making Strides Against Breast 
Cancer Walk. Thirty-nine sisters of 
ATA walked on Sunday, October 

The Explorer Yearbook also raised 
money for and participated in the 

"/ thought it would be a good time 

and great cause", 

-Alyssa O'Bomsawin, '10 

Explorer Yearbook 

Strides Walk. The idea came from 
sophomore Alyssa O'Bomsawin. "I 
walked in high school once and I 
really enjoyed it so I thought it 
would be a good time and great 
cause", said O'Bomsawin. She, 
along with other Explorer members 
raised $300. 

It wasn't just student organizations 
that helped this great cause. On 

November 9. the Volleyball team 
held "Dig for the Cure", where the 
ladies raised money before their 
game based on the number of digs 
the team made. "We got pledges 
before the match, asking for money 
either in flat donations or in a 
certain amount per dig." said team 
member Erin Sullivan. Altogether, 
the team made 50 digs, raising 
$496.30 for the Susan G. Komen 

The hard work of all these students 
on behalf of breast cancer 
awareness is just one example of 
Lasallian dedication. 

3e^i^vioe TJi^ips yVuotion 

Kund liaising to f-Ie^lp OtK^»^s 

It can be hard for each service trip 
group at La Salle to individually 
raise the money needed for them to 
travel. However, a combined effort 
supported by all allows members of 
the La Salle community to have a 
great night of bartering and good 
food, while the service trip groups 
raise money to help others in need. 

In total, all the service trip groups, 
Project Mapendo, Project 
Appalachia, Los Nihos and Habitat 
for Humanity, need about $90,000 
to travel. While they work hard all 
year on various fund raisers one of 
the biggest sources of funding is the 
Service Trips Auction, which 
generates about $20,000. This year 
marks the 5th annual event that 
keeps getting more popular. 

The night hosts both a silent and 
live auction, and for the first time 
this year, there was basket bidding. 
In years past, basket bidding was a 

The Auction allows members of the 

La Salle community to have a great 

night of bartering and good food, 

while the service trip groups raise 

money to help others in need. 

separate fund raiser taking place at 
the Charter Dinner. This year, bids 
on a showcase of baskets were 
taken at the Auction, then joined 
more baskets at the Charter 

For some, the most exciting part of 
the evening was the live auction, 
where paddles do the speaking 

amongst cheering and yelling. 
Some of the items for bidding 
included: the popular Guitar Hero 
III game, a dining room set, a pair 
of Southwest Airline tickets to 
anywhere in the continental U.S., 
two shore houses, dinner at the B8 
townhouse and dinner with Bro. 
Edward Sheehy. There were a few 
battles by students during the night 
for various items, like the shore 
houses and Bro. Ed. However, in 
the end, everyone left happy and 
the night was a success due to the 
hard work of all La Salle's Service 
trips groups. 

Jen McShane, 10 



CK^^Ii^ yVw^cii^ds 

y\ A^igKt of 3tude^nt Dii^ecto^^s 

What began as a class project in 
1973 out of the Communication 
department, has now become an 
annual award ceremony at La Salle, 
known as the "Charlie Awards." 
Every year, students are awarded 
for creating original films and 
acting as directors for the films. 

However, this year called for full 
campus awareness of Charlie 
Awards, as the Young Broadcasters 
and the Film Society changed the 
tradition. The award ceremony and 
film showing took place in Dan 
Rodden Theatre, instead of a more 
private setting. This allowed the 
entire campus to enjoy. Celebrated 
in the Dan Rodden Theatre, 
students and staff were able to 
support the young producers as 
they proudly shared their films with 
the audience. 

The 2008 Chariie Awards took 
place on the evening of February 

Nothing was more amazing that 

evening than to witness the 

incredible films created by talented 

La Salle students. 

24. Nothing was more amazing 
that evening than to witness the 
incredible films created by talented 
La Salle students. "I never knew we 
had this much talent on campus. I 
could totally see these films on 
mainstream," said junior Digital Art 
major, Frederick Kinglee III. 

The entire evening was spectacular 

and never dull, as each unique film 
brought a different energy to the 
audience. Winners of the night 
were directors Matt Szczerbienski 
and Emily Brennan. Both winners 
were awarded $150 for their hard 
work and dedication by Brother 
Gerry Molyneaux of the 
Communication Department. 

Karly CastiUo. '10 


TH0lL05r-Lo5,NG No noR£ 

iJlirVavi()iltortmembfr tMLos+ +0 OiM/i: 

Di^unk Dr^iving yVw^cii^e^ne^ss Week 

"T^eH^embei^ing TJl^ose Lost" 

Members of the La Salle community 
put together a terrific program. 
Drunk Driving Awareness Week to 
educate students about effects of 
drunk driving and its harms. 

Originally, the idea came from the 
Greek community, hoping to 
sponsor a "Run for Willie" 
fundraiser. Wilson "Willie" 
Maldonado was involved in a 
collision that killed him and another 
person, Dante Barnes, due to drunk 
driving on the part of Willie. The 
fundraiser sponsored by greek 
organizations would raise money for 
Willie's younger brother to attend 
private school. The event was 
canceled by the school after 
students. Mothers Against Drunk 
Driving and Tamia Robinson 
(mother of Barnes' son) showed 
outrage over the event. 

Members of the Greek Community, 
especially Delta Phi Epsilon and Phi 

Overall, students and staff were 

pleased with the way the week 

turned out, offering closure and 

hope to all present. 

Gamma Delta, worked hard with 
University groups including, Peer 
Educators, the Division of Student 
Affairs and the Alcohol and Other 
Drugs Center, to create programs 
for Drunk Driving Awareness 
Week. These programs educated 
students about the harms of drunk 
driving, as well as commemorated 
the lives of the two men lost. 

Students previously upset by the 
"Run for Willie" applauded the new 

During the week, students created 
panels for a mural showing the 
personal effects of drunk driving on 
their own lives. A vigil also took 
place on the night of April 17 
followed by a silent walk around the 
campus. Perhaps most inspiring 
that night was the speech given by 
Tamia Robinson. Overall, students 
and staff were pleased with the way 
the week turned out, offering 
closure and hope to all present. 

Jen McShane, 10 









\^^ ^ -, 


















"La Salle University is a 

place where learning is 

facilitated and dreams are 

sought. As a freshman, La 

Salle encouraged 

teamwork, school spirit, 

and cooperation to 

achieve my goals. The 

stage has definitely been 

set for students to succeed 

within an enjoyable 


- Holly Baublitz. Accounting 


"I loved my sophomore 
year! I enjoyed being a 

Resident Assistant at St. 

Basil and working at the 
Student Programming 
Center. This year has 

been overwhelming but I 
can't wait to see what 

junior year has to offer!" 

"Junior year is a paradox- 

you're settled into your 

major, friends, the school 

and surroundings, but you're 

gearing up for internships, 

graduation, and the real 

world. Settling in and 

gearing up, relaxing in the 

comfort of what's known and 

starting to feel edgy about 

the future. It's the best of 

what college has to offer." 

- Carolyn Wolfe, Psycliology 


/— 5TT 






^^ ' 






'w^ W|B 





With over 100 organizations on campus, 
students keep themselves busy by participating 
in various organizations. 

Because of the high number of organizations 
present, La Salle can truly say that "there is 
something for everyone." Academic 
organizations, like the, expand upon learning 
outside classrooms, while student government 
organizations like, SGA and RSA, help lead 
and keep the campus running smoothly. 
Performing arts organizations, like the Masque 
offer entertainment, while media 
organizations, like the Collegian, give the 
campus the news. Let's not forget community 
service groups, that help and support those 
suffering, or Greek Life that creates bonds 
lasting well after our journey at La Salle ends. 

student Organizallons 

Discoverin g 

Student Orga nizatio ns at 

Amid the 100 student organizations on campus, it is easy to see one reason why 
La Salle has its diversified reputation. Each and every organization is unique, 
offering different services to the university community. 

The student organizations at La Salle offer ways to meet others who have similar 
interests and goals. However, these same organizations also outreach to the entire 
La Salle community in various ways. Some organizations volunteer to help others 
in need, while other organizations sponsor events on campus to help keep students 
busy on nights and weekends. Still others showcase their talents and perform for 
the campus. All of La Salle's organizations are grouped into several categories. On 
the following pages, these categories are organized by color. 

l^ SMle 

Community Service 
[ Student Governance 

udent Media 


xtra Curricular 

Performing Arts 



Club Sports/Athletic 


yVooounting y\ssooici+ion 

Members: Jessica Runyen, 
Jack Quinn, Heather Steacker 

yVssocio+ion "for* \\)ovne-v\. in Co^riKnuniootion 

Members: Liz Crawford, Abby 
McKeon, Lindsay Anri Beacin, 

Aimee Bouclnard, Aslnley Arnoid, 

Lauren Berkoski, Emiiy Anne 

Apisa, Sara Brennan, Mary T 

Conners, Lisa Marie Donolnue, 

Emily Dryer, Jenna Eckei, Brenda 

Frassoni, Lindsey Gone, Carley 

Hoornbeck, Ida Goslin, Monet 

Imperato, Nicole Jenet, Jen 

Krispel, Alex Murray, Emily Paffett, 
Taylor Reber, Claire Salmons, 
Jenna Santori, Krista Sinclair, 

Kirstin Lynne Schioeninger, Marisa 

Thieriault, Rebecca Turygan. Dr. 
Donna Celano (Advisor) 


^nvii^onn^en+al Scienoe^ and (I^eolocfy Club 

Members: Michael Demaio, 
Christina Causland, Scott Boietti, 
Melanie Charles, Steve LaMonte, 

Dr. Heriry Bart, Professor Ed 
Layton, Sarah Jancuska, Dr. Alice 
Hoersch, Professor Natalie Flyrin 

Lo Salle's yVn^ericcin Studies y\ssocici+ion 

Members; Megan McGee, President 

Ashley Mancuso, Vice-PresidentJustine 

Hensey, Secretary, Erika Lunn, Treasurer, 

Alexis Backus. Laura Bailiet Sarah Branson, 

Mary Briegel, Lacey Bruno, Terrlanne 

Carberry, Colleen Costello, Christina 

Currie, Moryrose Dugan, Nicole Giacinto, 

Beth Haidemenos, Antoinette High, Allison 

Hoffman, Laura Hopkins, Katya Hubiak, 

Madeline Hunter, Lauren Jackson, Kelli 

Karver, Suzanne Lipovsky, Chris Lucarini, 

Katie Luciano, Kathleen McCoey, Lorissa 

Meyer, Priscilla Nontieh, Megan Oziek, 

Gino Pace, Melissa Polfy, Kelly Payne, 

Lauren Reeves, Kyle Simons, Danielle 

Skinner, Lauren Stephon, Katie Swinburn, 

Jonathan Swing. Rebecca Turygan, 

Meaghan Walsh 

Lci Scille tlnivei^sity Cduocifion y\ssooici+iorJ 

Members: Antionette High, 

Therese (Terri) Carberry, Beth 

Hoidenemos , Jim Rossi, Allison 



7W<^^^K^»^<^+i<^cll Society 

Members: Samantha Campione, 

Jason Collaghan, Kathryn 

Knapp, Steve Muscelli, Christine 

Sands. Kevin Mbokop 

JKA\nov^\fy Student AJ ureses yVssociotion 

Members: Veronica Little, 

Catlnerine Ibirongbe, Gins 

MattJ-iew, Neek Kialler, Amelia 

Klee, Gertrudis Garcia, Semira 

Kiyar, Ron Philllopose, Simi Samuel 

TNJdtioKiciI 3tucleKit 3pee^cK L-cxnQuage. ^\e^c\v^\v\.g yA.ssocic3itiok\ 

Members: Elizabeth Buongiurno, 
Christina Celano, Christina Currie, 

Chiara de Leon, Larissa Meyer, 

Nicole Musitano, Katherine Pope, 

Megan Rowen. Lindsay Marie 

Sharip, Ashley Underwood, 

Stephanie Weckesser 


PKilosopKy dub 

Members: Anthony Delcollo, 
John Nicolo, Stacy Armstrong, 
Kyle Simons, Brian IVlcKenna, 
Thomas Armstrong, Nicholas 
Ford, Dominique Catoldi, Pat 

PsycKolgiy dub 

Members: Meggin Forti, 

Marcella Gringer, Carolyn 

Wolfe, Stacey Vinci, Meridith 


"Public "Relations S+udent Society of yV^nei^ica 

ill r fp cm 

Members: Dr. Michael Smith 

(advisor). Raven Valdes, 
Benjamin Traino, Lauren Fell, 
Anna Grochocinska, Allison 
Freeman, Brittany Binns, Julia 
Lendzinski, Abby McKweon, 
Anthony Bonagora, Natalie 
Virgilio, Meghan Shaginaw/, 
Lynne Texter. 


Sooieiy fov^ tK^ yVdvcmo^n^e^nt of ]\Ac\nc\Qvy\^ni 

Members: Nicasio Lovecchio, 

Christine Arrigorii, Tlieresa 

Troxler, Dorothy Schouller, 

Jonthan Webster, Nicholas 

agelis, Christine Arrigoni, Sean 

Christman, Shea Barr, Zachary 

Rutfo, Ruel Fernandes 

Student A) w^*sincf yVssooiotion oj- Pennslyvcinici 

Senior Members and 

officers;Tammi Jones, Terry 

DeAngelo, Adrienie Flick, 

Gertrudis Garcia, Shannon 

Gaines, Erin Holtan, Andrea 

Jackson, Jamila Joshua, Theresia 

Karundeng, Jessica Lament, 

Amanda Lippi, Veronica Little, 

Ngan Mai, Chrissy Marriott, Joe 

Pannulla, Elvira Pyanova, Natalie 

Rittenhouse, Aubrey Schotield, 

Vitaly Vitorsky, Christine Williams, 

Jeanie Iran, Jen Cash, Megan 

Kempt, Jennifer Weiss, Tiffany 

Turner, Julia Fukui 

Stude^nts in T-^*ee ^ntei*pi*ise 

Members: Michelle D'Argenio, 

Christopher Lawrence, 

Jonathan Lo Monico, Sean 

Houlihan, Stephanie Paltjon, 

Patrick Rattery, Samantha Still 


Members: Carly Rapp, Michal 

Wilczewski, Meredith Dreger, 

Jessica Wallace, Jackie St. Pierre, 

Sarah Frangos, Diana Holland, 

Julia Angelitis, Shevonne Keller, 

Anthonay Mallaci, Dominic A. 

Oteri, Renee Roland, Helene 

Holmes, Jordan Feld, Jim Rossi, 

Chris Borgardus, Ben Traino, Chris 

Materia, Amanda Dalton,Amie 

Kotalic, Dallas Smith, Danielle 

Forsythe, Mary Ellen Huss, 

Michele Muller, Michelle 

Kukawski, Nicole Dellamonica, 

Rachel Davis, Sarah Malecki 

L-ci Soille. y\H^bcissdcIoi^s I 

P££T? ^duoci to i*s 

Abiola Veronica Burke, Amanda Krystal 
Dalton, Andrew R Weingarten, Brendan 
Arthur Kelly, Brenna Marie Trush , Brianna 

Catherine Clayton, Christina Cherry, 

Christopher John Hoffman, Christopher 

Joseph Lucarini, Colleen Cora Costello, 

Dallas Ashley Smith, Darcelle Olivia Wynn, 

Denniston Agustus Muir, Emily Grace 

Siegfried, George Joseph Gennaoui, 

George Joseph Rohonczy, Jaime Lee 

Esbensen, Jessie Ann Suren, John N 

Phillips, John Robinson, John Thomas, 

Julio L Hortmon, Julia Theresa Condon, 

Katharine Margaret Wolpert, Kathryn 

Bridget Bergin, Keelan Kate Ferry, Kelly 

Erin Mullane, Kelly Marie Lazarowski, Kevin 

A Kearney, Kristin Michelle Moss, Maeve 

Ryan Daly, Michael Edward Adams, 

Michael Richard Waxmon, Pamela Morris, 

Ryan Walsh, Sharmyra R Bryant, 

Stephanie Marie Boag, Stephanie Rose 

Paltjon, Stephen Darren Levit 

MembersJessica Boylan, Sarah 

Branson, Emily Brennan, Nicole 

Dellamonica, Deanna Diseveria, 

Ashley Dohler, Megan Donnelly, 

Samantha Gilianyi, Stefane Hay, 

Justine Hensey, Mary Ellen Huss, 

Stacy Kaminski, Kate McWilliams, 

Marisa Mykulak, Catherine 

O'Gorman, Jennifer Pallister, 

Emma Petrucci, Lauren Pittre, 

Elizabeth Provenzano, Sherrita 

Rainey, Victoria Valusek, 

Cir-cle K 





1 ^o'»Mnoij«-'3o® 

Mjr^^ «- 


f " ^ 


^1 1 

MH^^ ;^w\ ■«3»- -«> W^k 

k f- w 

<mL '^ " i^^' 'J^l 

L/^ ^fc 

■^ i 



yVCTDS Oufi^eooK 



^ . . 



r J 

^^ -. jtifw' 


\ ' 

H Jk^iIii^k' 

9» ^ 


Members: Martha Kutteh, Amie 

Kotalic, Amy Inkrott, Chris 
McNabb, Jennifer Cosh, Marcia 
DeSolvo, Sam Stavola, Courtney 

Peterson, Angela Minetti, 
Elizabeth Bond, Patrice Phillips, 

Abiola Burke, Eric Petersson, 

Megan Weiss, Sara Nugent, Amy 


T-oster* Core^ ^\a\ov\v\ 



Members: Ashely Anderson, Emily 
Apisa, Mike Craig, Kasey Cellar, 

Christina Gethers, Meritith 
Herwig, Erin Kretzinger, Adrianna 
Lain, Joan Lyall, Kayleigh Maher, 

Sean McMlchaei, Amber 
Miranda, Kevin Murphy, Colleen 

G'Donnell, Ashley Owens, Jill 
Parente, Dana Perfetti, Rebecca 

Petner, Emma Petrucci, Mary 

Kate Remy, James Thomas, Zakia 

Tucker, Christina Causland, 

Ashley Keates, Sandra Valeric 

and Tory Ridge 

t-lobi+ot for -HuH^cini+y 

Members: Catherine O'Gorman, 

Katie Wolpert, Mike Waxman, 

Andrea DiMaio, Sara Werth, 

LaShae Hubicki, Andrea Young, 

Ashley Pimentel, Allison Hoffman, 

Jen Gwiszcz, Amanda Juszczuk, 

Mike Purvis, Frank Visco, Brian 

Bink, James McAndrew, Steve 

LaMonte, Stacey Lang, Amie 

Schmitt, Steve Kopec 


Loi Sdlle's (Dv^gcxv\\2.ciV\on CZav^inQ fov^ Kids 

Members: Ashley Anderson, Allie 

Asensio, Krista Benedette, Kellee Best, 

Sarah Branson, Ellise Butka, Andrea 

Casella, Priya Chauhan, 

Colleen Costello, Marissa 

Dombrowski, Sinead Donnelly, Pottl 

Dormer, Emily Dryer, Keelan Ferry, 

Jess Ferreri, Christine Koyithara, 

Lauren Kramer, Chris Lucarini, Katie 

Luciano, IVlargaret IVIcFadden, Sheila 

IVIcFadden, Santina Nescio, Erin 

Olszak, Kelly Parrott, Mary Clare 

Parrott, Mike Poekert, Sarah Padilla, 

Mike Poekert, Eleanora Robinson, 

Renee Roland, Ellse Schlaffhauser, 

Kathryn Skira, Stephanie Steeves, 

Jennifer Sulpizi, Ashley Trippet, Brenna 


Los A^mos 

Members: Michael Minetti 
(advisor), Sandra Aponte, Amy 
Czulada, Jenna Eckel, Audrey 

Kulpa, Suzanne Lipovsky, 
Gabriela Schulte, Scott Baietti, 

Cassandra Boyce, Brittany 
Carter, Jennifer Cash, Amanda 

Dolton, Delia Spellman, Julia 

McDougall, Teresa Osborne, Pilar 

Napolitano, Jessie Suren, Stacey 


TVJe^igKboi^Kood T7ufo^*incf 

Members: Ashely Anderson, Emily 
Apisa, Mike Craig, Kasey Gellar, 

Christina Gethers, Meritith 
Herwig, Erin Kretzinger, Adrianna 
Lalli, Joan Lyall, Kayleigh Maher, 

Sean McMichael, Amber 
Miranda, Kevin Murphy, Colleen 

O'Donnell, Ashley Ov^/ens, Jill 
Parente, Dana Perfetti, Rebecca 

Petner, Emma Petrucci, Mary 

Kate Remy, James Thomas, Zakio 

Tucker, Christina Cousland, 

Ashley Keates, Sandra Valerio 

and Tory Ridge 


Members: Abiola Burke, Amy 
Czulada, Kathryn Skira, Joshua 
Wiggins, Christian Harvey, Kelly 
Mullane, Matthew Vincent, Billy 
Gonzalez, Patrice Phillips, Jessie 

Py\L VoufK CenteiA 




P^*ojeot yVppcilcicKio 


^ S9|lut^ 









JIVf i 







k/f "^ *^ 


■ n 



Members: Vanessa Badalamenti, 

Alyssa Bleiler, Sara Brennan, Britni 
Buffalino, Sarah Bulmer, James 

Carcilli, Colleen Costello, Kristina 

DiSanto, Rebecca Dobrzynski, 

Megan Donnelly, Phil Euga, Jordan 

Feld, Alison Floyd, Christina Foley, 

Jen Gwiszcz, Julie Gwiszcz, Justine 
Hensey, Mary Ellen Huss, Rob Kirkner, 

Allison Krolikowski, Joan Lyall, Jim 
McAndrew, Brittany McKenna, Brian 
McNamara, Bridget O'Donnell, Mary 

Orfao, Ashley Owens, Stef Paltjon, 
Dana Perfetti, Joe Quintiliani, 

George Rohonczy, Renee Roland, 
Jim Rossi, Emily Siegfried, Catherine 

Toto, Liz Wagner, Megan Weiss, 

Lauren Wlotko, Adult Leaders: Trey 
Ulrich, Helene Holmes, Clare Petroski 

Pi^oject J\Acipe^v\cio 

Members: Andy Weingarten, Mary 

Ellen Huss, Rachel Davis, Mia 

Zaccanini, Elise Schlafhauser, 

Nicola De Pass, Colleen Friel, Sean 

Hutchinson, Beth Hido, Kevin 

Murphy, Steve Fredericks, Rebecca 

Schramm, Jimmie Kramer, Sara 

Nugent, Drew Pierce, John Piree, 

Staff Coordinators: Melinda Massaro, 

Robert Kinzler, F.S.C. 


S+ude^nts jov*^ ^nvii^onn^e^Kitol y\ofion 

Members: Andrea DiMaio, 

Joseph Gauger, Mary Orfao, 

Laura Rongione, David Sautter 

Dominique Cataldi, Shoslnanna 

Prior, Jillian Parente, Holly 

Baublitz, Brianna Florio, Steven 

Levit, Matthew Levit, Steven 

LaMonte, Larissa Meyer 

T7.^.y\.7Vl. Losolioins 

Members: Tim Engel, Jim 
McAndrev^/, Phil Eugo, Nikki 
Green, Cassandra Boyce, 

Megan Weiss, Amy 

Czulada,Chris McNabb, Billy 


y\nin^e dub 

Members: Kim Faulk, Madeline 

Wedge, Jim McAndrev^, Mac 

Craven, Cora Conocer, 

Nicholas Elmer, Stephanie 

Brown, Marcos Moron, Elijah 

Elliot, Jason Roeckle 



Collecfe "Republicons 

Members: Maria Muscora, 

Marykate Kelly, Kevin Gledhill, 

Andy Coyle , Dan Sandiford, 

Kevin Hall, Amanda Dalton, 

Emily Siegfried, Dallas Smith, 

Adam Profitt, Chris Caimano, 

Christine Diana, London 

Keating, Mike Rotella 

^^^^^}^j^^iim^^mmmm^j_^^ L 'J^™" J^"'|^ cK »^ ^ n+ 

Members: Brian Trainer, Mark Del 

Monoco, Mike Poekert, Don 

Horrison, Brian Carlson, Joe 

Gouryeb, Brian McKenno 


i-_a Solle^ C^oiA\i\\^e^ lrc\s\\\ov\ dub 


- m 

II ir« 

r^Kcp '^ ^ 


|. A 






Members: Steven Jamison 

(Advisor), Christina Bedos, Diana 

Dominguez, Christine Bernard 

yVj-riooin yVn^ei^ioon Student LecicfueB 

Members: Georage Attoh- 

Assante, Ciera Ruffin, Allonte 

Thoman, Christina Gethers, 

Patreace Miller, Zakia Tucker, 

Ashley Underwood, Calvin 

Johnson, Eleanora Robinson, 

Kate Knowles , Darcelle Wynn, 

Symon Owade, Vanessa 

Levros, Khari Edwards, Josie 

Telisma, Justin Bettis, Sherie 

Thompson, Taj Duffle, Bryant 

Fennel, Kevin Mbokop, 

Vanessa Cole, Alicia Dodd , 

Marcely Jean-Pierre 


Members: EJ Ojeda, Wilfred Mark 

Cabrero, Tri Huinyh, Marie 

Towara, Tim Chang, Eujin Kim, 

Jen Mai, Irene Dip, Jim Glenn, 

Kristen Arce, Megan Polos, Linhie 

Nguyen, Tien Vu, Alyssa Shatz, 

Viet Nguyen, Ching Lee, Jhonna 

Luahhati, Ron Lam, Albert Kim, 

Sunny Choe, Quan Bui, Wendy 

Chen, April Gueco, Achilles 

Ananet, Mike Diaz, Kristina 

Agabayani, Soman Issac, 

Jignasha Adhurio, Tesia Thomas, 

Ly Nguyen, Shamila Borkat 


Central &iAV*^ope^cxv\ Sooie^+y 

Members: Nadia Rusinko, 
Rodney Mills, Arjola Shperdheja, 
Abiola Burke, Jignasha Adhuria 

Cross Cultui^cil yVssooici+ion 

Members: Chiara de Leon 

(President), Tri Huynh (Vice 

President), Alyssa Siazon 

(Secretary), Ptnuc Nguyen 

(Treasurer), Joel Tejoda, Calvin 

Johnson, Kim Ledgister, Christina 

Spino, Priscilla Nantieh, Victor De 

Couto, Christopher Kimtis, 
Andrew M. Schladebeck, John 

Keating, Rose Rodriguez, 

Stephanie Garcia, Rita Mello, 

Mike Diaz, and Shonta Collins 


Members: Renato Sifoni Jr, 

(President), Michael Cierci, 

Mario D.Adamo 



Members: Lina-Maria Garcia 

(President), Melanie Pagan 

(Treasurer), Gia Asberry, Darlene 

Silot, Dana Perfetti, IVlargarita 

Munoz, Yelitza Cedano 

O^^cfoni motion o]- Lcitii^ T^meriocin Students 

IVlembers: Angelica IVIota, 

Alberto Lopez , William Gonzalez, 

David Rivera, Erimar Hernandez, 

Sandra Faico, Amber Lee 

ironda, Natasha Serrano, 

Cassandra Serrano, Margarita 

Munoz, Sandy Aponte 

Members: Alex McGrath - 

President, Lauren Squazzo, 

Bridget Konczyk - Vice President 


Piln^ Society 

Members: Eric Donovan, Robert 

Kirkner, Allison Cronk, Meghan 

Callanan, Sean Ellis, Calvin 

Liming, Kevin Prendergast, 

Katherine Drapcho, Victoria 

Valusek, John SmyrI, Kaitlyn 

Linsner, Rebecca Schramm, 

Elizabeth Wagner, Elizabeth 

Adier, Andrew Hibschmon, 

Suzanne Lipovsky, Phillip Euga, 

Kathleen McNeill, Elijah Elliott, 

Rebecca Petner, Kevin Lankey, 

Matthew Pini, Jackie Amatucci, 

Katie Ranshaw, Kim Davidow, 

Tim Moore, Shomori Robinson 

pc\z2. and "P^f^J* Bands 

Members: Courtney Bowers, 

Chris Gillespie, Caitlin 
Immerman, Robert McGinley, 

Abby McKeown, Roy 

Pantaleon, Doug Phelan, John 

Yeiser, Scott Baietti, Tom 

Cooper, Kyle Fisher, Alison 

Graham, Carolyn Roll, Sarah 

Katzianer, Nicholas Keene, 

Sarah McHugh, Greg Allen, 

Lauren Balliet, Jennifer 

Fernandez, Br. Tom McPhillips, 

Colin Quinn, Michael Roethel, 

Jonathan Andrews, Christopher 

Ciufo, Joe Kain, Cassie Kosydar 

Members: Elizabeth 

Provenzano, Nick Keene, John 

Yeiser, and Alison Graham. 



Members: Stephanie Boag, Thea 

Boyle, Annaliese D'Orazio, 

Jennifer IVIorrison, Dianna Rivera, 

Courtney Bowers, Julie Swann, 

Sarah IVlcHugh, Aiyssa 

O'Bomsawin, Jacquelyn 

Scirrotto, Dallas Smith, Lauren 

Baliiet, Alison Graham, Tanya 

Lindenmuth, Natalia Musitano, 

Raven Valdes, Cara Conocer, 

Kim Ledgister, Rose IVlotley, 

Melissa Pompeo, Alex Burns, 

Michael Craven, Chino 

Hernandez, Eric Devlin, Nicholas 

Keene, Tim Main, Kim Ledister, 

Advisor Brother Joe Grabenstein, 

Director Robert Kestler 

Members: Kaitlyn Linsner, Tamika 

Jerome, Keisha Hodge, Ciera 
Ruffin, Jessica Dougherty, Ashley 
Cribb, Azaria Soto, Vanessa 
Cole, Clara Menton, Ashley 
Roberts Alanna Gardner, Leigh- 
Amber Small, Catherine 
Mariano, Alicia Dodd, 
Cassandra (Cassie) Larose 

E-board: President/Producer Kate 

Pendola, VP Tech David A. 

Sullivan & Carolyn Holl, VP 

Business Aiyssa Oshiro, VP 

Personnel Sam Fran Scavuzzo & 

Pam Woodward, VP Publicity 

Sara Allen & Megan Henderson, 

VP Alumni Relations & Records 

Megan McGee 




Members: Rebecca Petner, Gio 
Dattilo, Jennifer Fernandez, 
Steven Jamison (Advisor) 

Co^n^r\ufe^* c\v\<A 0\f (Zawxpus S+udenf yVssooiafio^\ 

IVlembers: IVlark Doiley, Cory 

Anotado, Kyle Fisher, Stephen 

Dubenko, Amber Lee Miranda, 

Elizabeth Slipp, Thomas 

Ricchezza, Rich Liebig, 

Viraag Patel Elizabeth Love, 

Chau Nguyen, Corienne 

Casagrande (Advisor) 

^^^esidenf Student y\ssooici+ioi^^ 

Members: Mary Elizabeth Sullivan, 
Sarah Bischoff, Sara Werth, John 
Michel, Jess Shamus, Michal 
Wilczevy/ski, Sean Houlihan, 
Meggin Forti, Michael Purvis, 
Steve Rendall, Scott Baietti 


Students' C^ovei*n^nent yVssooio+ion 

Members; Patrick Terranova, 

Jordan Fold, Jessica Wallace, 

Emily Ermentrout, Daniel Bucher, 

Vanessa Badalamenti, Dennis 

Sheehan, Patrick Dougherty, 

Kathryn Feld, Kerri Slavin, Celeste 

Walker, Nicholas Cherchio, 

Stasia Ford, Andrew Fox, 

Jonathan Webster, Christopher 

Petrucci, Kerrin Brown, Ryan 

Yarcia, Matthew Webster, 

Lauren McGlone, Peter 

Engeland, Matthew Doyle, Kyle 

Carter, Kevin Cevallos. 

Editors and Seniors: Erin 
Brodbeck, Sam Fran Scavuzzo, 
Frank Visco, Elizabeth Adier, Joe 

Pelone, Nate Adams, Mark 
Costello, John O'Riordan, Mike 
McDonald, Nicholas Elmer, Eric 
Jaen, Lauren McGlone, Patrick 
Dougherty, Liz Wagner, Allison 
Neff, Luclan Tucker, Olivia Bagni, 
Joseph Gauger, Hannah Datz, 
Erin Mae Szrankowski, Anthony 
Bonagura, Eric Donovan, Max 
Orenstein, Mike Rodden, Mike 

£;<ploi^er \^ecii*bool< 

Members: Dawn Wanner 

(advisor), Mike Dao, Laura 

Hopkins, Ruel Fernandes, Karly 

Castillo, Tim Main , Holly Baublltz, 

Cory Anotado, Alyssa 

O'Bomsawin, Alii Myers, Jen 



Members: Jonathan Juliano, 

Lucian Tucker, Danielle Haffer, Liz 

Tabasko, Lauren Balliet, Nick 

Ford, Christine Keely, Jillian 

Shotzborger, Mark Natale 

Members: Annaliese D'Orazio, Kevin Lankey, 
Matt Rothrock, Mark Natale, Rollin Decs, Kyle 
Carter, Darnell WJIIionns, Serena Sams, Matt 
Neder, Mike Visa Antliony Mailomaci, Mike 

Berry, Jeff Londis, Sarah Katzianer, Katie 

Williams, Andrew Neumann, Mike Redden, 

Seth Falgo, Anthony Bonaguro, Mike 

McDonald, Sean Houlihan, Frank Visco, Katie 

Ranshaw, Laura Hopkins, Sal Mignano, Sean 

Fitts, Cory Anotado, Dana Lopez Spiller, 

Corey Percival, Nate Adams, James 

Keough, Rob Fierro, Liz Tabasko, Mike 

Stringer, Joe Karasch, Tom Ranalli, Fred 

Kinglee, Jon Carlo Stubblefield, Danny 

Rosenberg, Sean Nolet, Marcus Alford, Chris 

Caronna, Bryant Fennell, Alex Christenson, 

Mike McNulty, Ryan Johnson, 

Kyle Carter, Chris Erase, Charles Rorke, Jay 

Butler, Jesse Hamilton, Christian Harvey, 

Joshua Wiggins, Matthev^/ Vincent, Jess 

Apgor, Ryan Walsh, Kyle Fisher Tom 
Ricchezza, Rich Liebig, Stephen Dubenko 

ouvxg Broci3cSr5f5Ps 

Members: Kimberly Dovidow, 

Annaliese D'Orazio, 

John"Chino"Hernandez, Tim 

Moore, Matthew Ficco, Abby 

McKeown, Krista Sinclair, Ashley 

Arnold, Kaitlyn Linsner, James 

Harding, Eric Devlin, Anthony 

Giacometti, Stephanie 
Bucciarelli, Serena Sams, Kevin 

Lankey, Christopher Brase, 

Amanda Brothman, Cait Diviny, 

Angelique Jones, Rebecca 

Petner, Carlo Rapp, Shomori 

Robinson, Emily Paffett 


yVlpKo ^psilon Delfci 

Members: Christine Koyitinara, Erin 

Nugent, Sarahi Branson, 

Jacquelyn Herbert, Stacey 

Engster, iVIimi Lee , Hina Ktian, Bill 

Cricks, Jonathan Andrews , Sarah 

Dodson, Jal<e Repash, Erin 

Sullivan, Gjergj Mara, Rich 

Sunday, Mike Dao 

cxppa Delfd-3ociology flonoTs 

Members: Byard Bridge, Dorothy 

McCain, Jessica Walker, 

Gabrielle Waring, Michal 

Wilczewski, Natesha Wray 

lyVlpKci lPl\\ ^\Qvv\cx-(Zv^in\\nc\\ 3^ustice i-lok\or*s 

Members: Erin Breewood, Jamie 
Libonate, Michelle Sullivan, Mario 
D'Adamo, James Foxen, Crystal 
Faries, Brittany Philbert, Jessica 
Walker, Jessica Wallace, Martin 
Howley, Byard Bridge 


Members: Aigbomian Ehi Barber, Jennifer Barnes. Linette 
Ortiz Baunof, Yolanda Benner, Kathryn Berardi, Theresa 

Boodhoo, Nadira Boor, Elizabeth Baseman, Brooke 

Bracey, Niccole Brown, Jennifer O'Brien, Kathryn Bryant, 

Lisa Bullock, Vanessa Burke, Gina Chermak, Michele 

Chincoy, Milogros Cosgrove, Audrey Crossan, 

Georgann Crump, Adelle Cumpstone, Maureen 

Doubert, Sarah Dobrin, Irene Douros, Alexis Erdman, 

Sarah Ergil, Melike Fisher, Alese Fisher, Gina Freude, 

Annette Fritts, Melissa Ganges, Shormeli Gedikbosi, 

Aysegul George, Hodassa Goldshteyn, Inna Graber 

Jenna Grover, Chrisovaiontou Gutkino, Anna Hawkins 

(Roiek), Jackie Heiman, Kristi Huynh, Sandy Jablokov 

Elena Jackson, Lillian Jenkins, Nikkita-Samono Jennings 

Catherine Jones, Toni Kane, Marguerite Kelly, Rebecca 

Koffi, Sylvie Kripo, Aurora LeBlanc, Linda Uutz, Linda 

Liberty, Kimberiey Loftus, Cecilia Macintosh, Kathy 

Martin, Leslie Meshkov, Karen Mitchell, Yvette 

Moukheiber, Carinne Nguyen, Thuy Niba, Lorraine 

Nicolo, Tara Patrick, Susan Peterson, Tina Raja, Anita 

Riehle, Marisa Roddy, Paula Rolla, Bozena Ruhland Steffi 

Shands, Lauren ShlYI, ShuSu Sneed, Lisa Spires, Judy 

Stevenson, Alonda Sudik, Andrea Tomlinson, Nancy 

Topaljlu, Ceren Trovers, Shreen Vorghese, Reshma 

Wilkinson, Patricia Wilson, Ellen Winkfield, Latoya 

Wooddell. Margeret Yelverton, Christina Zoog 

L-ombdci "Pi £-fci-Clon\n\uv\\<zciV\ov\ 

Members: Amanda Wright, 

Gabrielle Sacidor, Natolie 

Virgilio, Meghan Shaginaw, 

Katie Metzelaar, Kimberly 

Davidow, Richard Goedkoop 

(Advisor), Joann Famular, 

Megan Hellander, Amanda 

Morrissey, David McGrath, Alii 

Myers, Christopher Seitert. Julia 

Lendzinski, Carlo Rapp,Erin 


dfionai ^i 


ociefy o]- <^oMecfioTe ^<zv\o 


Members: Julio Lendzinski, 

Corolyn Wolfe, Jocki Scirrotto, 

Mory Orfoo, Chris Hanson, Dr. 

Kelly McClure (Advisor) 


"PKi yVlpKo-Social Woi^k 

Members: L. Warren Bullard, Kalita 

D. MacElree, Sarah Elleri Brown, 

Delia C. Spellman, James Edwin 

Carcilli, David Wilford, Tawanda 

N. Haulcy, Anna Thomasson, 

Adrienne Flicl<, Marl< Bielecki, 

Barbara Anderson, Janine 

Mariscotti (Advisor) 

"PKi yVlpKa Be+a-Biolocfy 

IViembers: Lauren Kramer, Erin 

Nugent, Jennifer Pallister, Michael 

Elsenbeck, Zachary K. Hernandez, 

Haithem Abdella, Mikael Mara, 

Madeline Wedge, Win C. Lee, 

Stacey Engster, Hina Khan, Gjergj 

Mara, Matt Levit 




Members: Keith Giamberadino, 
Joe Petrongolo, Corey Watkins, 
Joe Cifelli, Ian McLaughlin, Pat 

Sweeney, Dan Parks, Jason 

Elmore, Jason Dillion, Brendan 

Ireland, Bob Duffner, Steve Struse, 

John McAleese, James Emme, 

Nick Smith, Chris Lawrence, 

James Herbert, Paul Murphy 


WoH^e^n's Rugby Union 

Members: Tina Ambs, Britni Buffalino, 

Andrea Dimaio, Alison Floyd, 
Christina Foley, Jillian Garcia , Mary 
Kate Kimiecik, Maria Muscara, Pilar 
Napolitano, Bridget ODonnell, Mary 

Orfao, Mary Elizabeth Sullivan, 

Jessica Wallace, Brittany McKenna, 

Nicole Henriquez, Nicole Muraglia, 

Charnee Foston, Pottie Flanagan, 

Donelle Smith, Ronni Sacchetti, 

Fiona Brabazon 

Members: Melissa Pompeo, Mary 

Pat Conway, Meagan Greene, 

Mike Young, John Piree, Rob 

Kirkner, Michal Wilczewski, 
Marykate Kelly, Ann Schwartz 

lAA^yVS £?c^^i^tiveBocu*a 


Greek God 







Delta Sig 




Gamma Phi 

yWpha cX\\ RKo 

Members: Matt Doyle, Kerrin 

Brown, Steveri Occhiolini, 
Richard Borca, Donoto Tocci, 

Michael A. Young, Patricl< 

Golden, John Sehi, Jonathan 

Webster, Paul Flanigan, Jeff 

Maichrowycz, Vince Tecc, Nick 

Slabinski, Nicholas Gabriele, Kyle 

Mulgrew-Lam, Matthew 

Bateman, Fred Kinglee, Sam 

Feda, John Mastrobouni, Alex 

O'Donnell, Phil Euga, Kyle Carter, 

Chris Materia, Fr. Jim Dever 


yVlpKo PKi Delfci 

Members: Andrew Christian, 

Andrew Solimeo, Bernard B, 

Hughes, Brett Fair, Christopher 

Pierce, Daniel Casinelli, Dennis 

Diviney, Dominick Battistini, Eric 

McCleer, Evan Nefoske, Garrett 

Pollard, George Price, Gerald 

Bidus, lyarn Charmont, Jonathan 

Glennie, Jonathon Lubin, Joseph 

Perese, Justin Rodgers, Kevin 

McFarlane, Matt Molloy, Nicholas 

Salmieri, Robert Panza, Ronald 


y\lpKo Sigyvxa Xou 

Members: Christine Arens, Laura Baker, 

Maria Carollo, Colleen Cavanaugh, 

Siobhan English, Danielle Forsythe, Mary 

Beth Garrity, Lauren Kane,Cally Knight, 

Lauren McGovern, Katie Metzelaar, 

Maegan Neill, Jen Porter, Elyce Rickerl, 

Natalie Seal, Elizabeth Sleeper, Olivia 

Walls, Jennifer White, Lindsay Wright, Tara 

Yogs, Stacy Aguilar, Kim Borsore, Sunny 

Choe, Lauren Craig, Liz Crawford, Ida 

Goslinr, Jenna Hawn, Kellie McGettigan, 

Krista Mead, Jess Walker, Meridith Herwig, 

Amanda Koltalo, Ashley Ruis, Brianne 

O'Connell, Carley Hoornbeck, Britney 

DiPascale, Danielle Dirscherl, Gia D. 

Angelis, Nicole Jenet. Jenn Leusner, 

f?ebecca Furrer, Alexa Alvarado, Tara 

Hurley, Shauna McNally, Lauren Yencha, 

Kate Nible, Erin Kelly, Maria Forsythe, Kelly 

McLaughlin. Brittani Fede, Kristin HIadczuk, 

Lindsey Welch, Cait Fallon, Ashley Cianci, 

Erin Ewing, Amanda Condry, Michelle 

Maag, Kristy Roskowski 


yvlpKo xKe^+a yvlpKci 

Members: AileenD'Alessandro, 

Amanda Everly, Samantha Farrell, 

Jaclyn Fossett, Lauren Hoffman, Amy 

Inkrott, Tori Ivins-Voce, Laura 

Johnson, Katie Mc Devitt, Fatima 

Mehmedagic, Claire Riordan, 

Courtney Seaver, Corey Druding, 

Ann Marie Gorden, Courtney Hogan, 

Keili Gonzalez, Megan Koscil, Ashiiey 

O'Bryan, Asliley O'Rourke, Julie 

Brooke, Amanda Daiton, Kate Dazet, 

Justine DelGandio, Lisa DonoLiue, 

Katie Dumaine, Quinn Englert, 

Megan Fitzgerald, Stasia Ford, 

Brittany Gentile, Nicole Harvey, 

Sherry Hignutt, Ella Marabuto, Melissa 

Mc Kinney, Tara Milmoe, Jean Marie 

Mintzer, Jaime Paltjon, Samantha 

Peters, Gillian Powell, Maggie Viger, 

Ail Weachter 

II>elta "PKi ^psilon 

Natesha Wray, Christina DiPaolo, 

Giovanna Finocchio, Gabrielle Joiner, 

Amy Berger, Aimee Haring, Adrienne 

Flick, Joy Natwick, Jonette Hendrix, 

Gobriella Socidor, Jennifer Tavares, 

Amanda Juszczuk, Melissa Rodriguez, 

Lauren Hauhn, Nicole Conklin, Ashley 

Devine, Lauren Hokrein, Mackenzie Hunt, 

Nicole Caronia, Esther Okeke, Rachel 

Light, Erimar Hernandez. Jalessa Graham, 

Cayleen Stuski, Nichole Basile, Lauren 

McGlone, Antonella Cuce. Meaghan 

Walsh, Lauren McGuire, Mariane Gabros, 

Jillian Shotzbarger, Karly Castillo, Azaria 

Soto, Diana Dominguez, Andrea Pinto, 

Lauren Bernstein, Stephanie Buchiarelli, 

Allison Hennesey, Dana Martin, Nicole 

Gulp, Unnea Viani, Jenna Santore. 

Advisor: Dr. Gerald Ballough 

Delta Signaa 1PW\ 

Members: Charles Rorke, Ryan 

Johnsorn, Chiris Dougherty, Ashtorn 

Harris, Steve Perraud, Matthew 

Petelo, Peter Erigeland, Tom 

Cooper, Patrick Dougherty, Gus 

DIBacco, Dar-i Bucher, Jerri Shortz, 

Chris Donnelly, James Emme, 

John McAleese, Anthony 

Medoro, Nick Smith, Mike Woods, 

Shown Dotterer, Chris Flite, 

Christopher Masso, Dennis 

Sheahan, Nick Cherchio, Dennis 



C\CKn\n\cx Pki Befa 

Members: Jillian Dechen, Katelyn 
Eaton, Jennifer Gigantino, Laura 

Gilchrist, Jennifer Houseman, 

Katelyn Joyce, Anna Ttiomasson, 

Erin Warren, Kaitlyn Wood, Maureen 

Zeigler, Michelle Zeigler, Marcia 

DeSalvo, Ashley Dolloff, Erin Kiley, 

Ashley Schumacher, Maureen 

Dobbs, Jennifer Dombrowski, 

Rachel Dowrick, Jackie Haubrich, 

Megan Finnell, Erica Johnson, Erin 

Kretzinger, Samantha Pera, Brittany 

Rogers, Meghan Sweeney, Kristen 

Arce, Clarissa Ledford, Rachel 

McCoy, Alexia Moriello, Stocio 

Scattolon, Sheila Dunne, Becca 

Poller, Crista Fopeono, Nikki, 

Lamoncusa, Caroline Moore, 

Mallory Sheehan, Carly Ziegler 

\a.w\n\cx Z:>\Qvy\cx z>\qvy\ck 

Members: Eriko Braun, Megan 

Corvilie, Michelle Cerrigone, Christina 

Connelly, Ashley Dautrich, Beth 

Fofrich, Ellen Gehris, Caitlin Guido, 

Anna Hickey, Katie Kuhls, Kristin 

Mock, Gabrille Mattaliano, Elizabeth 

Monagle, Mario Schokman, Katie 

Turner, Monkio Wojtowicz, Jess Alsis, 

Jessie Bonkoski, Stephanie Restaini, 

Koyla Alexander, Caitlin Conners, 

Louise Donnelly, Jackie Dorman, 

Briano Florio, Lauren McMohon, 

Brittany Muzychka, Christina 

Paccione, Laura Pozotrigo, Laura I 

Rongione, Katelyn Sloone, Jessica 

Bachinsky, Christina Cart/, Samantha 

Cook, Allison Hutz, Danielle McCord, 

Rita Mello, Allsion Perelio, Kristo 

Piechocki, Courtney Verrecchia 

■^ki C\cxvY\mcx Delta (FD^Z)) 

Members: Adam Schleicher, 

Alexander Bockier, Brendan 

Bartosiewicz, Brian Arty, Brian 

Ruhling, Carlos Vazquez, Conor 

Mahoney, Dan Harrison, Gerard 

Zitnik, Greg Robinson, Joe 

Bascuas, Joe McCormick, 

Jordan Baum, Justin McLaughlin, 

Kevin Wallace, Matt Blansfield , 

Matt Stoltz, Matthew Rivera, 

Michael Elsenbeck, Mike Farmer, 

Mike Rose, Paul Tsiknakis, Pete 

Loncieri, Philip Bruce, Rashan 

Cook, Ryan O'Hara, Shane 

Buff'ington, Wesley Schneider, 

Zacharie Cornet 


"PKi Beto S\gw\ci Pi^ci+er*nify/ CTf\c 

Members: Brandon Washington, 
Brian Brown, CInristopher Palmer, 
Jonatlnan Vitet, fViarcely Jean- 
Pierre, Lorry Pierre-Louis, Lenny 
Jolnnson, James Tcl-iabo 

S\gynci "PKi £ps\\ov\ 

IVlembers: Brian Binl<, IVliclnael 

Carlton, Stephen Ciechon, Alex 

Clark, Robert Connor, John 

Costaldo, Michael Demaio, 

Jason Devine, Robert Eppler, 

Johnothon Finch, Vincent Hill, 

Donald Howarth, William Hunt, 

Ion Hyder, George Ingle, Eric 

Koob, Michael O'Calloghan, 

Michael O'Keefe, Robert Quinn, 

Bryan Schwartz, Thomas Simbeck, 

Michael Strobel, Joshua Wahl, 

Ryan Yorcio, Zack Zysk. 

SlgKKva PKi LaKKvbda 

Members: Joan Drulle, Gerard 
Prodoehl, Jeffery Quigley, Craig 

Raezer, Jim Juliono, Joseph 
Polizzi, Thomas Jorfi, Brian Burke 
Josh Gould, Rocco Lamagno, 
Paul LoPollo, Corey Percivol, 
Jason Keoly, PJ Manesis, Scott 
Nagy, Ben Walbert, CJ Hoffman, 
Scott Gibney, Drew Karchmer 


A very important part of the La Salle 
community is our Athletic teams. Whatever the 
sport- field hockey, track, cross country- La 
Salle athletes make their presence known 
within the community, on and off the field. 
We take pride in all our sports teams. 

Within these next few pages, there is a record 
of all La Salle teams and their 
accomplishments, such as how La Salle athletes' 
go the distance in their volunteer activities, as 
well as historical events like the loss of the 
football program. 

Athletics are an important part of many 
students' journeys through La Salle, helping 
students excel and define who they are. 



:>;.:L<.ii'=i«a" -.i t«i-v» ?ji£5»'7.»s^::«£^ir«;i.»r3C«aai 

■ r^aoMMHi^BaBBes,^ 

Delving into 



Lj SMle Athletics 


AtHetes Volunteer 

Women's Basketball has taken part in 
numerous community service 

programs, including the Big 5 Clinic. 
The Big 5 Clinic is a program set up to 
instruct 1st to 8th graders in basketball 
basics. The fundraiser's proceeds will 
benefit Coaches vs. Cancer. Along with 
the Big 5 Clinic, the Explorers are 
involved in the Big 5 Clean-up, and 
have held numerous clinics at local 
elementary schools. 

The Football team volunteered in Oak 
Lane and assisted by planting trees 
throughout local parks. The Explorers 
joined "her Big 5 schools and aided in 
the clear ;.; of these parks as well. 


The Volleyball team hosted "Dig for 
the Cure" on November 9. The 
women raised money for the Susan 
G. Komen Foundation based on the 
number of digs they had against 
Fordham. They had 50 digs. 

Women's Lacrosse offered some 
pointers to neighborhood girls. The 
Lacrosse team regularly held clinics 
and workshops allowing kids to 
improve their skills and awareness 
for the game. The clinics also 
presented chances for the kids to 
relax and enjoy a constructive 

Project TeamWork is an 
outreach program supported 
by the La Salle University's 
Division of Intercollegiate 
Athletics. The program ^ uses 
La Salle student-athletes and 
coaches as mentors and role 
models for the Philadelphia 
youth who need some extra 
guidance and support. There 
are strict conditions and 
standards that the athletes and 
coaches must meet in order to 
participate in the program. 
The most important standard 
is that the athletes or coaches 
are interested in and 
concerned with helping 
children in the community. 
Project TeamWork supports 
numerous community-based 
programs and organizations 
throughout the Philadelphia 
area, including Big Brothers 
and Sisters Association, 
Catholic Youth Organization, 
Boy and Giri Scouts of 
Pennsylvania, and many 

more. La Salle athletes focus 
on being positive and 
encouraging role models or big 
sisters and big brothers. 
TeamWork activities include 
tutoring, campus visitations, 
and clinics and workshops. 
Also, the athletic department 
offers an incentive program to 
the local children. The 
incentive program rewards 
positive behavior and the 
achievement of personal goals 
with prizes like free tickets to 
La Salle athletic events. 
Student-athletes volunteer 

their personal time to tutor 
neighborhood kids in 

correspondence with the 
Mentor Program. Campus 
visitations are scheduled to 
bring community kids to the 
university's campus and show 
them that a good education is 
an attainable goal. Numerous 
athletic teams sponsor and 
participate in clinics that teach 
specific techniques and 
principles that pertain to their >' 

sport. Project TeamWork 
offers various activities that 
benefit the community's 

Project TeamWork is made 
possible by the support of 
sponsors. TeamWork 

sponsors donate resources or 
make contributions to 
enhance the program. 
Sponsors, in return, get the 
personal satisfaction of 
enhancing the community's 
life, campus and community 
recognition, and admission to 
La Salle sports events. 
Project TeamWork is a 
growing program that 
promotes positive educational 
experiences, and presents 
opportunities of constructive 
interaction for Philadelphia's 


The La Salle football program 
was reinstated in 1997 after 
being dropped 56 years prior 
due to WWII. In 1999, the 
Explorers joined the Metro 
Atlantic Athletic Conference 
(MAAC) along with 9 other 
similar schools. La Salle's non- 
scholarship program was 
comprised of dedicated 
student- athletes. In the fall of 
2007, history repeated itself 
as the program was 
discontinued again. 

the program was made because 
in 8 years, the MAAC lost 6 of 
the 10 performing teams; 
Georgetown decided to change 
conferences, while Fairfield, 
Siena, St. John's, Canisius, and 
St. Peter's dropped their 
football programs entirely. 
Then in spring of 2007, 
Duquesne announced plans to 
change conferences. So, with 
the deterioration of the MAAC 
league, lona, Marist, and La 
Salle had to make a decision, 
lona elected to become a 

Division I FCS Independent 
team for the 2008 season, 
and Marist decided to join the 
Pioneer Football League 
starting in 2009. 

Different options were 
considered here at La Salle: 
changing conferences, moving 
to scholarship football, 
becoming an independent 
team, or discontinuing the 
program altogether. After, 
extensive research and 

discontinuing the team was 
HoriHprl to hp thp best choice 

for the university. 

Rumors about the reason 
behind the decision circulated, 
and La Salle administration 
firmly stated the decision was 
not a result of the team's 
success, or lack thereof. 
Throughout the program's 10 
years, the team had an overall 
record of 35-76 with winning 
seasons being few and far 

According to a press release 
from the Athletic Department, 
Dr. Thomas Brennan, 
Director of Athletics stated "It 
is important to note that this 
decision was not the result of 
the performance of our team, 
nor is it a reflection on the 
ieam and the young men who, 

have competed for La Salle. 
We admire the dedication and 
manner with which our 
football players represented 
La Salle University. We are 
proud of the hard work these 
student athletes have 

exhibited on the field, in the 
classroom, and in the 
community. Their passion and 
dedication to La Salle football 
only makes this 

announcement that much 
more difficult to make." 

The decision affected the 
junior players the most. With 
only a year left of school and 
no football, it would be absurd 
to transfer to another 
program. Although many 
would love to pursue the sport 
that they have played for so 
long, the academic situation 
kseems to hinder their 

athletic careers. 

Even though the decision was 
widely discussed on campus, 
one thing is certain, everyone 
is impacted: students, faculty, 
coaches, administration, 

parents, alumni, and most of 
all, the student-athletes. 

Will the university replace the 
football team with another 
team? And if so, which team 
will it be? These questions 
linger throughout the La Salle 
community. Although the 
circumstances are tough, 
everyone wishes all those 
impacted by the decision the 
best of luck in the future. 

HollvBaublit2. 11 

Clockwise from right: Beth Carey steals the ball from her 
opponent, Jess Menge gets ready to hit the ball, Maria 
Allegretto getting to the ball before her opponents, Kelly 
Dougherty takes a swing at the ball, Kara Harpel makes a diving 
hit. Seniors are honored on Senior Day, Christy Miller bringing the 
ball in-bounds, Kelly Dougherty sending the ball up field, Christy 
Miller and Whitney Madron chase after the ball. 



Emma Ruth 
Adriana Lalli 
Alysen Larsen 
Kelly Dougherty 
Christy Miller 
Colleen Lechner 
Lauren O'Donnell 
Gabrielle Nolt 
Beth Carey 

- Rachel Deaner 

- Ruth Brown 

- Jess Menge 

- Lauren Jackson 

- Maria Allegretto 

- Whitney Madron 

- Kara Harpel 

- Amanda Howard 

- Haley Froshour 

- Colleen Nesbitt 

- Erica Goldman 

- Ellen Axelsen 

- Caitlin Conk 

The La Salle field hockey team 
started the year off with a 4-3 record 
but ended at 8-12. Kara Harpel led 
the team with numerous game- 
changing plays and scores. Maria 
Allegretto added to Harpel's scores 
and assisted in the success of the 
team. Freshman Beth Carey was a 
major part of the Explorers' success 
this season. Carey was a La Salle 
Student-Athlete of the week, and a 
three time Atlantic 10 Rookie of the 
week. Most of all, senior goalie Ellen 
Axels en ha d an awesome season 
with^fe game high of 12 saves and 
four shutouts. , 

~'" Holly Baublitz. '11 

Clockwise from right; Jacl<ie Kushmon goes up for the spike, 
Erin Sullivan jumps for the serve, Donielle DiMorco gets up and 
over the defense. Kayla Beck sets up for a strong serve. Christa 
Dominick makes an offensive move. Carly Colon keeps play 
going after a collision with Erin Sullivan. Seniors Brittany Hanley, 
Stephanie Owen, and Erin Sullivan pose for a snapshot. Erin 
Sullivan dives for the ball and Danielle DIMarco gets down to 
keep the boll in ploy. The team huddles for a team talk. 

2 - Kayla Beck 

3 - Carly Colon 
5 - Erin Sullivan 

10 - Stephanie Owen 

1 1 - Brittany Hanley 

12 - Christa Dominick 
14 - Rachel Stemper 

17 - Jill Mohr 

18 - Tammi Jones 

19 - Amy McKeon 

22 - Danielle DiMarco 

23 - Haley Froshour 

24 - Sarah Jancuska 
30 - Jackie Kushman 



The Explorers Volleyball team won 10 
out of 33 matches during its 2007 
season. The team proved their skill in 
their first invitational at Temple where 
they won three out of five matches, 
defeating Rider twice and Lehigh once. 
Christa Dominick earned a spot on the 
2007 A- 10 Volleyball Academic All- 
Conference team, while the rest of the 
team showed their academic and athletic 
achievement by receiving the NCAA 
Public Recognition Award. 

Aili Myers. '09 


Youngstown State L 3-2 

Akron L 3-0 

Rider W 3-1 

Lehigh W 3-1 

Rider W 3-0 

St. Peters W 3-1 

UMBC L 3-0 

Loyola (MD) L 3-2 

Lafayette W 3-0 

lona L 3-2 

Oakland L 3-0 

St. Francis (PA) L 3-0 

Toledo L 3-1 

Fairleigh Dickinson W 3-2 

Delaware State L 3-1 

Quinnipiac W 3-0 


Howard W 3-0 

Princeton L 3-0 

Charlotte L 3-0 

George Washington W 3-2 

Xavier L 3-0 

Dayton L 3-0 

Temple L 3-0 

St. Louis L 3-0 

Duquesne L 3-0 

Penn L 3-0 

Rhode Island L 3-0 

Fordham L 3-0 

Wagner W 3-0 

George Washington L 3-2 

Charlotte L 3-1 

Temple L 3-0 

Fordham L 3-0 

Clockwise from right: The Explorers enjoy an overtime win, 
Andrew Bernhard stops the goal. The seniors pose for a Senior 
Day snapshot. Jeremy Ortiz stretches out for the kick. Joe 
Heavey makes a defensive move, Geoff Schaeffer is 
contemplating a move, Robert Golden goes for the head ball, 



A ^. 

Dan Pfeiffer 
Andrew Bernhard 
Jim Guntle 
Devin Ladd 
Walter McMahon 
Jeremy Ortiz 
Daniel Heavey 
Geoff Schaeffer 

- Joe Heavey 

- Brian Barry 

- Robert Golden 

- Gene Curran 

- Jim Davis 

- Joey Foster 

- Kevin Lydic 

- Colin Whalen 

- Kevin McGinley 

- Mike Lehr 

- Ryan Murray 

- Brian Lanning 

- Brian Bowers 

- Ryan Ritcher 

- Wayne Grasela 

- Ryan Tadley 

- Michael Pio 

- Ryan Dougherty 
Kyle Quigley 

Men's Scxcer 

Men's Soccer had a 6-11 season, with many overtime games, 
some heartbreaking losses and some triumphant victories. The 
team just missed a post season playoff run when they lost the 
final game of the season to George Washington University, 1-2. 
When the season ended, three players made Atlantic 10 
mention: Jeremy Oritz (All-Conference Honorable Mention 
Team), Ryan Ritcher (All Rookie Team) and Walter McMahon 
(Academic All Conference Team). Co-captain, McMahon was 
well-known for working hard in his studies and with his soccer 
skills. In his four years at La Salle, McMahon played in over 60 
games. Seniors like McMahon were true leaders on the soccer 
team and their leadership will truly be missed. Good luck to 
seniors Devin Ladd, Walter McMahon, Jeremy Ortiz, Geoff 
Schaeffer, Joe Harvey and Mike Lehr, as they leave La Salle 

Sliane, '10 


St. Peter's 

L 3-2 (OT) 

St. Francis 

L 3-2 (OT) 


W 1-0 (OT) 


L 1-0 


T 1-1 (20T) 

St. Joseph's 



L 4-1 


L 2-1 


L 2-0 


L 4-1 


L 2-1 


W 2-1 (OT) 



St. Bonaventure 

W 1-0 


L 2-1 

Rhode Island 

L 1-0 



George Washington 

L 2-1 

Clockwise from right: Kim Lisun heads the boil. The seniors pose 
for o Senior-Day snapshot. Jenna Guogenti makes an offensive 
move. The Explorers ore warming up for the game. Melanie 
Gamble stretches to moke a move, Michelle Verzi strides for the 
ball. Kristen Hextall cuts the defense. 

- Melissa Sanger 

00 - Amy Grant 

1 - Lauren Maiizia 

2 - April Cerogino 

3 - Melanie Gamble 

4 - Michelle Verzi 

5 - Kim Voorhees 

6 - Ally Kenney 

7 - Sara Copare 

8 - Morgan Golden 

9 - Jen Broeze 

10 - Dana Giordano 

1 1 - Traci DePasquale 

12 - Becky McGuigan 

13 - Heatherrae Steadman 

15 - Alex Conley 

16 - Kelly O'Steen 

17 - Lauren Barker 

18 - Lauren Cittadino 

19 - Jenna Guagenti 

20 - Carissa Philips 

21 - Simone Canfarotta 

22 - Kim Lisun 

23 - Kristen Hextall 

24 - Ashleigh Dunlap 



Women's Scxrer 

The Women's Soccer Team experienced a 
winning season, defeating 12 out of 21 teams. 
Led by head coach Paul Royal and assistant 
coaches Dan Mannella, Drew Kopp, and Ed 
Leigh, the team won their first three games and 
continued to succeed throughout the season. 
Senior Kristin Hextall was named to the A- 10 
First Team, becoming only the sixth Explorer to 
be named to the team. Senior Kim Lisun and 
Junior Traci DePasquale were named to the 
Second Team. This season, Hextall and 
DePasquale had the second-best combination of 
goals and points with a total 26 goals and 64 


Holly Baubiitz.'ll 

Clockwise from right: The Explorers entering the field on game 
day, Joe Procopio rushes for 33 yards, Steve Ponosuk avoiding 
the sack, Shane Kendrick is stretching for the reception, Deric 
Dudinski is running for the first down, Addm Agosti evades a 


1 Joe Procopio 

2 Jarryd Andersond 

3 Deric Dudinski 

4 Bernie Cevis 

5 MikeHanf 

6 Tom Grossman 

7 Daniel Parker 

8 Shane Kendrick 

9 Anthony Perlozzo 

1 1 Steve Panasuk 

12 Antwone Rodgers 

13 Geoffrey Nagle 

14 Sean Nevin 

15 Chris Hanson 

16 Adam Agosti 

17 Bryant Torres 

18 Richard Caster 

19 Wayne Donahue 

20 ZackFini 

21 Eric Phillips 

22 Gabe Guererri 

23 Jonathan Ridley 

24 Kevin Crockett 

25 Carmen Aliberti 

26 Rayvon Williams 

27 John Costello 

28 Dan Oliver 

29 Kevin Ciemniecki 

30 Ryan Bricker 

31 CJ Creighton 

32 Bryant Bonds 

33 John Scipione 

34 Travis John 

35 Dave Macknet 

36 Brian Winn 

37 Brandon Gallman 

38 Gary Michalowski 

39 Isaias Sostre 

40 Manny Santiago 

41 Harry Reese 



42 Greg Kigozi 

43 PatRestar 

44 Tom Gartlan 

45 Jake Comely 

46 Jerry Barlow 

47 Brian McKenna 

48 Josh Bills 

49 Kevin Ross 

50 Casey Herstich 

51 Ralph Pierre-Louis 

52 Stephant'e Kent 

53 Michael Tucker 

54 Tyler Casey 

55 Anthony Santa Croce 

56 Casey Walsh 

57 Ted Kavanagh 

58 Brad Pietras 

59 Michael Borruso 

60 John Pascale 

61 Justin Mitchell 

62 Morgan Lobelo 

64 Aaron Bernotas 

65 Marcus Harrington 

66 Gianno Salter 

67 Steve Dassing 

68 Randy Mershon 

69 Bud Hamilton 

70 Dan Anderson 

71 Justin Giles 

72 Kevin Waters 

73 Sean Mayer 

74 Richard White 

76 James Tobin 

77 Brandon Berry 

78 Mike Murphy 

79 Dimiri Wilson 

80 Jame Loomis 

82 John Secondo 

83 Kevin Shields 

84 Malcolm Evans 

85 JohnMcVey 

86 Sean Bannon 

87 Adam Fraley 

88 Chris Palmer 

89 Vincent Gargiulio 

90 Steve Mayer 

91 Zach Boyce 

93 MattSheehan 

94 Orlando Okebata 

98 Chip Ingle 

99 Tom Jones 

La Salle Football is more than meets the eye. At La Salle, there was a 
group of young men who were undersized and overlooked coming out 
of high school. These traits did not keep them from pursuing their goal, 
which was to play college football at a high level of competition. 
Despite an overall record of 0-10, the Explorers had a great passion for 
the game. There might not have been the most talent on the field every 
week, but one would never know that by the way they came out and 
played each game. From the first blow of the whistle to the last, they 
came to play and they played hard. No matter the outcome of the 
game, they left it all out on the field week in and week out. They were a 
unit, a very strong unit that dealt with and overcame adversity all 
throughout the season. When most people would have given up or quit, 
they worked harder. In each game, there was a lesson to be learned. 
The most important things in life are honesty, integrity, hard work, 
family, and faith; never forgetting who we are and where we came 
from. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

oe Procopio. 

Clockwise from right: Joe Brancaleone and Rollin Deas leod the 
pack of runners. Robert Ricketts speeds through a race. Sean 
Doyle overcomes his opponents to take the lead. Joe 
Fedorowicz races post his opponents. David Alfano pauses for a 
breath after finishing a tough race. Mike Roethel surges into first 

Roster \ 

David Alfano 

Colin Barrett 

Ed Baynes 

Joe Brancaleone 

Adam Breisch 

Kevin Buell 

Juan Camilo 

Bill Ceriello 

Stephen Childs 

Joseph Dare 

Rollin Deas 

Mark Del Monaco 

Sean Doyle 

Korey Edwards 

Joe Fedorowicz 

Kasey Cellar 

Steve Crabowski 

James Holzwarth 

Justin Keller 

Matt Lawson 

Kyle Luke 

Vincent Marziano 

James Mauro 

Matt Mitchell 

Mark Natale 

Thomas PannuUa 

Michael Power 

Trevon Rainford 

Tom Ranalli 

Robert Ricketts 

Mike Roethel 

Yeremiah Shemuale 

Michael Stanziano 

Andrew Wagoner 

Emanuel Waktola 

Vince Walsh 

Sean Ward 

Ellis Wilson 



Men's Cross Count 

The Men's Cross Country team competed in an extraordinary 
season. Fighting through rain and mud, the men persevered to 
reclaim their A- 10 Championship title. At the Atlantic- 10 
Championship, senior Dave Alfano placed second, sophomore 
Trevon Rainford fourth and junior Korey Edwards sprinted to 
fifth. Not only did the men again take the A- 10 Championship, 
but Coach Charles Torpey won Men's and Women's Cross 
Country Coach of the Year honors for the 13th time in his 
career. The team was led by top performing seniors: David 
Alfano, Bill Ceriello, Joe Fedorowicz, Matt Lawson, Kyle Luke, 
Tom Ranalli, Yeremiah Shemuale and Michael Stanziano. All of 
these men leave La Salle with incredible performances in their 
histories, and they leave big leadership roles on the team to be 
filled for next year. jgn McShane. 10 

iP* m 

Clockwise from right: Adriona Boyle leads the pack of runriers, 
Kellilyn Fierras finishes well advanced of her opponents. Christa 
Plummer tokes o big lead in front of the other runners. Nicole 
Pearce neors the finish line. Veronica Shononski picks up the 
momentum. Kristina Kubala quickly darts post her opponent. 
Kathleen Boland puts on speed, taking her to the front of her 




Maureen Benner 
Colleen Boland 
Kathleen Boland 
Adriana Boyle 
Lauren Dalton 
Kellilyn Fierras 
Meagan Green 
Rachel Hensey 

Jill Keenan 

Kristina Kubula 

Carolyn Lipovsky 

Kayleigh Maher 

Elisabeth Mayer 

Margaret McFadden 

Sheila McFadden 

Nicole O'Dea 

Colleen O'Donnell 

Emily Paffett 

Rachel Papin 

Mary Clare Parrott 

Nicole Pearce 

Christa Plummer 

Veronica Shanoski 

Nicole Smith 
Jennifer Surabian 





For the past 3 seasons, Women's Cross Country has dominated the 

Atlantic 10 Conference, ending the seasons with the Atlantic 10 

championship title. This year was no diferent, as the Women's Cross 

Country team ran their way into another Atlantic 10 Championship. 

And the team showed why they deserved the title, competing in rain 

and muddy conditions at some of their meets. Not only was the 

team as a whole extraordinary this season, but several women won 

awards and accolades. For example, seniors Rachel Papin and 

Carolyn Lipovsky were named to the Philadelphia Inquirer's 

'Academic All-Star Team', not only for their terrific ability in races, 

but their oustanding academic achievements as well. Leaving the 

Cross Country team this year are seniors: Adriana Boyle, Meagan 

Green, Rachel Hensey, Carolyn Lipovsky, Elisabeth Mayer and 

Rachel Papin. 

Jen McShane. '10 



Clockwise from right: Jeff Long dives backwards into the pool, 
Dovid Ellerson and a coach discuss swimming tactics. The team 
gets ready for a meet. Seniors join to celebrate Senior Day. Chris 
High paces himself in the water. Justin Huckel dives off the high 
dive, in an incredible position. David Ellerson comes up for a 
breath of air, while continuing to swim quickly. 



Stuart Barr 

Owen Black 

Matt Caines 

Chris Cefalo 

Grant Chin 

Kieran Edling 

David Ellerson 

Danny Evanilla 

Dustin Gibb 

Brandon Hargraves 

Matt Harner 

Chris High 

Justin Huckel 

Corey Inglee 

Jeff Long 

Chris Tiano 

John Welsh 

Tom Whelan 


Men's Swimming and Diving had a terrific season, competing in the 
Atlantic 10 Championship and taking second place in the Rhode Island 
Invitational. Seniors John Welsh and Grant Chin led the team to a 
spectacular victory over Duquesne in their final home meet at La Salle. 
That same meet was Senior Day. Combined, Welsh and Chin brought 
three first place finishes to the team, allowing La Salle to triumph over 
their A- 10 rival. The team's final meet of the season at Drexel was also 
a win. At the Atlantic 10 Championship, the team finished in seventh 
place. Seniors John Welsh and Grant Chin will be missed as they 
graduate this year. However, with inspiring underclassmen ready to lead 
the team. Men's Swimming and Diving looks to have an impressive 
season next year. 

Jen McShane. '10 


Seton Hall W 82-58 

Villanova W 110-30 

George Washington W 142-77 

'\y.. ■ St. Bonaventure L 168-130 

Delaware L 138-103 

Rider L 136rl07 

Penn L 138-84 

Nutmeg Invitational Day One N/A 

Nutmeg Invitational Day Two N/A 

Rhode Island Invitational Day One 2nd of 4 

Rhode Island Invitational Day Two 2nd of 4 

Fordham W 124-119 

Duquesne W 140.5-90.5 

Drexel W 153-145 

. Atlantic 10 Championships 7th Place ' 


Holly Biro 

Carleen Caldwell 

Jessica Carbin 

Aubrey Cefalo 

Melanie Charles 

Shannon Duval 

Catherine Gifford 

Shannon Halleran 

Carrie Houck 

Jaclyn Kubala 

Tanya Lindenmuth 

Laura Mastrangelo 

Kellene McCall 

Tori Pellerito 

Elizabeth Pike 

Michelle Plucinsky 

Dana Reis 

Megan Reis 

Brittany Sedberry 


Women*s Switrrrttr^Sid Diving 

Women's Swimming and Diving had a good season, 
suffering some heartbreaking losses. The team had strong 
swimmers and divers on the entire team. Freshman Holly 
Biro set a school record in the Atlantic 10 Championship 
and freshman Jessica Carbin was named Rookie of the 
Week. Meanwhile, swimming quartet Jessica Carbin. 
Shannon Duval, Carrie Houck and Carleen Caldwell set a 
school record at the Atlantic 10 Championship as well. At 
the Rhode Island Invitational, the team took third place, 
and at the Atlantic 10 Championship, the team took 
seventh overall. Seniors Catherine Gifford, Melanie 
Charles and Jaclyn Kubala graduated after the season, 
leaving big leadership roles to fill for the underclassmen. 

Jen McShane. 10 


Seton Hall 


George Washington 

St. Bonaventure 




Nutmeg Invitational Day One 

Nutmeg Invitational Day Two 

Rhode Island Invitational Day One 

Rhode Island Invitational Day Two 


Duquesne ^^^k 

Drexel ^^^B 

Atlantic 10 Championships 

W 94-46 
L 88-52 

W 155-93 

W 134-94 

L 174-124 

L 146-97 

L 128-114 

L 142-93 



3rd of 4 

3rd of 4 

L 143-88 

L 115-108 

W 173-124 

6th Place 

Clockwise from right: Jerrell Williams slams the boll in for two 
points. Mekongo Mbola goes up and over the competition to 
score. Teammates get fired up before the gome. The team 
huddles up to talk before the jump ball, Darnell Harris shoots the 
three up and over the defense. 


Darryl Partin 

2 - Kyle Griffin 

3 - Sherman Diaz 

5 - Kimmani Barret 

10 - Rodney Green 

1 1 - Darnell Harris 

12 - Yves Mekongo Mbala 

20 - Jerrell Williams 

21 - Terrell Williams 
31 - Paul Johnson 

34 - Ruben Guillandeaux 

35 - Brad Cohen 
42 - Greg Danish 


AAen's BasketMl 


In a preseason poll, Atlantic- 10 coaches and media picked 
the Explorers to finish in 13th place. Little did they know, 
the team would make it to the quarterfinals of the A- 10 
Championship. Notable victories included UPenn, St. 
Joe's, and Dayton. The win over St. Joe's was the first 
over their Philadelphia Big 5 rival in seven years. 

There were many individual achievements as well. Senior 

Darnell Harris became the La Salle, A-10, and Big 5 

three-point king and won the NCAA three-point shooting 

contest. Harris and sophomore Rodney Green were 

named All Philadelphia Big 5. Freshman Jerrell Williams 

was selected to the A-10 All-Rookie Team. Sophomore 

Yves Mekongo Mbala was selected to the A-10 Academic 

All-Conference Team. 

Mike Dao, '08 


Clockwise from right: Carlene Higtntower spiits the defenders 
and makes the layup. Melanie Gibbons gets the steal. The 
team watches on from the bench. The Explorers celebrate 
after a victory. Margaret Elderton drives to the hoop. Alyse 
Hoover fights for the loose ball. Meghan Ahl brings the ball up 
the court and sets up the play. 

3 - Danielle Mickiewicz 
5 - Ashley Gale 
10 - Antonia Gale 
13 - Tara Lapetina 
15 - Carlene Hightower 
21 - Margaret Elderton 

24 - Jamie Walsh 

25 - Shelly Szmyt 

31 - Morgan Robertson 

32 - Meghan Ahl 
40 - Alyse Hoover 
44 - Melanie Gibbons 
55 - Chelsea Conner 


Women's Basketb^l 

During the 2007-08 season, the Women's Basketball 
team experienced 12 wins as the team was led by head 
coach Tom Lochner. The Explorers started off their 
season with a 34-point win during their exhibition 
game against the MI Express. Many members were 
honored this year for their achievements, including 
junior Margaret Elderton, who was named to the Big 
5's Second Team, and senior Melanie Gibbons was a 
honored as an All-American Team member. Carlene 
Hightower received an honor when she was invited to 
attend the WNBA's Pre-Draft Camp this spring. This 
senior was also named Philadelphia's Big 5 Women's 
Basketball Player of Year and became the third La 
Salle woman to be named this titled. 

Allison Myers. '09 

Chris Butera 

Justin Feiner 

George Gennaoui 

Eric Click 

Corey Hansen 

Christian Harvey 

Ryan Knarr 
Jonathan Maula 
Andrew Petrusky 

Matt Rivera 
Christoper Stonis 


Men's Tennis 



W7-0 1 


.. W 4-3 

West Chester 


Mount St. Mary's 

■ L 6-1 


^- W 8-1 

Fordham ' '-^ 

i». W 4-3 

St. Peter's 

L 6-1 





Rhode Island 

L 7-0 



Lafayette '^jr^i L 6-1 

St. Peter's 

L 4-1 

Saint Joseph's 

L 5-0 

Chestnut Hill 



L 7-0 



Delaware State 

L 4-3 

Loyola Maryland 


Chestnut Hill 

L 4-3 

New Jersey Tech 

L 4-3 



Richmond (A- 10) 

L 5-0 

St. Joseph's (A-10) 

L 4-0 

Morgan State 

L 6-li 

La Salle's Men's Tennis team broke even this year, with an 
impressive 8-4 record in the fall, then a disappointing 4-7 
record in the spring. The men also lost both of their A-10 
Championship play opportunities, having been shut out by 
both Richmond and St. Joe's. Many were impressed by the 
strong fall team, however, and feel that 2008-2009 will be 
a great year. Junior Chris Butera was honored by the A-10 
and named to the Academic All-Conference Team. Butera 
not only had a great year on the court, but off the court he 
maintained a 3.81 GPA. 

Yearbook Staff 

Rachael Barnhart 

Katherine Drapcho 

Christina Gomez 

Mary Hardiman 

Martha Kutteh 

Lauren Perry 

Victoria Ridge 

Taylor Silverio 


Women's Tenrds 

La Salle's Women's Tennis team had an extremely 
disappointing season this year, winning just one match all 
year. The win came against Millersville, which ended their 
fall season. Injuries and illness plagued the team, especially 
at the end of the year, right before the A-10 Tournament. 
The Explorers went into the tournament as the 14th 
ranked team, and lost both of its matches. The team did 
have a shining star off the court, as athletics was 
represented by senior Martha Kutteh being honored in the 
fall as La Salle's Homecoming Queen, and in the spring as 
the recipient of the Brother Emery C. Mollenhauer Award. 

Yearbooi< Staff 

Clockwise from right: Jessica Horison avoids the slap check 
while clearing the boll. Emily Bonczek avoids the defenders to 
score a goal. Kelly Heiss goes coast to coast with the ball. 
Goalie Ellen Axelsen makes a save. The Explorers stand 
together to honor America. Erika Matthews speeds past a 
defender while heading towards the goal. Kaylan Billingsley 
looks to pass the ball to an open teammate. 


00 - Ellen Axelsen 

1 - Mara Schnellenbach 

2 - Shannon Bernard 

3 - Alie Venuti 

4 - Stefany McKee 

6 - Brittany White 

7 - Kelly Heiss 

8 - Jill Davis 

9 - Elizabeth lacullo 
12 - Lauren Bushby 

14 - Alura Costa 

15 - Erika Matthews 

16 - Nicole McCurdy 

17 - Kaylan Billingsley 

18 - Dorothy Schalleur 

19 - Jill Hallgren 

20 - Emily Bonczek 

21 - Jessica Hanson 
24 - Erin McBride 
30 - Jess Bell 

uinryL rL L' Ty- ~*^ IvkiaJ^. 


Women's Lacrosse 

It was a tough season for the Women's Lacrosse team. 
They suffered some heartbreaking losses, losing by a small 
margin. In the game against St. Joseph's, the Explorers 
rallied with a vengance, only to run out of time. Despite 
the challenges, the team always worked together, scoring 
whenever possible. Senior Emily Bonczek leaves the team 
with record setting accomplishments in La Salle's history. 
During the past 4 years, she scored 199 goals, making her 
the second leading scorer in La Salle's Lacrosse history. 
Bonczek was the only player in the Atlantic- 10 conference 
this season to reach the 60 goal mark. Bonczek was joined 
by teammate Jessica Hanson on the Atlantic 10 All- 
Conference team. Other seniors leading the teatn were 
Ellen Axelsen, Kaylan Billingsley, Jessica Hanson, Kelly 
Heiss and Erika Matthews. j^^ McShane. 10 


Colgate L 14-9 

Lehigh L 13-10 

Monmouth L 17-10 

Drexel L 15-12 

Louisville L 15-13 

Columbia L 21-11 

Bucknell L 16-10 

George Washington L 13-7 

Richmond L 19-5 

Temple L 18-12 

Saint Joseph's L 1 1-9 

Lafayette W 18-11 

Villanova L 12-5 

Massachusetts L 20-11 

Duquesne L 18-6 

St. Bonaventure L 17-6 

Clockwise from right: Chris Caimario eyes his putt. Phil Bruce 
tees off. Wes Licklider takes his ball from the cup. Steve 
Sierocki looks on. Mike Benziriger moves on to the next hole. 
Steve Sierocki walks along the putting green. 


Chris Barbera 
Mike Benzinger 

Phil Bruce 

Chris Caimano 

Wes Licklider 

Matt Mazzolla 

Steve Sieracki 

Sam Venuti 


The Golf team worked hard all season, competing in some 

tough and challenging tournaments. During the Yale 

Spring Opener in New Haven, the team battled through 

wintry conditions and icy cold temperatures. In the North 

Carolina tournament, at Sunset Beach, the team took 

second place, fighting wind speeds of 15 miles per hour. 

The team wrapped up the season at the Atlantic- 10 

Championships, placing 12th after losing freshman Wes 

Licklider when he injured his wrist. Leading the team this 

season were seniors Mike Benzinger and Chris Caimano. 

Caimano led the team in many tournaments, as the team's 

lowest scorer. 

Jen McShane, '10 

Clockwise from right: Angelirio Bisbiglia belts o 2-run home run. 
Michelle Sullivan takes off for 3rcl. Laura Beth McCreesh pitches 
a strike. The Explorers pose for the team portrait. All Shepherd 
throws out the runner at 1st. Kate Gulkis tracks down the fly ball 
for the out. 

1 - Teddi Hernandez 

2 - Alicia De La Rosa 
4 - Rebecca Turygan 

6 - Mary Pat Conville 

7 - Michelle Sullivan 
9 - Angelina Bisbiglia 

1 1 - Erica Vile 

12 - Jessica Ulmer 

13 - Danielle Signorelli 

16 - Corey Druding 

17 - Kelli Curcio 

19 - Kristin Paoletti 

20 - Kellie Surdi 

22 - Laura Gallagher 

26 - Laura Beth McCreesh 

27 - Gina Massaro 

28 - Kate Gulkis 

31 - DJ Guinn 

32 - Ali Shepherd 


The Explorers had a record-setting 2008 season. Their 22 
wins were the most since the 1997 season. Early in the 
season, the team played at the Wildcat Invitational 
Tournament in Tucson, AZ. There, they had a victory against 
Creighton. Great individual performances by team members 
helped the Explorers get those wins. Sophomore Laura Beth 
McCreesh was the team's ace pitcher with a record of 11-6 
and an ERA of 1.91. Freshman Ali Shepherd won All-Rookie 
Team honors. Sophomore Angelina Bisbiglia got A- 10 All- 
Conference Honorable Mention. Seniors Michelle Sullivan 
and Kate Gulkis helped lead the team and set them on the 
path to victory for years to come. 

Mike Dao, '08 and Miciielle Sullivan. '08 



11^: Lehigh 

L 3-2 

St. Peter's 


Wt Detroit Mercy 

L 3-2 

St. Peter's 


m^ Fairfield 



L 6-2 

^ Detroit Mercy 

L 2-1 


L 5-4 

■": Valparaiso 

L 3-2 


L 7-4 

Sacred Heart 




j^ Creighton 




^ Arizona 

L 18-2 



Wg Creighton 


St. Bonaventure 

L 1-0 

lm Arizona 

L 16-0 

St. Bonaventure 

L 2-0 

■s' Delaware 

L 8-0 






W 11-1 

George Washington 

L 7-1 



George Washington 

W 15-5 


W 10-1 

Maryland Eastern Shore 

W 14-0 

St. Joseph's 

L 2-0 

Maryland Eastern Shore 


St. Joseph's 

L 5-2 

jK| Rhode Island 

L 5-0 

Delaware St. 


as Rhode Island 


Delaware St. 


^ Massachusetts 

L 9-0 




L 12-2 




L 4-2 


L 3-0 

jwj Georgetown 

L 8-6 


L 5-4 

Saint Louis 

L 5-4 



Saint Louis 

W 3-2 A 

L. Fordham 

W4-3 i 


Tim Brosius 

Zack Coons 

Brett Fair 

Ryan Fair 

Joe Hughes 

James Keough 

Blaine Kneeshaw 

Matt Loftus 

Terrence McClain 

Thomas McGoldrick 

Max Orenstein 

Bryan Schwartz 

Joe Scibetta 

Matt Stolz 

Adam Sutkus 

Matt Wiedemer 

Justin Wiener 


Men's Rowing 

Men's rowing connpeted in many races this year, in both 
fall and spring. The events that Men's Rowing raced in 
were the: President's Cup, Knetch Cup, Kerr's Cup, 
Bergen Cup, Dad Vail Regatta and Frostbite Regatta. 
Practicing on the Schuylkil, the team put together boats of 
4 and 8 to compete in the races. At the Kerr Cup, the 
men's varsity 8 team took gold in its race, beating 
Philadelphia University by a mere 2 seconds. At the 
Frostbite Regatta, the men's varsity 8 team took 2nd place. 
Helping to row the team to victory were seniors James 
Keough, Matt Loftus and Joe Scibetta. 

Jen McShane. '10 


Meg Brown 

Rita Brown 

Sarah Brown 

Desires Cappuccio 

Nicole Caronia 

Lauren Corkery 

Francesca Cupo 

Michelle DeLong 

Dani Fralen 

Molly Gath 

Patrice Girard 

Shauna Goetz 

Michelle Kukawski 

Becky Mahney 

Karen Mahoney 

Sadie Mazur 

Aimee Nichols 

Gillian Powell 

Jacquelyn Smolarek 

Katie Teevan 

Kristin Weimar 


Women's Rowing 

Women's rowing competed in many events this season, 
including the 70th Dad Vail Regatta, the Bergen Cup, the 
President's Cup, the Knetch Cup and the Atlantic- 10 
Championships. At the Knetch Cup, the Women's varsity 
4 boat raced to a place in the finals. At the President's 
Cup, the Women's Varsity 8 competed in a thrilling race, 
beating Marist only by 3 seconds to win the race. At that 
same event, the Women's Varsity 4 took second in their 
race. The rowing team also had a surprise in store for 
them this year. For the first time in its 13 year history, the 
Atlantic- 10 Women's Rowing Championship created an all 
conference team. Selected from La Salle for this honor was 
senior Becky Mahney. 

Jen McShane. '10 

Clockwise from right: TJ Ciiism catciies h\s opponerit stealing, 
making on out. Catciier Mike Dertouzos makes an out at home 
plate. Brian Meagher swings at the ball, making contact. The 
team congratulates each other after a win. Kevin Jones 
reaches base safely. Caolan Ronan throws a strike. Drew 
Gerhort winds up a pitch. 

1-John Malloy 
2-Brian Kern 
3-Rick Gehman 
4-Derek Barauskas 
5-Justin Handler 
6-John Rickards 
7-Anthony Biello 

10- Drew Gerhart 

11- TJ Chism 

12- Mike Dertouzos 

13- Zach Huff 

14- Kevin Prendergast 

15- Brian Meagher 

16- Zach Feierstein 

17- Jamie Cowan 
18-Shane Frangiosa 

19- Mike Canfarotta 

20- Caolan Ronan 
21- Joe Vincent 

22- Sean Saverio 

23- Christian Schultz 

24- RJ Hollinshead 

25- Jeremy Zarou 

26- Chris Crawford 

27- Dennis Burge 

28- Kevin McGovem 

29- Kevin Jones 

30- Kevin Fuqua 
37- Sean Kennedy 
40- Chris Umstead 

The baseball team had an incredible season, winning 
numerous high honors and some exciting games. For the 
first time in their Atlantic- 10 history, the Explorers won a 
double header game with scores in the double digits. These 
high scoring, back- to-back victories came against George 
Washington. Senior John Rickards was a driving force for 
the Explorers, offensively leading the team with a .348 
batting average. For his efforts offensively and defensively, 
Rickards was named to the Atlantic- 10 All Conference 
team as well as the Big 5 Team for the third time in his La 
Salle career. Junior Justin Handler joined Rickards on the 
Big 5 Team. Meanwhile, teammate, freshman pitcher, 
Kevin Fuqua was named to the All-Rookie team. Fuqua 
had a fantastic first season, including pitching a shut out 
game against Cornell on March 7. i„„ m qk 'in 

Clockwise from below: James Tchabo. Korey Edwards, Billy Rlnea & Seari Quigley get 
ready for the distance medley relay at the Penn Reloys. CJ Crelghtori throwirig the 
shot put. William Andes running middle distance. James Holzwarth In the 3000m 
steeple run. Steve Rendall in the 4x1 00m relay at the Penn Relays. Tom Ranolii 
hurdling in the steeple run. Danny De'Sal Solomon leaps In the triple jump. 


David Alfano 

William Andes 

Colin Barret 

Ed Baynes 

Aaron Bernotas 

Joseph Brancaleone 

Kevin Buell 

Bill Ceriello 

Stephen Childs 

Joseph Dare 

Jared Davis 

RoUin Deas 

Mark Del Monaco 

Sean Doyle 

Korey Edwards 

Joe Fedorowicz 

Kasey Cellar 

Michael Ceorge 

Steve Grabowski 

Christopher Heinold 

John Francis Hinck 

Jake Holler 

James Holzwarth 

Rashon Johnson 

Joseph Karasch 

Justin Keller 

Matt Lawson 

Ki le Luke 


Vincent Marziano 

James Mauro 

Andrew Maxwell 

Orestes Medina 

Matt Mitchell 

Mark Natale 

Stephen ODonnell 

Daniel Oliver 
Thomas Pannulla 

Sean Quigley 
Trevon Rainford 

Tom Ranalli 
Steven RendaU 

Billy Rhea 

Robert Ricketts 

Michael Stanziano 

Jon Carlo Stubblefield 

James Tchabo 

James Thomas 

Andrew Wagoner 

Emanuel Waktola 

Vince Walsh 

Sean Ward 

Lewis William, III 

Dimiri Wilson 

Ellis Wilson 

Brian Winn 

Adam Woodford 



With their first meet in the beginning of December, and 
their last towards the end of June (including the post 
season), Men's Track & Field could quite possibly have the 
longest season in Explorer Athletics. Of course, with such a 
long season, and competitions in both indoor and outdoor 
track and field events, there are many highlights. Early 
predictions gave the Men's indoor team a 3rd place finish 
in the A- 10, which is exactly how they placed. That win 
was helped by the six individual 1st place finishes. The 
outdoor team also placed 3rd and there were many 
individual winners there as well. La Salle put on solid 
performances at the IC4A and the EC AC. Senior Sean 
Quigley ended the year as a 7 time All- American. Quigley 
was named Athlete of the Year (for the 2nd time) by the 
US Track & Field and CrossCountr^oada^Association 
and senior Billy Rhea was^name^fmlSWW^eYear by 
the A-10. ^ 

Yearbook Staff 

Clockwise from right: Kayleigh Maher leaps for the gold in the 
400m hurdles. Beth Mayer runs the steeple, landing in a puddle 
of water. Sarah Hazzard hurldes around o 400m track. 
Freshman Shelio McFadden races a 1,000m. Kathleen Boland 
passes her opponent in the 800m. Lisette Delgado gets a 
running start on the high jump. 

-J ^. 



Linzy Alvemaz 

Maureen Benner 

Colleen Boland 

Kathleen Boland 

Adriana Boyle 

Ruth Brown 

Malory Campbell 

Lauren Dalton 

Lisette Delgado 

Kellilyn Fierras 

Giovanna Finocchio 

Jaleesa Graham 

Meagan Green 

Sarah Hazzard 

Meaghan Hobson 

Jill Keenan 
Shevonne Keller 

Jenna Kipp 

Kristina Kubala 

Carolyn Lipovsky 

Jc^nn Lynch 


Kayleigh Maher 

Elisabeth Mayer 

Margaret McFadden 

Shelia McFadden 

Lauren McGuire 

Sarah McHugh 

Kim Mcintosh 

Courtney McKnight 

Kelly Mullane 

Nicole ODea 

Colleen ODonnell 

Tracy Olszewski 

Emily Paffett 

Victoria Panepinto 

Rachel Papin 
Mary Clare Parrott 

Nicole Pearce 

Christa Plummer 

Veronica Shanoksi 

Marisa Theriault 


Women's Tr3d< and n 

Competing in both indoor and outdoor track events puts 
the women's track and field team to the ultimate test. Team 
members must learn the "how tos" to compete in both 
atmospheres. The hard work and achievements of the 
team earned them a spot to compete in the A- 10 
Championship, as well as the ECAC Championships. 
Overall, the team was recognized by the NCAA for their 
outstanding scores in the Academic Progress Rate (APR) 
for the 2007-08 academic year. The APR tracks the 
academic progress of student athletes, and gives public 
recognition to those doing well. Individual team members 
also won honors, like Rachel Papin. Papin was named A- 
10 Indoor Track "Athlete of the Year", as well as 
"Performer of the Meet" at the A- 10 Indoor Track 
Championship. Teammate, Carolyn Lipovsl^ was named 
A- 10 "Athlete of the Weel;^ 

1 McShane. 10 



Marissa Macintosh 
Brittany Gentile 

Kayla Healy 

Michelle Conley 

Kristy Oberneder 

Sherry Hignutt 

Laura McManon 

Gabriela Plumley 

Bridget Quigley 

Christine McCullough 

Elizabeth Crawford 

Jennifer Leusner 

Nicole Jenet 

Samantha Campione 

Christie McQuiggan 

Alecia Tamburino 

Meridith Herwig 

Colleen McNichol 

Victoria Ivins-Voce 

Jennifer White 

Kara Kaschak 

Melissa Risch 

Ida Goslin 

Amanci Koltalo 




Natasha Rossi 

Jennifer Gigantino 

Lauren Hauhn 

Lauren Pittre 

Courteney Auchey 

Ashley Banks 

Deanna DiSiveria 

Lauren McMuUen 

Bethany Hogan 

Andrea Pinto 

Jenna Santore 

Valeen Snyder 

Senior year means many things to 
different people. To some, it is the start 
of a student's journey into the job market 
or buying a first home. To others, it's the 
beginning of graduate school or some 
other continuation of studies. 

Every aspect of La Salle is aimed at 
preparing students for their journey after 
La Salle. The classes, activities and 
organizations are all vital parts that make 
up the history of these graduating seniors. 
These pages mark the seniors' journeys 
through La Salle, as well as the end of 
that same journey: Graduation. However, 
it is important to note that this is "not the 
end" but only the beginning... 


2008 Student 

Members of the POINT accept gifts from Dr. Cicala 

Victor A. De Couto 

International Student Award 
Academic Excellence & Service 

Adrian Micu 

Dr. Victor D. Brooks Award 
Academic Excellence, Continuing Studies 

Jordan P. Feld 

Joseph F. Flubacher Award 

Outstanding Leadership 

Martha A. K|ftteh 

Bro. Emery C. MollenH&er Award 

Commitment to Service);iPeaee & 


Martin E. Howley 

James A. Finnegan Memorial Award 
Judeo-Christian Ideals of Social Justice 

George Attach-Asante 

John J. McShain Award 
Public Welfare 

James R. Emme 

Dennis Dougherty Memorial Scholarship 

Fraternity & Sorority Service & 


Awards Ceremony 

Veer Educators Honor Scott Baietti and Chris Kazmierczak 

The Star 

Resident Student Association 
For Guiding Others 

The Chevron 

Cross Cultural Association 
For Upholding & Establishing Tradition 

The Cross 

Neighborhood Tutoring 
For Exhibiting Sacrifice 

The Helmet 

African American Student Leauge 
For Exhibiting Courage 

The Motto 

Peer Educators 
For Fostering Learning 

:li 0,^00 

' X \^'.»i s^n 

Sarah Bischoff 

bseph E. Crowley 


^dylan Billingsley 
p La Salle Sery'^r-.' 
I Award I 

rCarotyn Lipovsky 
.' Fcirpaie Scholar 
lete Award 

f Michelle Verzi ' 

Ixcellence Award 


'baccalaureate Ceremony 
<J)(Cay 10, 2008 



Qatbedral basilica of 
faints "Peter and "Paul 



1^ — 





Graduation (^ala 

oMap 10, 2008 






r ^ f^M 


m \ 






192 ^"i'^ife 



*^ ^ 



Q(mmieHcem£4ni a>p££m. 

nJkai 2)&e<i i/te ^leuenMi a^ Mcuf Mean.': 

"It is a challenge we are given, a challenge renewed with every 
experience we take from our a\ma mater, our nurturing 
mother. The warm, comforting embrace of our mother will 
always be there for us in the halls of Lasallian schools 
worldwide, but that embrace is simultaneously a push, an 
urging. With every ounce of comfort, knowledge and formative 
experience that we have taken from La Salle, we are 
challenged to go out and be, whatever we chose to be. A 
homemaker or a doctor, a president or a bartender-whatever it 
is that we do with ourselves from here on out is a response to 
the challenge of Lasallian love. Our mother has nurtured us, 
our alma mater has embraced us, but to what end? This is a 
terrifyingly open question, but remember, we have been 
nurtured, formed, reached out to. It is our turn to reach out 
now, to the best of our abilities. 

We have been changed; now we must be agents of change. 
We commuted, we lived in Philadelphia, Europe, Asia, in 
dorms, houses and apartments; we majored in everything and 
if you're sitting here, listening to me, you passed. We rejected 
intolerance when it reared its head on rare occasions; we 
sought to alleviate the ills of the world through programs like 
Project Mapendo and Books for Africa, as well as AIDS walks, 
benefits for flood victims, and countless other examples of 
reaching out into the world community. I think we can answer 
the challenge - 1 think we deserve to inherit the efficacious 
legacy of the Lasallian tradition... 

This is the nature of commencement: it means the breakdown 
of distinctions. I am no more a commuter today than you are 
residents, international students or continuing studies students. 
Today, we reach - out of our parochial moments and into the 
lives of each other to form a community; into our respective 
communities, to let the downtrodden know that they are loved 
and cared for; and into the world at large to extend the love 
our community extends to all. Today, the walls are broken, and 
we are made one, sharing space on a football field rather than 
separate classrooms in separate buildings. The Eleventh of 
May, to a commuter, means ceasing to commute and starting 
to truly live La Salle at large, to become a resident of the 

Oh, that liberal arts education..." 

Excerpt from Mark J. Costello's 

Commencement Speech 

May 11, 2008 

<Jf04mA/2/m j^e(jA£e/l 

Jeremy Nowak, Ph.D., is Co-Founder, President and CEO of The Reinvestment 
Fund (TRF), a national leader in the financing of neighborhood revitalization. TRF 
provides financing in support of affordable housing, small businesses, commercial 
real estate, and community facilities across the Mid- Atlantic region. TRF has 
financed 17,000 housing units, 7 million square feet of commercial real estate, 
23,000 charter school seats, 35,000 jobs and 10,000 child-care openings. It's 
Fresh Food Financing Initiative has supported the development and expansion of 
35 fresh food markets in the underserved communities of Pennsylvania, including 
a Fresh Grocer to La Salle's Good Shepherd property. 

Nowak is Chair of the board of Mastery Charter Schools, a network of four inner- 
city high schools in Philadelphia, and Chair of the board for Alex's Lemonade 
Stand, a charity that raises money for pediatric cancer research. He is also a 
member of the Board of Directors for the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. 

Nowak's undergraduate degree in Philosophy is from Pennsylvania State University 
and his Doctorate in Cultural Anthropology is from the New School for Social 
Research. He is a fellow at the Aspen Institute's program for entrepreneurial 
education leaders. 

Nowak received The Philadelphia Award, the city's highest civic honor, in 1995. 

Taken from the La Salle University 2008 Commencement Program 

Jeremy Nowak, Ph.D. 
Doctor of Humor^e Letters 

Pot Ciorrochi 
Doctor of Humane Letters 

Pat Ciarrocchi received the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters at the 
2008 La Salle Commencement Ceremony. Ciarrocchi is a news anchor and 
reporter for CBS 3 in Philadelphia. She has worked for CBS 3 since 1982 and 
has received an Emmy award for her work for the station. Starting at CBS 3, 
Ciarrocchi began as the news anchor for the station's early morning news, 
eventually extending the half-broadcast into a two-hour broadcast. 

Working in broadcast for many years, Ciarrocchi has reported some memorable 
events in history, including the canonization of St. Katherine Drexel, the death of 
Pope John Paul II and the recent visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United States. 

In her impressive career, Ciarrocchi has achieved many honors. She won the 
Gabriel Award from the National Catholic Association of Broadcasters. In 2000. 
Ciarrocchi was inducted into the Philadelphia Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame for 
her work in television. 

Ciarrocchi graduated from Rosemont College with a bachelor's degree. She has 
received honorary doctorate degrees from Rosemont College, Cabrini College and 
Neumann College. 

Taken from the La Salle University 2008 Commencement Program 

Caroline W. Abba Kyle Michael Abbott Kathleen Mary Adams PaulJ. Adelizzi 

Krishna Vanessa Meghan Elizabeth Ahl Gregory Thompson 

Agbayani Allen 

Sara Elizabeth Allen Linzy Alvemaz David Anthony 


Christine Arens George Attah-Asante Katie Elizabeth Austin Ellen Vera Axelsen 

Scott H. Baietti Laura Elisabeth Baker Brandon Robert Heather Lynn Baldwin Richard Justin Barca Erin Leigh Barnes Caitlin J. Barrett 


Amanda Carol Betts Tara Maria Bevivino Amanda Elizabeth Mark Joseph Bielecki Michael D. Bier Zachary Ronald Birch Sarah Ashley Bischof; 


Alexander Lawre- ■ Marietta Boscia Courtney Eileen Patrick Fettig Brett Sonja J. Timothy James Jenna Marie Brown 

Bockler Bowers Bronner-Thompson Brosious 


Melinda Milagros Christopher Mark Christopher Andrew Paul David 

Cabrera Cahill Caitnano Campanella 

Samantha Jane Angela Marie Carbo Teresa L. Carney 


Eisha H. Casimir 

Colleen Bridget Christina Lynn Celano Mary Shannon Cella Melanie Christine 

Cavanaugh Charles 

Asher Antonio Stephen Anthony 

Chevannes Ciechon 

Dominique Chatell Stephen James Cowan Holly Rae Crawford Eulalia Cruz Rios 


Francesca Fontene Christina Ann Currie Denise E. Curtain 


Mario Salvatore 

Michael Vincent 

Alicia Noel 

Michelle D'Argenio Huy "Mike" Dao Desiree Nicole Davis Kim Gladys Davis 


Victor Alan De Couto Gina M. De Lorenzo Alexis Claire De Salva Stephanie Lynn Dean Robert Anthony Mary A. Delbridge Chiara Mae Deleon 


Elizabeth Ann Shawn Dotterer Kathryn Anne Mary Duffy Jesse Ross Dujardin Aubrey Leigh Edwards John A. Embley 

Donohue Dougherty 

Christopher James Crystal Lynn Faries Kimberly A. Fariey Lauren Marie Farrell Samantha Josephine 

Fanelli Farrell 

Joseph Peter 

Jordan Patrick Feld 

Lauren Casey Fell Rue! V, Fernandes Desiree Fernandez Robert Thor Fetters Sheila D. Fielder Danielle Finley Giovanna A. Finocchic 


Victoria V. Forte Jaclyn Frances Fossett Danielle Lucienne Sarah Elizabeth Andreea Fratila William John Frenette Gertrudis Garua 

Fralen Frangos 

Stephanie Garcia Alanna Renee Gardner Mary Elisabeth Garrity Ah Christine Garrow Christopher Joseph Michael Charles Melanie Celeste 

Garzone Gehris Gibbons 

Patrice Marie Girard Michael Anthony Shauna Rae Goetz Nicholas Joseph Graff Meagan Courtney Laura Jean Guerrini Catherine Marie Gulkis 

Giunta Green 

Melissa Selin Guney Julianna Marie Kevin Lawrence Hall AnikaHart Jennifer Victoria Hart Edward Michael Hays Sean T. Beam 


Joseph Donovan Megan R. Hellander Matthew Francis Sean Thomas Henry Kimberly Hester 

Heavey Hendricks 

Lorraine D. Hicks Cariene Hightower 


Alicia Michelle Hill Serena B. 


11 ' - "MM—r 

Lauren Hoffman Diana Theresa Holland Sean Joseph Houlihan Martin E. Howley Catherine T. Hudec 

Megan Claire 

Carolyn Patricia Kevin Cahill Hughes Catherine Olukemi 

Hughes Ibirongbe 

Michael Anthony Amy J. Inkrott 



Victoria L. Ivins-Voce 

Zipporah Esther Jones Stephen Kamnik Colleen Elizabeth Kane Lauren Ashley Kane Kara Nicole Kaschak Raymond Robert Jaclyn Frances 

Kaznica Keammerer 

Shannon Maureen Megan Catherine Holly Linn Kendorski Derrick LaVone 

Kelly Kempf Kennedy 


Colleen Elizabeth Aline Keshishian 


Hina A. Khan 

Bridget Catherine Amie E. Kotalic Christina Marie Kump Martha Anne Kutteh Nicole Elizabeth Emily Key UBell Devin Matthew Udd 

Konczyk La Rocca 

Michelle Suzanne Mary Francis Lament Ashlee Maria Lambon Megan Christine Simon Diez Larano Dana Michele Law Christopher Francis 

Lamav Lange Lawrence 

Sandra E. Lee 

Win C. Lee 

Michael Preston Lehr Julia Lynne Lendzinski Vanessa Sashanne Jason R. Lewandowski Amelia Stacey Lewis 


Jamie Lee Libonate Ingrid L. Linton 

Jonathan Sergio Cassandra Lynn Logue Jonathan L. Lu 

Lo Monico 

Kyle Matthew Luke Bradley Townsend 


Marissa Lynn 

- ^ 4 

Julianna Fitzgerald 

Rebecca Frances Timothy William Main Sarah Catherine Matthew Sean Malloy Nicole Jean Malone 

Mahney Malecki 


John J. McAleese Dorothy McCain Patrick Joseph 


Katherine Anne Megan Colleen McGee Robert Francis Thomas Francis 

McDevitt McGinley McGoldrick 

Lauren Elizabeth Brian Joseph McNally Bernadette Kathleen 

McManus McPherson 

Christie Marie John William McVey Anthony Vincent Fatima Mehmedagic 

McQuiggan Medoro 

Carii Alice Mell Larissa Marie Meyer Kelly P. Meyers Joshua Andrew Miles Patreace Miller Audrey Claudette Gregory George 

Mitchell Mladenetz 

Joseph William 


Brian Michael 

Eric Trenton Moore Jillian Marie Moore Angelica Mei Ling Kevin Patrick Mulderig Sarah Alexandra 

Mota Munoz 

Kelly Ann Murray Julia Lynn Musial Natalia Musitano Geoffrey John Nagle Erica Joy Natwick Colleen Nesbitt Robert Thornos Ne'Att 

Ophelia O. Okebata Kevin Charles Ormsby Angelita Dipalac 


Denise Ortiz 

Jeremy A. Ortiz Karen Gimena Christopher John Otto 


.. 1 . 1 

Stephanie Ann Owen Mary Joan Padilla Matthew Joseph Mario Angelo Palmieri Stephanie Rose Katherine Arena Pape Dorothy Delores 

Pagliaccetti Paltjon Parkins 

Hillary Hayes Pautz Kimberly Nicole Pecca Joseph Thomas Cody Edward Peters David Allen Peters Michael Andrew Petty Brittany Nicole 

Pelone Philbert 

Ron John Philipose Christie M. Pierce Betty Pimentel Feliz Tara Ann Pizzo Jennifer Marie Porter Juliana Pray 

Joseph Alfonso 


. .___ ii'ii)i''#' lb' -l 

Elvira Pyanova Lenzy L. Quiles John S. Quinn Craig Andrew Raezer Patrick Joseph Debbie Ramos 


Anne-Uvonne Carla Marie Rapp Kristen M. Reavey Stacey Redley-Peak Zachary Andrew Reese Brenda L. Reyes William Calvin Rhea 


Thomas M. Ricchezza Aleah Jonelle Rice Elyce Rickerl 

John Thomas Riley Melissa Marie Risch Marta M. Rivera Stephanie Rivera 

Tiffany Mae Robinson Candi Rodriguez Jose R. Rodriguez RosmalbTRodriguez Joseph J. Rollo Carly Manon Roop Natasha Carmella 


Megan Lynn Rowen Mary-Megan Ann Brian Paul Ruhling Jessica Lauren Runyen Gabrielle Salerno ' Simi Samuel Daniel Patrick 

R-Jbino Sandiford 

Christine Marie Sai i<J5 


la Sarmiento Geoffrey Michael 


Jordan Justin Dean Lawrence 

Schaeffer Schoendorfer 

Aubrey Alyssa 

Sara Ann Schreiner 


Theodore H. Schuck Natalie Maria Seal John Richard Secondo Dominic Sgrosso Lindsay Michelle William McGuinnrdss Arin Ruth Shoemaker 

Sharp Shipley 

Stephen J. Silverman James Francis Sinclair Agata Alicja Smagacz Amy Sharee Smith Nicholas Joseph Smith John Harry SmyrI 

Delia Catherine 


Shannon Angella Sharleen Swiderski Michelle Renee Gloria Lynette Terrell Robert Joseph Terry Marie Thomas Shelby Lea Thome 

Summers Talisesky 

,V \i 

Nitchelle Allison Donato Tocci Farinda Yah Tongor Fanny Tossas John A. Trainer Angela Marie Samuel Grayson Traut 

Timothy Tramaglini 

Nicole Trimble Paul J. Tsiknakis Tiffany B. Turner Ashley Danielle 


Diane Lynn Walls Marta Waraksa Gabrielle V. Waring Kevin Bernard Waters Petra R. Watson Stephanie Elizabeth Andrew R. Weingav 


Lauren Welte Funmilayo J. Whitaker Jennifer Ann White Paul Whiteside Kathleen Elizabeth Monica Williams Aubra Katharine 

Williams Williamson 

i < 

Kimberly Renee Deidre D. Witkowski Daniel G. Worstall Natesha Wray Karisma Patricia Lindsay Marie Wright Lauren Ashley Yabut 



Kamil Yakubov Lindsay Michelle David Yearwood Tara Michelle Yoos Michael Anthony Steven Matthew Gerard Anton Zitnik 

Yeager Young Ziegler 

Zack J. Zysk 



nx 9nniH J^pninr^ 



20o8r^enior Undex 

Caroline Abba 

Erik F. Aldrich 

Jonathan Patrick Andrews 

Therese Michelle Augustine 

Danbury. CT 

East Norriton. PA 

Dover, DE 

Bensalem. PA 

Major: Marketing 

Major: Management 

Major: Biology 

Major: Finance 

Minor: Leadership and Global 

Minor: Chemistry 


Courtney A. Allaghi 

Olivia Ryan Aument 

Franklin Lakes, NJ 

Diane Mickles Andrien 

Columbia. PA 

Kyle Abbott 

Major: Matital Family Therapy 

Blue Bell. PA 

Major: Secondary Education, 

Mays Landing, NJ 

Major: General Business 

American Studies 

Majors: English, Communication Gregory Thompson Allen 


Activities: Improv 101, La Salle 

Chalfont, PA 

Katie Austin 

56, the Masque, Day ONE 

Major: Communication 

Eric Eugene Andruczyk 

Philadelphia, PA 

Activities: the Masque 

Conshohocken, PA 

Majors: Elementary/ Special 

Lisa Abdul-Haqq 

Major: General Business 

Education, American Studies 

Philadelphia. PA 

Sara Allen 


Activities: Alpha Theta Alpha, 

Major: Business 

Mantua, NJ 


Major: Communication 

Dilcia Angeles 

Kathleen Adams 

Minor: History 

Philadelphia, PA 

Nadia J. Awais 

Linwood. NJ 

Activities: the Masque, Collegian, 

Major: Liberal Arts 

Highland Park, NJ 

Major: Communication 

Alpha Epsilon, Lambda Pi Eta 

Major: Clinical Counseling 

Minor: Marketing 

Lauren G. Angelilli 


Activities: Gamma Sigma 

Thomas George Aim 

Aston, PA 

Sigma. PRSSA, Film Society 

Blue Bell, PA 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Ellen Axelsen 

Major: Psychology 

New Hyde Park, NY 

Nathan Adams 

Jeffrey R. Apsche 

Major: Biology 

Rochester, NY 

Wanda Alvarado 

New Britain, PA 

Minor: Geology 

Major: Communication 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Computer Information 

Activities: Field Hockey, SAAC 

Minor: English 

Major: Liberal Arts 


Activities: WEXP, Collegian 

Elena Maria Babiasz 

Linzy Alvemaz 

Marisel Araud 

Reynoldsburg, OH 

Paul John Adelizzi 

San Diego, CA 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Marketing 

Cherry Hill, NJ 

Major: Nursing 

Major: Liberal Arts 

Major: Psychology 

Activities: Track and Field, SNAP 

Scott Baietti 

Gregory H. Archer 

Dumont, NJ 

Caroline A. Adjei 

Chrstina Marie Ambs 

Lacey, WA 

Majors: Environmental Science, 

Philadelphia, PA 

Southampton, PA 

Major: Theology, Ministry 


Major: Nursing 

Major: ISBT 

Activities: Jazz/ Pep Band, RSA 

Christine Arens 

Habitat for Humanity 

Kristina Agbayani 

David Amodei 

West Hartford, CT 

Mechanicsburg, PA 

Madton. NJ 

Major: Communication 

Cherjon Bailey 

Major: Business Marketing 

Majors: Business Organizational 

Minor: Marketing 

Wilmington, DE 

Minor: International Studies 

Management, M.LS. 

Activities: Alpha Sigma Tau 

Major: Central/Eastern Europeai 

Activities: Alpha Sigma Tau, 

Minor: Italian 


SGA, A/ASIA. American 

Activities: the Masque, Italian 

Jane Patricia Arthur 

Marketing Association, 

Club, Philosophy Club 

Philadelphia, PA 

Annette Marie Baird 

Neighborhood Tutoring 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Southampton, PA 

Cathleen E. Amos 

Major: Education 

David Agosto Correa 

Bensalem, PA 

Brian Doyle Arty 

Abington, PA 

Major: Nursing 

Reading, PA 

Laura Elisabeth Baker 

Major: Nursing 

Major: Communication 

Nutley, NJ 

Kelly Ann Amsdell 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearini 

Meghan Ahl 

Warminster, PA 

George Attah-Asante 

Minor: Psychology 

Bronx, NY 

Major: Accounting 

Philadelphia, PA 

Activities: Alpha Sigma Tau, 

Major: Accounting 

Major: Accounting 

Neighborhood Tutoring, Psi Chi 

Activities: Women's Basketball 

Barbara Lynne Anderson 

Minor: Leadership and Global 

National Honor Society, Alpha 

Philadelphia, PA 


Epsilon Alumni Honor Society 

Iguehi Oluwatoyin 

Major: Social Work 

Activities: Beta Alpha, RA, ADP, 


National Students Partnership, Neo 

Erin M. Bakes 

Willow Grove, PA 

Jarryd Eric Anderson 

African Drum and Dance 

Browns Mills, NJ 

Major: Accounting 

Neptune, NJ 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearin< 

Major: Economics, Political 


j^^^/Vir .7fu/ey 

lamie Balaban Tcri Anne Baumgarten 

Amy Marie Berger 

Kaylan Denyse .?v 

-easterville, PA Philadelphia, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 

Bowie, MD 1 

vlajor; Speech-Language-Hearing Major: Nursing 

Major; History 

Minor; Education and Religion 

Major: Political Science 

3randon Baldwin Allison B. Bautista 

Activities; Delta Phi Epsilon, 

Habiba Bint-Habib 

Philadelphia, PA Lumberton, NJ 

Neighborhood Tutoring, Honors 

Philadelphia, PA 

4ajor: Accounting Major: Nursing 


Major: Nursing 

\ctivities: Los Ninos, Accounting 

\ssociation. Investment Club, Myriam Bazar 

Jeanne Marie Bernacki 

Zachary Birch 

jamma lota Sigma, Management Philadelphia, PA 

Upper Darby, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 

\ssociation Major; Accounting 

Major; Theology, Ministry 

Major: Sociology 

Activities: Accounting Association, 

4eather Lynn Baldwin Leadership Council 

Rebecca Ann Bertrand 

Sarah Bischoff 

'hiladelphia/Bensalem, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 

Troy, NY 

4ajor: Communication Kevin Albert Beary 

Major: Education 

Major: History 

\ctivities: PRSSA 

Vendy Balent 

.evittown, PA 
4ajor; Education 

)ainius A. Balis 

lamison, PA 
4ajor; Management 

lichard Barca 

sewell, NJ 
vfejor; Economics 
4inors; English, History 
Activities; Alpha Chi Rho, 
ludicial Board, Wrestling Club 

irin Barnes 

^ncaster, PA 

4ajor; Nursing 

\ctivities; SNAP, Neighborhood 

Tutoring, AIDS Outreach 

-Catie Lynn Barnes 

-airless Hills, PA 
viajor; Management 

Zlaitlin Barrett 

/ardley, PA 
vlajor: Nursing 

I'ictoria Blair Barry 

3eal, NJ 

Vlajor: Clinical Psychology 

Susan Elizabeth Bartley 

Henderson, NV 
N4ajor; Nursing 

Shelsy Michelle Bastedo 

^-hiladelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

John D. Bates 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major; Accounting 

Westbury, NY 

Major: Communication 

Michelle R. Becht 

Glassboro, NJ 

Major; Organizational Dynamics 

Kimberly H. Beck 

Doylestown, PA 
Major; Marketing 

Enkida Behaj 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Management, Marketing 

Nicole Bellanton 

Yardley, PA 

Major: Health Studies 

Janelle A. Belmonte 

Levittown, PA 
Major: Education 

Thomas Bender 

Colts Neck. NJ 
Major: Finance 
Activities; Football, Lacrosse 

Krista Benedette 

Hatfield, PA 

Majors: Accounting and Marketing 

Activities: L.O.C.K, Accounting 


Peter Bell Bennett 

Northfield, NJ 
Major; Nursing 

Chris Bentzen 

Vernon, NJ 

Majors: Criminal Justice and 


Kelly Bessler 

Doylestown, PA 
Major: Communication 
Activities: Gamma Phi Beta, Peer 
Educators, Explorers for Life 

Nicole Elizabeth Best 

Woodbury, NJ 
Major; Marketing 
Minor; Psychology 

Amanda Carol Betts 

Seymour, CT 

Major; Criminal Justice 

Tara Bevivino 

Lansdale, PA 

Major; Nutrition 

Activities: Alpha Sigma Tau 

Boyd Thomas Bicknell 

Somerdale, NJ 
Major: Digital Art 

Amanda Bidey 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major; Communication 

Kaitlyn Bieker 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Elementary/Special 


Minor: American Studies 

Mark Joseph Bielecki 

Maple Glen, PA 
Major; Social Work 

Michael Bier 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Accounting 

Anna M. Bilinsky 

Pennsauken, NJ 

Major; Speech-Language-Hearing 

Minor; Spanish 
Activities: Men's Basketball. 
Honors Program, RSA. Habitat 
for Humanity, Los Ninos 

Maria F. Bishop 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major; Speech-Language-Hearing 

Brooke Shannon Bitzer 

Bridgeton, NJ 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Education Minor: American 


Erin Blair 

Bryn Athyn. PA 
Major: Nursing 

Daniel Steven Blum 

Levittown. PA 

Major: Communication 

Minor: Marketing 

Elena Bochamikova 

Warminster. PA 
Major; Nursing 

Maria Krystyna Bochenska 

Linden. NJ 

Major; Management 

Minor; Philosophy 

Titus Bockarie 

Maple Shade. NJ 
Major: Nursing 
Minor: Spanish 

Alexander Bockler 

Marlboro. NJ 

Major; Finance 

Minors; Risk Management and 


Activities: FIJI 

2oo8^enior Undf^ 

Ti«rre Bogertey 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Colleen Anne Bolger 

Berlin, NJ 
Major: Education 

Anthony L. Bonagura 
Somerdale, NJ 
Major: Communication 
Activities: Collegian. WEXP. La 
Salle 56. PRSSA 

Carmen Y. Borrero 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Thomas Andrew Bortner 

Wayne, PA 
Major: Psychology 

Marietta Boscia 

Secaucus, NJ 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Education, American Studies 

Courtney Bowers 

Philadelphia, PA 
Majors: Secondary 
Education, Social Studies 
Minor: Music 

Activities: Histories, Singers, 
Masque, Jazz/ Pep Bands, 
Campus Ministry 

Marc Anthony Bowers 

Riverside, NJ 
Major: Nursing 

Zachary Vincent Boyce 

Brick, NJ 
Major: Finance 

Ian Robert Boyd 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: English 
Minor: Education 

Ruthanne Boylan 

Morrisville, PA 
Major: Management 

Timothy Mark Boyle 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Computer Information 


Erin Tyler Brackin 

Hockessin, DE 
Major: Speech-Lan^ age- 

Thomas J. Bradbury 

Yardley, PA 

Major: Computer Information 


Jacquelin Bradin 

Bristol, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Joseph Antonio Brancaleone 

Gloucester, MA 

Major: Management, Marketing 

Adrian R. Branch 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Psychology 

Belinda Aurora Brann 

Jenkintown, PA 
Major: Psychology 

Ryan Allen Bratton 

Getzville, NY 

Major: Communication 

Kyra Elizabeth Braun 

Malvern. PA 

Major: Communication 

Paul Nicholas Braun 

Newtown, PA 
Major: Finance 

Ashton Lee Breder 

Margate City, NJ 
Major: Philosophy 

Kelly Breen 

Mickletown, NJ 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Minor: Spanish 

Erin Michelle Breerwood 

Ellicott City, MD 
Major: Criminal Justice, 

Adam James Breisch 

Quakertown, PA 
Major: Accounting 
Minor: French 

Beau Charles Brendley 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Psychology 

James Robert Brennan 

Towanda, PA 
Major; Finance 

Gerard Breslin 

Havertown, PA 
Major: History 

Patrick F. Brett 

Plymouth Meeting, PA 
Major: Psychology 

Barbara Ann Bretz 

Williamstown. NJ 
Major: Nursing 

Ryan Matthew Bricker 

Plainfield, IL 

Major: Economics and International 


Elizabeth Nicole Brnik 

Grassflat, PA 
Major: Psychology 

Erin Anne Brodbeck 

Bethlehem, PA 
Major: Communication 

Sonja Bronnel-Thompson 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Business 
Minors: Economics and 
International Studies 

Laura Brooke 

Conshohocken, PA 
Major: Social Work 

Kevin M. Brooks 

Holland, PA 
Major: Finance 

Vanessa Lynn Broome 

Brentwood, NY 
Major: Psychology 

Tim Brosious 

Mechanicsburg, PA 
Major: Criminal Justice 
Activities: Crew, Outdoor Club 

Jeanine Karen Brotherston 

King of Prussia, PA 
Major: Education 

Charisse Jesette Brown 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Cheryl L. Brown 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Rita Brown 

Galloway Township, NJ 
Majors: Elementary/Special 
Education, American Studies 
Activities: Rowing, Education 

Sarah Brown 

Gorham, ME 
Major: Social Work 
Minor: Criminal Justice 
Activities: Crew, Phi Alpha, Caf« 

Stephanie Rose Brown 

Croydon, PA 
Major: Nutrition 
Minor; Philosophy 

Stephanie Brown 

Phialdelphia, PA 

Major: Public Administration 

Minor: Sociology 

Wyniqua Lavonne Brown 

Phialdelphia, PA 

Major: Nursing 

Minor: Information System 


Cha-Kieta D. Browne 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Psychology 

Terrell L. Bruce 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Biology 

Joshua Leander Brumfield 

Chester Springs, PA 
Major: Criminal Justice 

Brittany Buckwalter 

Pottstown, PA 
Major: Psychology 
Minor: English 
Activities: Gamma Phi Beta 

Kristin H. Buddie 

Sewell, NJ 

Major: Political Science 

Shane P. Buffington 

Cherry Hill, NJ 
Major: Marketing 

Martha Buhner 

Warminister, PA 
Major: Accounting 
Activities: Accounting 

20o8f§enior Jndeoc 

/Vnne Maria Bullard 

Sicklervill, NJ 

Major: Industrial/Organizational 


Leonard Warren Bullard 

Philadelphia, PA 
Vlajor: Social Work 

Elizabeth Buongiumo 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Minor: Psychology 

Activities: NSSHLA 

Dennis Burge 

:halfont, PA 
Major: Marketing 
Minor: Religion 

[)onna Green Burgmayer 

Lafayette Hill, PA 

vlajor: Adult Nurse Practioner 

irena Adel Burgos 

Mays Landing, NJ 
^ajor: Communication 

loseph J. Burke 

jjenside, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Julie Burkle 

^ennsauken, NJ 
vlajor: Nursing 

John D. Burt 

Newtown, PA 

Major: General Business 

Oeanne Butcher 

rhomdale, PA 
Major: Nursing 
Minor: English 

Vlarian G. Butcher 

Ambler, PA 

Major: Communication 

'\ntoni Butkiewicz 

Horsham, PA 
Major: Management 

CoUette Jacquelyn Butler 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Education 

Eugenia L. Butler 

^Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Psychology 

John William Butler 

Trenton, NJ 

Major: Communication 

Minor: History 

Wilfred Caberto 

Voorhees, NJ 

Major: Accounting 

Minor: Psychology 

Activities: A/ASIA, RSA, CCA 

Melinda Cabrera 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Chris Cahill 

Plymouth Meeting, PA 
Major: Accounting 

Christopher A. Caimano 

Wrightstown, PA 
Majors: History, Political Science 
Activities: Golf, Judicial Board, 
College Republicans, Athletic 
Relations Committee 

Renee Marie Calhoun 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Marital and Family 


Jason J. Callaghan 

North Wales, PA 

Major: Mathematics and Geology 

Minor: Chemistry 

Timothy Gary Calvin 

Schwenksville, PA 
Major: Clinical Psychology 

Rachel Joy Elizabeth Camara 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Marital and Family Therapy 

Ralph Raymond Camardelli 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 

Nicole O'Neill Cambria 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Clinical Psychology 

Paul Campanella 

West Hartford, CT 

Major: Management 

Minor: Music 

Activities: Intramural Basketball, 

Flag Football 

Denise Leanne Campbell 

Huntingdon Valley, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Mark David Campbell 

Lambertville, NJ 
Major: Marketing 

Samantha Jane Campione 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Mathematics 
Minors: Education, Business 
Activities: Cheerleading, 
Mathematics Club, Neighborhood 

Kristen Margarete Cann 

Croydon, PA 

Major: Education, Social Studies 

Minor: English 

Angela Marie Carbo 

Moorestown, NJ 

Major; Psychology 

Minor: Spanish 

Activities: RA/CA, Los Ninos, 

Homeless Outreach 

James Edwin Carcilli 

Brigantine, NJ 
Major: Social Work 

Raymond A. Cardillo 

Pikesville, MD 

Major: Communication 

Kesha Monique Cardwell 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Kathleen Anne Carilla 

Folsom, PA 
Major: Nursing 
Minor: Chemistry 

Dana M. Carlomagno 

King of Prussia, PA 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Teresa L. Carney 

Blackwood, NJ 
Major: Nursing 

Maria Rose CaroUo 

Blauvelt, NY 

Major: American Studies 

Jorge Carrion 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Jorge Luis Carrion 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Criminal Justice 

Sheileemarie Carrion 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Travis W. Carson 

Edison, NJ 

Major: Education, Social Studies 

Katherine Lynn Casagrande 

Jamison, PA 
Major: Marketing 

Derek Owen Casey 

North Wales, PA 
Major: History 
Minor: Education 

Jennifer Jane Cash 

Sound Beach. NY 
Major: Nursing 
Minor: English 

Eisha Casimir 

Philadelphia/Brooklyn, PA 
Major: Criminal Justice 
Minor; Communication 
Activities: Late Night La Salle 
Fashion Show, L.A.T.I.N.S. 

Amanda Elizabeth Cassetta 

Hammonton, NJ 
Major: Accounting 

John Castaldo 

Hamilton, NJ 

Major; Secondary Education, 

Social Studies 

Activities: Men's Basketball. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Rosanne Castiglioni 

Sicklerville, NJ 
Major: English 

Carlos A. Castillo 

Pottstown, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Jason Alex Caucci 

Mantua. NJ 
Major: Finance 
Minor: Music 

CoUeen Cavanaugh 

Camp Hill. PA 

Majors: English, 


Activities: Alpha Sigma Tau. 

Neighborhood Tutoring 


20o8^enior ^ndex 

Mary Shannon Cella 

Margate City. NJ 
Major: Marketing 

Ursel E. Chalmers 

Langhorne, PA 
Major: Central/Eastern 
European Studies 

Melanie Charles 

Diamond Vale, Diego Martin, 
Trinidad and Tobago 
Major: Geology 

Activities: Swim Team, Student 
Athlete Advisory Committee, 
RSA, Geology and 
Environmental Club, Project 

Michele Chermak 

Horsham, PA 
Major: Management 

Asher Antonio Chevannes 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Biology 

Minor: Spanish 

Activities: Biology Club, Pre- 

Health Society 

Meghann M. Chiappa 

Glenside, PA 

Major: Marital and Family 


Amanda Grace Childs 

Bryn Athyn, PA 
Major: Education 

Grant Theodore Chin 

La Canada Flintridge, CA 
Major: Chemistry 
Minor: Marketing 

Milagros Marlene Chinchay 

Stamford, CT 
Major: Finance 

Kaia C. Christiansen 

Newtown, PA 
Major: Nursing 

James Christopher 

Hammonton, NJ 
Major: Biology 

Stephen Ciechon 

Haddon Heights, NJ 
Major: Marketing 
Minor: Accounting 
Activities: Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Michael Cieri 

Havertown, PA 
Major: Marketing 
Activities: Business Scholars Co- 
op Program, American Marketing 
Association, Italian Club 

Carl C. Ciglar 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Finance 

Stacia Celeste Citrone 

Burlington, NJ 
Major: History 

Allison Marie Claypoole 

Berwyn, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Lori Marie Clements 

Lebanon, PA 
Major: Nutrition 

Sylvie Clcrie 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Derek Christopher Closta 

Boothwyn, PA 

Major: Computer Information 


Marlene Coachi 

Harleysville, PA 

Major: Adult Nurse Practioner 

Sara Jamie Cohen 

Philadlephia, PA 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Minor: Marketing 

Vanessa Lynne Cole 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Biology 
Minor: Psychology 
Activities: AASL, Step Team, 
Gospel Choir & Dance Ministry, 
Bio Club 

Keith Coleman 

Phialdelphia, PA 

Major: Organizational Dynamics 

Melissa V. Coleman 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Wayne Roland Collier 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Information Technology 


Minor: Accounting 

Maggie K. Collins 

Jenkintown, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Shonta Denise Collins 

Phialdelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Lisa Comet 

Meadowbrook, PA 

Major: Nursing 

Activities: Gamma Sigma Sigma 

Peter H. Conicelli 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Caitlin Maureen Conner 

Willow Springs, IL 
Major; Nursing 

Ryan P. Connolly 

Beach Haven, NJ 
Major: Marketing 

Christopher L. Conrow 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Computer Science 

Minor: Business 

MaryEllen Cook 

New Hope, PA 
Major: Psychology 

Nancy Cook 

Ambler, PA 

Major: Adult Health and Illness 

Rashan Amir Cook 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Criminal Justice, Sociology 

Tania Rene Cooper 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Mary Cordivari 

Philadelphia, PA 

Majors: Secondary Education, 


Activities: BackPac, Writing 


Elizabeth Corey 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 
Activities: ADP, NSCS 

Cynthia Louise Corisdeo 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major; Nursing 

Deborah Lynn Cornine 

Warminster, PA 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Marlaena Wilson Corso 

Northport, NY 

Major: Clinical Psychology 

Joseph Anthony Cosella 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Mathematics 
Minor: Spanish 

Dominic Matthew Cossentino 

Sunman, IN 

Major: Communication and 


Mark Costello 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: English 

Minor: Philosophy 

Activities: Collegian, the Masque, 

Maverick One Acts, University 

Writing Fellows, Union Services 


Dominique C.Cothran 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 
Minor: Marketing 
Activities: AASL 

Stephen J. Cowan 

Annandale, VA 

Majors: Marketing, Management 

Activities: Baseball 

John James Coyle 

Aldan, PA 
Major: Psychology 
Minor: History 

Holly Rae Crawford 

Glenside, PA 
Major: Nursing 
Activities: SNAP, NSCS 

Kimberly Anne Crawford 

Hatboro, PA 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Education, American Studies 

Brad Joseph Cresina 

Pottsville, PA 

Major: Communication 

Minor: Business 

Kevin Edward Crockett 

Sickerville, NJ 

Major: Communication 

20o8(^enior Undei 

Eulalia Cruz Rios 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Dawn Marie Culbreath 

Norristown, PA 

Major: Adult Nurse Practioner 

Brian Keith Cummings 

Bethlehem, PA 

Major: Computer Information 


Kristina Ann Cunningham 

"urlong, PA 

Major: Communication 

Minor: Marketing 

Francesca Cupo 

Mariton, NJ 
Major: Digital Art 
Minor: Spanish 

Joseph M. Curley 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: History 

Christina Currie 

Southampton, PA 

Major: Speech-Language- 


Minor: Psychology 

Activities: Week of Hope, 

jrimoire, NSSHLA 

Denise E. Curtain 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Business 

Denise E. Curyain 

■Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Business Administration, 

General Business 

'^drew John Cymerman 

Southampton, PA 

Major: International Leadership 

Carolyn Czop 

Bensalem, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Frank Dominic D'Adamo 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 
Minor: English 

Mario D'Adamo 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Criminal Justice and Spanish 

Minor: Business 

Activities: Italian Club 

Michael V. D'Agostino 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 
Minor: Business 

Mallory Lauren Dailey 

Horsham, PA 

Major: Health Sciences 

Elizabeth Aileen D'Alessandro 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 

William Daniel Dalton 

Laurel Springs, NJ 
Major: Political Science 

Alicia D'Ambrosio 

South Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Elementary/Special Education 

and American Studies 

Activities: Education Association, 

American Studies Association, 

Intramural Sports 

Kristen N. Danks 

Cheltenham, PA 
Major: Accounting 

Huy "Mike" Dao 

Atlantic City, NJ 
Majors: Chemistry, Biochemistry 
Minor; Forensic Studies 
Activities: Explorer Yearbook, 
Collegian, Chymian Society, AED 

Jenna Lynn Darcy 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Joseph Dare 

Roslyn, PA 

Major: Management 

Michelle D'Argenio 

West Caldwell, NJ 

Majors: Marketing and Management 

Activities: SIFE 

Steven Robert Dassing 

Olney, MD 
Major: Accounting 

Susan L. Davies 

Westhampton, NJ 
Major: Human Resource 

Desiree Davis 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Accounting 

Minor: International Studies 

Activities: Accounting Honors 

Society, Accounting Association 

Kim Davis 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 
Activities: SNAP 

Amanda Marie Day 

Plymouth Meeting, Pa 
Major; Elementary/Special 
Education, American Studies 
Minor; Spanish 

Victor Alan De Couto 

Kobe, Japan 
Major: History 
Minor; Economics 
Activities; Cross Cultural 
Association, Men's Rugby 

Gina M. De Lorenzo 

Millstone Township, NJ 
Major: Marketing 
Minor: Communication 

Alexis Claire De Salva 

Bethlehem, PA 
Major: Communication 

Stephanie Dean 

Middletown, NJ 
Major: Communication 
Activities; Gamma Sigma Sigma, 
La Salle 56 

Terrace R. Deangelo 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major; Nursing 

Joseph E. DeBarberie 

Drexel Hill, PA 
Major; English 
Minor; Philosophy 

Marianne L. DeCicco 

Quakertown, PA 

Major; Speech-Language-Hearing 

Brian M. Decker 

Mon-isville. PA 
Major; Nursing 

Robyn Ma: ^ 

Sicklerville. .' - 

Major: Marital ot,'. ! Mrn-iv 


David Kile Dee 

Warminster, PA 
Major: Marketing 

Rose Definis 

Newtown, PA 
Major; Management 
Minor; Information Systems 


Robert D'Fino 

Upper Darby. PA 
Major: Mathematics 
Minor; Religion 
Activities; Intramural Sports 

Matthew Deininger 

Philadelphia. PA 

Major; History, Education 

Amneris DeJesus 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 
Minor: Economics 

Mary F. Del Rossi-Bishop 

Burlington. NJ 
Major; Nursing 
Minor; Communication 

Mary A. Delbridge 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Business 

Anthony Nicholas Delcollo 

Wilmington. DE 

Major: History. Philosophy 

Chiara de Leon 

Hammonton. NJ 
Major: Speech-Language- 

Minor; Psychology 
Activities; Cross Cultural 
Association. NSSLHA. Books 
for Africa. Week of Hope 

Miriam Deleon-Paiz 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major; Marketing 
Activities; BUSCA program. 

Natalie Marie Dellobuono 

Mount Laurel. NJ 
Major; Nursing 

2nn/i J^mior ^ndex 

Gine DeLorenzo 

Millstone Township. NJ 
Major: Marketing 
Minor: Communication 

Joseph Steven DelVecchio 

Gibbstown, PA 
Major: Communication 

Tania Jureata Dickens 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Nursing 
Minor: Psychology 

Tiffany T. Dicker 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Deborah Ann Depolo Jason Edward Dillon 

Gilbertsville, PA Essex Junction, VT 

Major: Psychological Counseling Major: Communication 

Enid Rochelle Dershin 

Furlong, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Michael Keller Dertouzos 

North Wales, PA 

Major: Education, Social Studies 

Alexis C. DeSalva 

Bethlehem, PA 
Major: Communication 
Activities: Gamma Sigma 
Sigma, Association of Women 
in Communication 

Jason Joseph Devine 

Feasterville Trevose, PA 
Major: Accounting 

Laura Elaine DeZolt 

Morrisville, PA 
Major: Accounting 
Activities: Softball, intramural 

Molly A. Dezura 

Pottstown, PA 
Major: Education 

Kris Michael Diaz 

Old Bridge, NJ 
Major: Communication 
Minor: Business Administration 
Activities: CCA, A/ASIA, La 
Salle 56 

Sherman John Diaz 

Burlington, NJ 
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Management 

Anthony Robert DiBrino 

Warrinton, PA 
Major: Finance 
Minor: Risk Management 

Linda Phuong Dinh 

Lansdale, PA 
Major: Psycholgy 
Minor: Political Science 

Christina Marie DiPaolo 

Newtown, PA 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Education, American Studies 

Frank S. DiPasquale 

Somers Point, NJ 
Major: Finance 

John William DiPiero 

Cherry Hill, NJ 
Major: Finance 
Minor: Risk Management 

Dominick Anthony DiSalvo 

Langhorne, PA 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Sarah Dodson 

Hellertown, PA 

Major: Biology 

Activities: AED , Biology Board, 

NSCS, Gospel Choir, Karate Club 

Allison Marie Dolan 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Finance 

Anne Donahue 

West Chester, PA 

Major: Psychology, English 

Activities: Psi Chi 

Brian Francis Donnelly 

Plainfield, NJ 

Major: Management Information 


Christopher Donnelly 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Marketing 
Minor: Communication 
Activities: Delta Sigma Phi, SGA 

Shane Patrick Donnelly 

Folsom, PA 

Major: Communication 

Elizabeth Ann Donohue 

Oaklyn. NJ 
Major: Marketing 
Minor: Psychology 

Brian Joseph Donovan 

Ardmore, PA 

Major: Communication 

Shawn Dotterer 

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 
Major: Finance 
Activities: Delta Sigma Phi 

Dennis Michael Dougherty 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Management 

Gregory Dougherty 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Kathryn Dougherty 

Lansdale, PA 

Major: Marketing 

Activities: Gamma Sigma Sigma, 

Business Scholars Co-Op 

Margaret Anne Dougherty 

Phladelphia, PA 

Major: Bicultural and Bilingual 


Michah S. Douglass 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Jelena Drazenovic 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Chemistry, Biochemistry 

Octavia Dionna Drinks 

Willingboro, NJ 
Major: Accounting 

Alec Duchatellier 

Naperville, II 
Major: Finance 

Kristen F. Dudley 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Clincal Psychology 

Minor: Communication 

Laura Anne Duffey 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Psychology 

Robert Joseph Duffner 

Morrisville, PA 

Major; Math 

Minor: Risk Management 

Mary Duffy 

Norwood, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Jesse Dujardin 

West Caldwell, NJ 
Major: Accounting 
Activities: Alpha Phi Delta 

Christopher Robert Dunne 

Plymouth Meeting, PA 
Major: Finance 

Rose Michelle Duplessis 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Alicia DuPree 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Patrick C. Dymond 

Pennsauken, NJ 
Major: History 
Minor: Education 

Kenya L. Easterling 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Marital and Family 
Thearapy, Addications 

Christina Louise Eater 

Levitt own, PA 
Major: Digital Arts 

Allison Marie Ebbecker 

Trappe, PA 
Major: Management 

Rebecca Eberly 

Palmyra, NJ 

Major: General Business 


Lindsay Marie Edelman 

Langhorne, PA 

Major: Management Information 


Aubrey Edwards 

Huntingdon Valley, PA 
Major: Nursing 
Activities: SNAP 

20o8f§enior Urn 

Rebecca Saia Ellis 

Morrisville, PA 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Kristin L. Ellzy 

Langhorne, PA 
Major: Accounting 

John Embley 

Lawrenceville, NJ 
Major: Criminal Justice 
Minor: History 

James R. Emme 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Accounting 

Activities: Delta Sigma Phi, SGA, 

Lacrosse, IFSC 

Margaret M. Emme 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Timothy Russell Engel 

Linthicum Heights, MD 

Major: English 

Minor: Leadership and Global 


Peter Carl Engeland 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Finance 

Siobhan English 

Rockaway Beach, NY 

Major: Nursing 

Activities: Alpha Sigma Tau 

Brenda H. Engram 

Willingboro, NJ 
Major: Nursing 

Robert James Entenman 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Philosophy 

Adam J. Epstein 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Criminal Justice 

Kathleen Ernst 

Abington, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Jon J. Esposito 

Bensalem, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Sendys S. Estevez 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Marketing 

Minor; Leadership and Global 


Andrew Jon Estroff 

Yardley, PA 

Major: Information Technology 


William D. Evans 

Philadelphia, PA 

Majors: Computer Science and 


Activities: La Salle 56 

Amanda Everly 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Nursing 

Activities: Alpha Theta Alpha, 


Louis Andrew Fair 

Voorhees, NJ 
Major: Psychology 
Activities: Alpha Phi Delta 

Raymond Thomas Faison 

Absecon, NJ 

Major: International Business 

Marjorie Faia (Jones) 

Williamstown, NJ 

Major: Elementary/ Special 

Education, Psychology 

Activities: Honors Program, PEER 


Gregory Joseph Fala 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Computr Information 


Joann Famular 

Audubon, NJ 

Major: Communication, Marketing 

Activities: Association for Women in 


Christopher James Fanelli 

Shamong, NJ 
Major: Marketing 

Crystal Lynn Faries 

Jackson, NJ 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Minor: Leadership and Global 


Activities: Honors Program, 

S.A.V.E., Gamma Sigma Sigma, 

Criminal Justice Honors Society, 

Los Nifios 

Kimberly Farley 

Jamison, PA 

Major: Marketing 

Minor: International Studies 

Activities: Neighborhood Tutoring, 

CARE, RSA, AIDS Outreach 

Lauren M. Farrell 

Ardsley, PA 

Major: Secondary Education and 


Activities: Honors Program 

Kyle A. Fenstermaker 

Horsham, PA 
Major: Finance 

Francis Patrick Feola 

Sea Isle City, NJ 
Major: Accounting 

Ruel Femandes 

Valley Forge. PA 

Majors: Management and 


Activities: Pre Law Society. 

Society for Advanced 

Management. Explorer 

Yearbook, Anime Club 

Desirec Fernandez 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Marketing 
Activities: CCA. OLAS. Mu 
Sigma Upsilon. CARE 

Samantha Farrell Loren Angelis Fernandez 

Bensalem, PA ' Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Psychology Major: Nursing 

Activities: Alpha Theta Alpha, Minor: Leadership and Global 

IFSC, La Salle Catering Supervisor Understanding 

Galeet Farrow 

Perkiomenville, PA 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Dennis Michael Fay 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Communication and 


Minor: Leadership and Global 


Joseph Peter Fedorowicz 

Abington, PA 
Major: English 

Jordan Feld 

Hadden Heights, NJ 

Major: Marketing 

Minor: Risk Management and 


Activities: SGA, Ambassadors, 

Project Appalachia, Admissions 

Campus Explorer, New Explorer 


Lauren Fell 

Boyertown. PA 

Major: Communication 

Minor: English 

Activities: La Salle 56, PRSSA, 

Lambda Pi Eta 

Maria Magdalena 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 
Minor: Information Science 

Rob Fetters 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Marketing 
Activities: Ice Hockey 

Jocelyn S. Fidanza 

Fort Washington. PA 
Major: Management 

Maria Joan Findley 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: General Business 

Danielle Finley 

Vineland. NJ 

Major: Biology 

Activities: University Ministry 

and Service, AIDS Outreach, 


Kathleen M. Finnegem 

Harleysville. PA 
Major: Management 


2nnS J^f/nior ^ndp.x 

Edu'ard Anthony Fiorella 

Jacqueline Ford 

Andreea Fratila 

Lina Maria Garcia 

Philadelphia, PA 

Wyncote, PA 

Galati, Romania 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Major: Nursing 

Major: Economics 

Major: Psychology 

Minor: Marketing 

Minors: Mathematics 

Brad Forsyth 

Activities: Honors Program, Student 

Manuela Garcia 

Jason M. Fisher 

Philadelphia, PA 

Economics Association 

Philadelphia, PA 

Langhome, PA 

Major: Psychology 

Major: Liberal Arts 

Major: Education 

Activities: Ice Hockey 

Vilmarie Fred 

Philadelphia, PA 

Minor: Marketing 

Marie T. Fisher 

Danielle Forsythe 

Major: Liberal Arts 

Michelle Garcia 

Horsham, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 

Bensalem, PA 

Major: Adult Health and Illness 

Majors: Mathematics and 


Major: Nursing 

Minor: Business 

Secondary Education 

Langhome, PA 

Activities: Alpha Sigma Tau, SGA 

Major: Nursing 

Stephanie Garcia 

Kirsten Mame Fitz-Maurice 

Ambassadors, Math Club 

Activities: SNAP 

Philadelphia, PA 

Newtown, PA 

Majors: Psychology and English 

Majors: English and 

Victoria V. Forte 

Annette Johnanne Freude 

Minor: Women Studies 


Philadelphia, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 

Activities: CCA, Psychology 

Minor: Marketing 

Major: Marketing 

Major: Finance 

Club, C.A.R.E. 

Activities: Alpha Sigma Tau, 

Minors; Political Science, 

SGA, University Ambassadors, 

International Studies 

Michael Francis FuUam 

Alanna R. Gardner 

Writing Fellows 

Activities: Pre Law Society, SAM, 

Haddon Heights, NJ 

Glassboro, NJ 


Major: Marketing 

Major: Psychology 

Paul Flanigan 

Minor: Biology 

Tumersville, NJ 

Meggin Jeanne Forti 

Lynn A. Fulton 

Activities: Step Team, Big 

Major: Chemistry 

Marshfield, MA 

Philadelphia, PA 

Brother/Big Sister, AASL 

Minor: History 

Major: Psychology 

Major: Nursing 

Activities: Alpha Chi Rho, 

Taylor Gregory Garley 

Honors Program, Ice Hockey 

Jacyln Fossett 

Anthony Louis Gabriele 

Little Silver, NJ 

Dennis Township, NJ 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Psychology and English 

Christopher P. Flite 

Majors: Elementary/Special 

Major: Accounting and Management 


Churchville, PA 

Education, American Studies 

Information Systems 

Cara Lucille Garofalo 

Major: Nursing 

Activities: Alpha Theta Alpha 

Minor: Political Science 

Riverside, NJ 

Activities: Delta Sigma Phi, 

Major: Pastoral Care 

PEER Educators, SNAP, 

James Thomas Fox 

Mercy Panyin Gaisie 

Intramural Football and 

Pleasantville, NY 

Merchantville, NJ 

Lisa Garra 


Major: Communication 

Major: Nursing 

Willow Grove, PA 

Minor: Business 

Major: Nursing 

Lucas Blue Flores Piran 

Jose Luis Galloza 

Spring Lake, NJ 

James Howard Foxen 

Philadelphia, PA 

Mary Beth Garrity 

Major: Finance 

Tenafly, NJ 

Major: Education, English 

Abington, PA 

Minor: Spanish 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Major: Marketing 

Minor: Philosophy 

Nichole Marie Garber 

Activities: Alpha Sigma Tau, 

Aurelie Florian 

Philadelphia, PA 

Panhellenic Executive Board 

Silverdale, WA 

Jennifer Claire Fraczkiewicz 

Major: Communication 

Major: Communication 

Monrow, CT 

Minor: Political Science 

Christopher J. Garzone 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Philadelphia, PA 

Michael Foell 

Minor: Spanish 

Diana Garcia 

Majors: Marketing/ Management 

Cheltenham, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 

Activities: Football 

Major: Communication 

Danielle Lucienne Fralen 

Major: Liberal Arts 

Lothian, MD 

Minor: Philosophy 

Jennifer Teresa Gaynor 

Celia B. Font 

Major: Communication 

Levittown, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 

Minor: Marketing 

Gertrudis Garcia 

Major: Nursing 

Major: Marital and Family 

Ponce, Puerto Rico 


Sarah Frangos 

Major: Nursing 

Michael Gehris 

Clarks Summit, PA 

Activities: SNAP, MSNA, Sigma 

Philadelphia, PA 

Libra L. Footman 

Major: Communication 

Theta Tau, Anime Club, the 

Major: Marketing 

Feasterville Trevose, PA 

Activities: Gamma Sigma Sigma, 


Major: Nursing 

Ambassadors, Admission Campus 

Veronica Eduarda Genova 


Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Nursing 

Kristina Geonnotti 

Langhorne, PA 
Major: Education 

Kevin John Gianfortune 

Cherry Hill, NJ 
Major: Finance 
Minor: Philosophy 

Nicole P. Giantomaso 

Abington, PA 

Major: Communication 

Melanie Celeste Gibbons 

Bridgewater, NJ 
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Religion 

Catherine Ann Gifford 

Souderton, PA 

Major: Marketing 

Minor: International Studies 

Danielle Marie Gigantino 

Sewell, NJ 

Major: Adult Nurse Practioner 

Lynne M. Giglio 

Princeton, NJ 
Major: Marketing 

John Francis Gill 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Management 

Bemadette Gillen 

Glenside, PA 

Major: Industrial/Organizational 


Lynette Anise Gilliam 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Biology 

Minor: Leadership and Global 


Brooke A. Gillis 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 

Megan F. Gingrich 

Harrisburg, PA 
Major: Communication 

Patrice Girard 

Northfield, NJ 

Major: Communication 

Activities: Crew 

Martin Ndicu Githinji 


Major: Finance and Management 

Information Systems 

Michael A. Giunta, Jr. 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Accounting 

Activities: Beta Gamma Sigma, 

Intramural Football and Basketball, 


Tara K. Gladys 

New Britain, PA 
Major: Management 

Paula L, Glanton 

Trenton, NJ 

Major: Computer Information 


Marques D. Glaze 

King of Prussia, PA 
Major: Finance 

Margaret C. Gleason 

Flourtown, PA 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Richard N. Glenn 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Lindsay Elizabeth Glennie 

Fallsington, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Eric M. Glick 

Toms River, NJ 

Major: Finance and Management 

Julia S. Goble 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Robert Kevin Godard 

Shrewsbury, NJ 
Major: Finance 

Shauna Rae Goetz 

Maple Shade, NJ 
Major: Psychology 
Activities: Crew, Intramural 
Basketball, SAAC 

Patrick Francis Golden 

Vineland, NJ 
Major: Finance 

Joseph Louis Gonzalez 

New York, NY 
Major: Crimina; Justice 
Minor: Business 

Luis Fernando Gonzalez 

Bensalem, PA 
Major: Management 

Joseph James Gouryeb 

Cinnaminson. NJ 

Major: Finance and History 

Jenna Lynn Graber 

Englishtown, PA 
Major: Finance 

Andrew E. Graff 

Morrisville, PA 
Major: Education 

Nicholas Joseph Graff 

Abington, PA 

Major: Communication 

Minor: Political Science 

Alison Graham 

Doylestown, PA 

Major: Central/Eastern European 


Moira E. Grassey 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Nicole Kelly Gray 

Pennsville, NJ 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Education and American Studies 

Eugene James Grear 

Haddon Heights, NJ 
Major: Criminal Justice 

Meagan Courtney Green 

Upton, PA 

Major: Biology and English 

Kevin S. Greenberg 

Willow Grove, PA 
Major: Management and 

Olga Greendlinger 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Central and European 


Ashley Marie Griffin 

Atco, NJ 

Major: Psychology 

Thomas Wiillafn Gvossman 

Chesilhurst, NJ 
Major: Accountinn 

Dominic Joseph Grosso 

Medford. NJ 
Major: Management 

Jennifer Anne Grosso 

Roselle Park, NJ 
Major: Fine Arts 

David Daniel Gruberg 

Poughkeepsie, NY 
Major: Finance 

Patricia Guerin 

Huntingdon Valley, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Laura Guerrini 

Hatboro, PA 
Major: Nursing 
Activities: Gamma Phi Beta. 

Catherine Mcuie Gulkis 

Philadelphia. PA 

Major: Education and Math 

Melissa Guney 

Hainesport, NJ 
Major: ISBT 

Abbey N. Gunn 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Education 

Jennifer C. Gutierrez 

Philadelphia. PA 

Major: Industrial/Organizational 


Julianna Gwiszcz 

Cheltenham. PA 

Majors: English and Sociology 

Activities: Los Ninos. Project 

Appalachia, Collegian, PRSSA, 


Alma Irene Hall 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Nursing 

Kevin Lawrence Hall 

Liverpool, NY 

Major: Political Science 

Minor: Business 

Jesse Daniel Hamilton 

Demarest. NJ 

Major: Finance and Marketing 

2ooR J^enior &ndex 

Andrea Drahushul Hcunm 

West Chester. PA 
Major: Speech-Lcinguage- 

Joey Hamm 

River Edge, NJ 
Major: Criminal Justice 

Diana Hammerschmidt 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Industrial/Organizational 


Brian Christopher Haney 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Management 

Brittany Maeve Hanley 

Schwenksville, PA 
Major: Accounting and 
Management Information 

Sean Hanna 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Brian Alexander Hanna 

Southampton, PA 

Major: Information Technology 


Patrick John Hannigan 

Newtown, PA 

Major: Communication 

Brittany Marie Hansen 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Jessica Ashley Hanson 

Cortland Manor, NY 
Major: Elementary/Special 
Education, American Studies 

Marshalee Latoya Hanson 

Fairless Hills, PA 

Major: Industrail/Organizational 


Beverly R. Hardy-Moore 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Stephanie C. Harkins 

Levitt own, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Jamila Harley 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 

Lesli M. Harper 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Angela Veria Harris 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Information Technology 


Darnell Leonardo Harris 

Baltimore, MD 
Major: Management 

Shaheim Harris 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Vonetta W. Harris 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Education 

Anika Hart 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Accounting 

Jennifer V. Hart 

Philadelphia, PA 

Majors: Psychology, 


Activities: RA, La Salle 56, La 

Salle Service Trips 

Robert Henry Hart 

Warrington, PA 

Major: Information Technology 


Angela Carmel Hartman 

Doylestown, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Steven Ronald Hartman 

Bluebell, PA 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Linda Marie Hasner 

Mount Laurel, NJ 
Major: Psychology 

Edward Michael Hays 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Criminal Justice 

Sean Heam 

Hatboro, PA 

Major: Marketing 

Activities: Cross Country, Track 

Joseph Heavey 

Coatesville, PA 

Major: Accounting 

Activities: Men's Soccer, SGA, 


Roneild Anthony Heere 

Churchville, PA 
Major: Finance 

Kristi Lynne Heiman 

Norristown, PA 
Major: Finance 

Kelly Lynn Heiss 

Woodland Hills, CA 
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Sociology 

Megan Hellander 

Blackwood, NJ 

Major: Communication 

Minor: Marketing 

Activities: Intramural Sports, PEER 

Educators, PRSSA 

Ann M. Heller 

Elkins Park, PA 

Major: Adult Nurse Practioner 

Kristy Marie Heller 

Perkiomenville, PA 
Major: Accounting 

Rebecca Lynn Helms 

Paupack, PA 

Major: Clinical Psychology 

Matthew Hendricks 

Collingswood, NJ 
Major: Criminal Justice 
Activities: Alpha Phi Delta 

Janette Nancy-Anne Hendrix 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: English and Spanish 

Minor: Japanese 

Andrenna N. Henry 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Sean Henry 

Bristol, PA 

Majors: Marketing and Finance 
Activities: Business Scholars Co-Op 
Program, Men's Rugby 

Rachel Ann Hensey 

Monroe, CT 
Major: Nursing 

Lindsay Marie Herbine 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Education and English 

Maria Hernandez 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Casey Ryan Herstich 

Bethlehem, PA 
Major: Communication 

Kimberly Hester 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Brenda Joy Hicks 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Lorraine D. Hicks 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Kevin J. Higgins 

Warminster, PA 
Major: General Business 

Carlene Hightower 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing, 

Minor: Psychology 

Danielle N. Hignut 

MuUica Hill, NJ 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Education, American Studies 

Alicia Hill 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Business Administration 

Angela Hill 

Cheltenham, PA 

Major: Bilingual Bicultural Studies 

Wayne W. Hobson 

Charlotte, NC 

Major: Organizational Dynamics 

Minor: Psychology 

Joseph Paul Hoffman 

Drexel Hill, PA 
Major: History 
Minor: Sociology 

20o8f^enior ^nd^ 

Lauren Hoffman 

Yardley, PA 

Major; Nursing 

Activities: Alpha Theta Alpha, 

Sigma Theta Tau, NSCS 

Diana Holland 

Philadelphia, PA 

Majors: Secondary Education, 


Minor: Psychology 

Activities: Ambassadors, ACES, 

Project Appalachia 

Ryan Clevis Holmes 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Bilingual Bicultural Studies 

Elizabeth Ainsley Holody 

Princeton, NJ 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Erin Holtan 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

James Patrick Holzwari:h 

Warminster, PA 
Major: Accounting 

Catina Renee Hood 

Lawrenceville, NJ 
Major: Communication 

Alyse Marie Hoover 

Harrisburg, PA 
Major: Communication 

Kristen Nicole Horn 

Langhorne, PA 
Major: Education 

Sean J. Houlihan 

Bensalem, PA 
Major: ISBT 
Minor: Marketing 
Activities: Honors Program, 

Marissa Marie Houtz 

Pottsville, PA 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Robyn L. Hovermale 

Upper Darby, PA 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Martin Howley 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Criminal Justice 
Activities: Judicial Review Board, 
Alpha Phi Sigma, Moot Court 

Natesha Hray 

Bronx, NY 

Major: History 

Activities: Delta Phi Epsilon, AASL, 

St. Thomas Moore Pre-Law Society, 


Catherine T. Hudec 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Tracey D. Hudson 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: General Studies 

Megan Huffnagle 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Marketing 
Minor: Communication 
Activities: Gamma Phi Beta, Food 
Services, Project Mapendo, Los 

Carolyn Hughes 

South Kent, CT 
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Forensic Studies 
Activities: AID Outreach, PEER 
Educators, Peer Tutors 

Kevin Hughes 

Cherry Hill, NJ 

Major: Biology 

Minor: Philosophy 

Activities: University Ministry and 


Jennifer Hyde 

New Rochelle, NY 
Major: Russian 

Ian Hyder 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: History 

Minor: Political Science 

Kelly Brynn lacobacci 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Marital Family Therapy 

Michael Joseph lannello 

Somerdale, NJ 
Major: Accounting 

Catherine Ibirongbe 

Sicklerville, NJ 

Major: Nursing 

Activities: MSN A, SNAP, Sigma 

Theta Tau 

Carolina Sanchez llagan 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Caitlin Rose Immerman 

Ambler, PA 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Education, American Studies 

Michael Impagliazzo 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Marketing 

Activities: Business Scholars Co- 


Alison Lee Ingman 

Township of Washington, NJ 
Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Amy Inkrott 

Washington Township, NJ 
Major: Psychology 
Activities: AIDS Outreach. Alpha 
Theta Alpha 

Jaclyn Issel 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Victoria Ivins-Voce 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nutrition 
Activities: Alpha Theta Alpha, 
Cheerleading, LEAN Club 

Theodore Richard Jabara 

Ridgefield, CT 

Major: Management 

Minor: Leadership and Global 


Kristy Jack 

Riverside, NJ 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Francena Yvette Jacks 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Finance and Management 

Andrea Jackson 

Elkton, MD 
Major: Nursing 

Christine Jackson 

South Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 
Minor: Music 
Activities: Association for 
Women in Communication 

Jannie C. Jackson 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Social Work 

Eric Paul Jaen 

Waminster. PA 

Major: Information Technology 

Minor: Business 

Kyle M. Jakob 

Medford, NJ 
Major: Marketing 

Mark Joseph Janiszewski 

Skillman, NJ 

Major: General Business 


Christopher Jannetti 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Accounting 
Activities: Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Marcely Jean-Pierre 

Willingboro. NJ 

Major: Communication 

Minor: English 

Activities: Phi Beta Sigma, 

AASL Track and Field. La Salle 

56, WEXP 

Stephanie Jefferson 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Nursing 

Rachel Jeff-Macauley 

Pennsauken. NJ 
Major: Nursing 

Eliza Kathleen Jelliff 

Sea Girt. NJ 

Major: Marital Family Therapy 

Catherine Mellwig Jenkins 

Woodbury, NJ 
Major: Speech-Language- 

April S. Jerman 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Nursing 

Hasana J. Jerman 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major; Nursing 

20o8f§enior Undex 

Clement John 

Trivandrum. Kerala. India 
Major: Nursing 

Carol D. Johnson 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Laura Anne Johnson 

Washington, DC 

Majors: Marketing and 


Minor: Communication 

Activities: Alpha Theta Alpha, 

X-Plorettes Dance Team, 


Lenny Johnson 

Baltimore, MD 

Major: Integrated Science 

Business Technology 

Activities: Phi Beta Sigma, 

AASL, RA, Gospel Choir. Day 


Matthew F. Johnson 

Cheltenham, PA 
Major: Criminal Justice 

Gabrielle Rose Joiner 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Management, Marketing 

Andrew Jones 

Middletown, NJ 

Major: Information Technology 

Anita Rachel Jones 

Bensalem, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Christopher L. Jones 

NoPA/alk, CT 
Majors: Communication 
Minors; History, Music 
Activities: Open Mic Night, 
Backstage Pass, Film Society 

Kelly C. Jones 

Blackwood, NJ 
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Biology 

Marc Edward Jones 

Ambler, PA 

Major: Liberal Arts/General 


Margaret Mary Jones 

Williamstown, NJ 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Education, Psychology 

Mark E. Jones 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Business 

Nicole Jones 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Shawree Jones 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Tynisa N. Jones 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Education 

Zipporah E. Jones 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: English 

Calvin M. Jordan 

Cape May, NJ 
Major: Finance 
Minor: Accounting 

Kathleen Ann Jordan 

Wilmington, DE 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Stephen E. Jordan 

Rochester, NH 
Major: English, Public 

Jamila Amira Joshua 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Kelly Ann Joyce 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Carolyn Mary Judge 

West Chester, PA 
Major: Religion 
Minor: Psychology 

James Francis Juliano 

Swedesboro, NJ 
Major: Biology 

Krystallia Kalachani 

Major: Communication 

Efthymia Kalantzi 

Major: Communication 

Jennifer Marie Kallen 

Rhineback, NY 

Major: Education, Social Studies 

Stephen Kamnik 

Mayfair, PA 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Minor: Philosophy 

Activities: Information Technology 

Carolyn C. Kampa 

Bensalem, PA 
Major: Education 

Colleen E. Kane 

Swarthmore, PA 

Major: Nursing 

Activities: Gamma Phi Beta 

Lauren Kane 

Philadelphia, PA 

Majors: Finance, Marketing 

Activities: Alpha Sigma Tau 

Jonida Kapetani 

Major: Communication 

Dancan Kapkusha 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Nursing 

Maria Karali 

Major: Communication 

Alexis Jane Karbiwnyk 

Flourtown, PA 
Major: Education 

Maria Catherine Kardas 

Wildwood, NJ 
Major: Marketing 

Timothy George Karis 

Scotch Plains, NJ 

Major: Management, Marketing 

Kara Kaschak 

Winslow, NJ 
Major: Marketing 
Activities: Cheerleading 

Christina Lamros Katsifas 

Garrison, NY 
Major: Biology 

Kerry J. Katzke 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Stacey Julia Kauffman 

Elkins Park, PA 

Major: English 

Minor: American Studies 

Christina Kazmorck 

Blackwood, NJ 
Major: Psychology 

Norman Thomas Kciznica 

Phialdelphia, PA 
Major: Accounting 

Raymond Robert Kaznica 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Accounting 

Jaclyn Keannerer 

Secane, PA 

Majors: Elementary/Special 
Education, American Studies 
Activities: Education Association, 
American Studies Association, Pi 
Lambda Theta, NSCS 

Kevin A. Kearney 

Blakely, PA 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Education, American Studies 

Trevor John Keast 

North Wales, PA 

Major: Computer Information 


Rayvan Kee 

Elkins Park, PA 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Daniel P. Keefe 

Abington, PA 
Major: Finance 

Nancy Marie Keeley 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: General Business 

Amy Marie Keenan 

Bensalem, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Shannon M. Kelly 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Accounting 

Marie C. Kelly-Tralics 

Ardsley, PA 
Major: Nursing 

^imif% .^r^\ iji%%'iT ^J sMJfi^l^ 

Megan Kempf 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 
Activities: SNAP 

Holly Kendorski 

Port Richmond, PA 
Major: Political Science 

Derrick Kennedy 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Criminal Justice 

Daniel John Kenworthy 

Levittown, PA 
Major: Accounting 
Minor: English 

James Patrick Keough 

Westmont, NJ 
Major: English 
Minor: Communication 
Activities: WEXP 

Colleen Kerins 

Ridley Park, PA 
Major: Accounting 
Activities: Gamma Phi Beta 

Lauren Elizabeth Kerrigan 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 
Minor: English 

Aline Keshishian 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 

Aliya Zakia Khabir 

Cheltenham, PA 
Major: Communication 

Hina Khan 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Biology 

Activities: Biology Club, AED, 

South Asian Student Association 

Su Hee Kim 

Colmar, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Michelle Kintsch 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Information Technology 

Jenna Marie Kipp 

Downingtown, PA 
Major: Psychology 

Betty Lou Kishler 

Pemberton, NJ 
Major: Theology 

Patricia Lee Kissling 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: History 

Semira Kiyar 

Major: Nursing 
Activities: MNSA 

Neeka Klaller 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Amelia Klee 

Morrisville, PA 
Major: Nursing 
Activities: SNAP, MNSA 

Danielle Amy Kline 

Warminster, PA 
Major; Education 

Kathryn Knapp 

Somerville, NJ 

Major: Mathematics 

Minor: Education 

Activities: Gamma Sigma Sigma, 

Homeless Outreach 

Blaine D. Kneeshaw 

Keyport, NJ 

Major: Finance 

Activities: Crew, Outdoor Adventure 


Cally Knight 

Southington, CT 

Major: Nursing 

Minor: Psychology 

Activities: Alpha Sigma Tau, SNAP 

Kate Knowles 

Port Chester, NY 
Major: Communication 
Activities: AASL, Collegian, Gospel 
Choir, Step Team, Association of 
Women in Communication 

Nari Koam 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Psychology 

Rosemarie Therese Kolmer 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Pastoral Care 

Bridget Konczyk 

Philadelphia, PA 
Majors: Elementary/Special 
Education, American Studies 
Activities: Gamma Sigma Sigma, 
Backpac, Collegian 

William Francis Koneski 

Bridgeport, PA 

Major: International Technology 

Christopher Charles Kopac 

Shelton, CT 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Minor; Forensic Studies 

Ratmond Joseph Koplinka 

Morrisville, PA 

Major: Management Information 


Amie Kotalic 

Clinton, NJ 

Majors: Elementary/ Special 

Education, American Studies 

Activities: Project Mapendo, PAL, 

AIDS Outreach, La Salle 


Natasha Kovacevic 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Central/Eastern European 


Joseph Kovalcheck 

Newtown, PA 
Major: Management 

David Jared Kowalski 

Jamison, PA 

Major: Marital Family Therapy 

Laura Lea Kozemple 

Souderton, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Kellie J. Krause 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Industrial/Organizational 


John Christopher Kreisler 

Doylestown, PA 
Major: Marketing 

Nicole Marie Krupa 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Adult Nurse Practioner 

Magdalena Krysa 

Levittown, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Jaclyn Diiant> Kubaiii 

Coatesville, PA 
Major: Spee'j. 
Minor: Psychology 

Wayne Albert Kuehner 

Dayton, NJ 

Major: Management 

Information Systems 

Vanessa Valarie Kulik 

Blackwood, NJ 
Major: Speech-Language- 

Timothy Kummerling 

Glenside, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Christina Kump 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 
Activities: Phonathon, 
Communication Work study job. 
Biology Work Study job 

Michelle M. Kuppe 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Todda R. Kurpel 

Media, PA 

Major: Central/Eastern 

European Studies 

Martha Kutteh 

Statesville, NC 
Majors: Elementary/ Special 
Education, American Studies 
Minor: Leadership and Global 
Activities: AIDS Outreach. 
Women's Tennis, Peer 
Ministers. Project Mapendo. 
Los Ninos. PAL 

Kathryn Kuttler 

Doylestown. PA 
Major: Nursing 

Stephem William 

Elkins Park. PA 
Major: History 

Nicole Elizabeth La Rocca 

Linwood. NJ 

Major: Marketing, Finance 

20o8 f^emor Undex 

iiinily Key LaBell 

Pliiiadelphia. PA 
Major: General Studies 
Minor: Women's Studies 

Devin Ladd 

Lebanon. CT 
Major: Communication 
Activities: Men's Soccer Team, 
Big Brother/ Big Sister. SGA 

Peter William Lafferty 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Management 

Susanne Marie LaFrankie- 

Haddonfield. NJ 
Major: Communication 

Robert Christopher Lally 

Norristown. PA 
Major: Finance 

Michelle Lamay 

Feasterville, PA 
Major: Marketing 

Stephanie Lambert 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Social Work 

Matthew Blake Lambie 

Ellicott City, MD 
Major: Finance 
Minor: Accounting 

Mary Ann Lammert 

Greenville, DE 
Major: Pastoral Care 

Mary Francis Lamont 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Health Science 
Minor Psychology 
Activities: Crew 

Ashlee Lamson 

Maple Shade. NJ 
Majors: Elementary/ Special 
Education, American Studies 
Activities: Gamma Sigma 
Sigma, Education Association 

Maria-Elana B. Lanahan 

Rockledge, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Elizabeth M. Landis 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Megan Lange 

Northfield, NJ 
Major: Nursing 
Activities: Gamma Sigma Sigma 

Michelle S. Langley 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 

Simon Larano 

Toms River, NJ 
Major: Communication 
Minor: English 
Activities: RA, A/ASIA 

Susan G. LaSalle 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Adult and Human Illness 

Dana Marie Lausterer 

Old Forge, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Megan Lavery 

Lawrenceville, NJ 

Major: Clinical Psychology 

Dana M. Law 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Criminal Justice 
Minor: Sociology 

Barbara J. Lawrence 

Trenton, NJ 
Major: Nursing 

Chris Lawrence 

Norristown, PA 

Major: ISBT 

Activities: Men's Lacrosse, SIFE 

Brent James Leachman 

Burlington, VT 
Major: Finance 

Celestine E. Lee 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Adult Nurse Practioner 

Joann Lee 

Bryn Mawr, PA 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Education, American Studies 

Sandra Elizabeth Lee 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Social Work 

Activities: Social Work Advisory 


Tonia Regina Lee 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: General Business 

Win C. Lee 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Biology 

Activities: Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi 

Alpha Beta, NSCS, A/ASIA 

Michael Lehr 

Carlisle, PA 
Major: Chemistry 
Minor: Business 
Activities: Men's Soccer 

Julia Lendzinski 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 
Activities: PRSSA, NSCS, Lambda 
Pi Eta 

Stephanie Lennon 

Rockledge, PA 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Claudia Jean Lentz 

Bethlehem, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Anna Marie T. Lesutis 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Bilinguall Bicultural Studies 

Jay I. Levitt 

Yardley, PA 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Vanessa Levros 

Cranston, RI 

Majors: Marketing and 


Minor: Digital Arts 

Activities: AASL, X-Plorette Dance 

Team, Step Team 

Jason Lewandowski 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Secondary Education and 


Minor: Political Science 

Activities: Ice Hockey 

Amelia Lewis 

Philadelphia, PA 

Majors: Elementary/ Special 

Education and American Studies 

Activities: RA, RSA, Late Night La 


Andrew Garrett Lewis 

Frenchtown, NJ 
Major: Communication 
Minor: Political Science 

Aubreya O. Lewis 

Los Angeles, CA 

Major: Bilingual Bicultural Studies 

Linda L. Lewis 

Quakertown, PA 
Major: Theology 

Stacy Lewis 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Jamie Lee Libonate 

Hazleton, PA 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Minor: Spanish 

Matthew Liciardello 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Health Sciences 

Duane L. Liedle 

Newtown, PA 
Major: Finance 

Amanda Christine Lindsey 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Psychology 

Ingrid Linton 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Social Work 

Carolyn Anne Lipovsky 

Edison, NJ 

Major: Chemistry, Biochemistry 

Kimberly Anne Lisun 

Deptford. NJ 

Major: Communication 

Alicia Anne Little 

Bensalem, PA 
Major: Nutrition 

Veronica Oluwakemi Little 

Willingboro, NJ 
Major: Nursing 

Tai Patrice Little-Hall 

Mount Vernon, NY 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

2nn/i J^p/nior ^nde^. 

lonathan Lo Monico 

Kyle Luke 

Timothy W. Main 

Gjcrgj Mara 

Magnolia, NJ 

Wyoming, DE 

Philadelphia, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 

4ajor: ISBT 

Majors: Finance, Marketing 

Major: Information Technology 

Major: Biology 

Activities: SIFE, Laboratory 

Activities: Cross Country, Track Minor: Computer Science 


Activities:Singers, Explorer 

Mikael Mara 

Karina Luna 


Wynnewood, PA 

Michael Gabriel Lo Sapio 

Phialdelphia, PA 

Major: Biology 

Vilmington, DE 

Major: Liberal Arts 

Christopher S. Maisano 

Minor: Italian 

4ajor: Theology 

Philadelphia, PA 

Victoria Lynch-Smith 

Major: Management Information 

Kelly Lauren Marascio 

Morgan James Lobelo 

Medford, NJ 


Solebury, PA 

)unellen, NJ 

Major: Nursing 

Major: Pastoral Care 

4ajor: Criminal Justice 

Trevor Williams Maki 

Erin Marie Lyons 

Abington, PA 

Sheldon Dubbison 

Matthew Alexander Loftus 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Communication 


'hiladelphia, PA 

Major: Accounting 

Minor; Leadership and Global 

Philadelphia, PA 

4ajor; Fine Arts 

Kelly Ann Lyons 


Major: Lliberal Studies 

Todd R. Logan 

Voorhees, NJ 

Theresa Renee Malandra 

Gregory Joseph Marchetti 

.anghorne, PA 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Warminster, PA 

Southampton, PA 

/lajor: Communication 

Education, American Studies 

Major: Industrial/Organizational 

Major: Management, 


International Businesss 

!)assandra Lynn Logue 

Brad MacDonald 

Jurlington, NJ 

Springfield, PA 

Anthony D. Malatesta 

Jeffrey Thomas Marchetti 

^ajor: Finance 

Major: Communication 

Cherry Hill, NJ 

Southampton, PA 

4inor: Education 

Major: Religious Education 

Major: Management 

Activities: Gamma Sigma Sigma 

Kalita Denene MacElrce 

Yeadon, PA 

Sarah C. Malecki 

Catherine Nicole Mariano 

lames J. Lombardo 

Major: Social Work 

Harleysville, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 

^orth Wales, PA 

Major: Finance 

Major: Management, Marketing 

^lajor: Management 

Marissa Lynn Macintosh 

Minors: Risk Management and 

Abington, PA 

Insurance. English 

Melissa Marinaro 

Matthew Jullian Longobardi 

Major: Nursing 

Activities: Honors Board, 

Deptford. NJ 

:olts Neck, NJ 

Minor: Psychology 

Ambassadors, Gamma Iota Sigma 

• Major: Elementary/Special 

4ajor: Accounting 

Activities: National Collegiate 

Honor CARE, Honors Program 

Education, American Studies 

Society, SNAP, Cheerleading 

Minor: Leadership and Global 

ilaureen Therese Longstreth 

Matthew Malloy 


Varminster, PA 

Julianna Madaline 

Philadelphia, PA 

4ajor: Organizational Dynamics 

Pottstown, PA 

Major: History 

Sylenea Jane Marmo 

Major: Psychology 

Minor: Secondary Education 

Shavertown. PA 

Drlando Lopez 

Activities: Gamma Phi Beta, Career Activities: Alpha Phi Delta, 

Major: Nursing 

'hiladelphia, PA 

Services Center 

Intramural Sports 

4ajor: Communication 

Michael Paul Marren 

vlinor: Marketing 

Maggy Elin Maffia 

Fiachra Fintan Malone 

Philadelphia. PA 

Newtown Square, PA 

Cheltenham, PA 

Major: Mangement 

ii'enny C. Lora 

Major: Digital Arts 

Major: History 

Philadelphia, PA 

Minor: Computer Science 

David Marrero 

vlajor: Social Work 

Molly Elizabeth Malone 

Philadelphia. PA 

Shelton Magee 

Wilkes Barre, PA 

Major: Liberal Arts 

Margaret Lorenzo 

Pennington, NJ 

Major: English, Communication 

'hiladelphia, PA 

Major: History 

Nydia R. Marrero 

^ajor: Liberal Arts 

Nicole Jean Malone 

Philadelphia. PA 

Thomas Mark Magoffin 

Middletown, NJ 

Major: Psychological Studies 

Marvin Kenzil 

Sewell, NJ 

Major: Management 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: General Business 

Activities: Gamma Phi Beta 

Christine Marriott 

^ajor: Psychological Counseling 


Boothwyn. PA 

Jennifer Mangold 

Major: Nursing 

lonathan Lu 

Rebecca Mahney 

Philadelphia, PA 

vlarlton, NJ 

Oaklyn, NJ 

Major; Nursing 

Harry Marrow 

vlajor: Accounting 

Major: Math 

Camden. NJ 

Minor: Education 

Major: Marketing 

Activities: Rowing 


2oo8(^enior ^ndex 


Amarjda Nicole Martin 

Brian Charles Martin Mattem 

Patrick McCusker 

Thomas Francis McGuigan 

Hershey, PA 

Woodbui'ym NJ 

Chalfont, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Nursing 

Major: Central/Eastern European 

Major: Accounting 

Major: Accounting 

Megan McKay Martin 

Brian D. McDermott 

Ashley McGuire 

Yonkers. NY 

Barbara A. Matthews 

Arlington, VA 

Philadelphia. PA 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Levittown, PA 

Major: Digital Arts 

Majors: Psychology. Political 

Education. American Studies 

Major: Nursing 


Katherine Anne McDevitt 

Activities: Karate Club, Honors 

Gelmarik Martinez 

Dexter Andrew Matthews 

Abington, PA 

Board, Psi Chi 

Sellerville. PA 

Wilmington, PA 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Major: Education, Spanish 

Major: ISBT 

Education, American Studies 

Cassandra D. Mcintosh 

Minor: Italian 

Philadelphia, PA 

Erika J. Matthews 

Megan Colleen McGee 

Major: Nursing 

Anwar Martinez-Ramos 

Newtown Square, PA 

Enola, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Communication 

Major: American Studies 

Brian McKenna 

Major: Education 

Activities: the Masque, Improv 101, 

Upper Darby, PA 

Michelle S. Matthews-Wild 

American Studies Association, 

Major: Finance 

Stellita Martin-McFarlane 

Richboro, PA 

Honors Program 

Elkins-Park, PA 

Major: Nursing 

Sean Edward McKenna 

Major: Nursing 

Marisa Ann McGettigan 

Red Bank, NJ ; 

Melissa Matyjasik 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Communication 

Kate Martinucci 

Williamstown, NJ 

Major: Commnicaiton 

Bronx, NY 

Major: Nursing 

Maryann Magdelene 

Major: Nursing 

Robert McGinley 


Minor: Psychology 

Jeffrey Pauk Matysik 

Fairless Hills, PA 

Mount Laurel, NJ 

Activities: Softball 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Computer Science 

Major: Nursing 

Major: Psychology 

Activities: Jazz/Pep Band 

Karon Martyn 

Justin McLaughlin 

Philadelphia, PA 

Faydeen Mauger 

Thomas McGoldrick 

Madison, CT 

Major: Nursing 

Blackwood, NJ 

Oreland, PA 

Major: Finance ;. 

Major: Nursing 

Major: Accounting 

Minor: Risk Management 

Rachel S. Marzario 

Activities: Crew, Outdoor Club 

Activities: FIGI, Grift Club 

Bensalem, PA 

Elisabeth Lynn Mayer 

Major: Nursing 

Bradley Beach, NJ 

Lauren McGovern 

Kathleen Ann McLaughlin 

Major: Marketing, Management 

Glenside, PA 

Norristown, PA 

Evanthia Masmata 

Major: Communication 

Majors: Chemistry, Biochemistr 

Major: Communication 

Dorothry Mc Cain 

Minor: Marketing 

Activities: Chymian Society, the 

Philadelphia, PA 

Activities: Alpha Sigma Tau 

Collegian, Neighborhood 

Lindsey Beth Massimiani 

Major: Social Work 

Tutoring, Alliance 

Philadelphia, PA 

Minor: Business 

Michael Patrick McGovem 

Major: Communication 

Havertown, PA 

Patrick McLaughlin 

Minor: Leadership and Global 

John McAleese 

Major: General Business 

Norristown, PA 


Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Accounting 


Major: Philosophy 

Matthew Lee Mastronardo 

Activities: Delta Sigma Phi, Men's 

Elizabeth Anne McGrain 

Walter S. McMahon 

Blackwood, NJ 


Baltimore, MD 

Norristown, PA 

Major: Psychology 

Major: Nursing 

Major: Accounting, Finance 

Minor: Leadership and Global 

Catherine Teresa McBride 

Minor: Philosophy 


Southampton, PA 

Alex McGrath 

Major: Management 

Lansdale, PA 

Scott Patrick McManamon 

Yvonne Maureen Matherson 

Major: Communication 

Fairfield. CT 

Philadelphia, PA 

Brian Charles McCaffrey 

Minor: English 

Major: Finance 

Major: Education 

Philadelphia, PA 

Activities: BackPac, Ultimate 

Minor: Risk Management 

Major: Nursing 



Gins Mathew 

Philadelphia, PA 

Sherrita Annette McCray 

David Joseph McGrath 

Lauren Elizabeth McManus 

Major: Health Sciences 

Philadelphia, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 

Fanwood, NJ 

Major: Psychology 

Major: Communication 

Majors: Elementary/Special 

Daniel Matroi 2 

Minor: English 

Education, American Studies 

Northeast Philadelphia, PA 


Major: Digital Art 

2008 J^^"^^^"^ J7i«/55^r 

Donna Marie McNamara 

Abington, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Daniel P. McNichol 

Oreland, PA 

Major: General Business 


Mark David McNierney 

Galloway, NJ 
Major: Theology 

Bemadette Kathleen 

Rutherford, NJ 
Major: English 
Minor: Communication 

Christie Marie McQuiggan 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Accounting 

Trisha McShane 

Bellmawr, NJ 

Major: Marital and Family 


John McVey 

Langhorne, PA 

Majors: Marketing, Management 

Activities: Football 

Elizabeth M. Meadows 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Bicultural Bilingual Studies 

Anthony V. Medoso 

Hatboro, PA 

Major: Communication 

Minor: Marketing 

Activities: Collegian, Public 

Relations Student Society of 

America, Delta Sigma Phi, 


Cheryl L. Mee 

Richboro, PA 
Major: Health Care 

Margaret M. Meehan 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Liberal Studies 

Fatima Mehmedagic 

South Brunswick, NJ 
Major: Nursing 

Activities: Alpha Theta Alpha, 
AIDS Outreach 

Carli Mell 

Somers Point, NJ 

Majors: Elementary/Special 

Education, American Studies 

Stefanie Melo 

Doylestown, PA 

Major: Addictions Counseling 

Ekaterine Metreveli 

Yardley, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Kathleen Aleni Metzelaar 

Wilminnton, DE 
Major: Communication 
Minor: Leadership and Global 

Larissa Meyer 

Hamilton, NJ 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Minor: Psychology 

Activities: NSSLHA, Service Trips, 

SEA, LOCK, Alliance 

Adrian Micu 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Accounting 

Joshua A. Miles 

Williamsport, BA 

Majors: Business Management, 


Barabara Vergena Miller 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Christopher Miller 

Southampton, PA 
Major: Criminal Justice 
Minor: Economics 

Jason Kenneth Miller 

Cortlandt Manor, NY 
Major: Criminal Justice 

Mark Miller 

Lititz, PA 

Major: Communication 

Minor: History 

Maura Ann Miller 

Springfield, PA 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Patreace Miller 

Bowie, MD 

Major: Psychology 

Minor: Forensics 

Activities: Psychology Club, AASL 

Regina M. Molony 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Joseph William Mongan 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Computer Science 

Jessica Ann Moninghoff 

Upper Black Eddy, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Jermaine Monk 

West Orange, MA 
Major: Theology 

Brian Montgomery 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Marketing 

Monica Octavia Montgomery 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 

Jacquell Paris Moody 

Phildelphia, PA 
Major: Marketing 

Eric Moore 


Majors: Finance, Management 

Jhazsmin Melekath Moore 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Business Administration 

Jillian Moore 

Plymouth Meeting, PA 
Major: Communication 
Minor: Political Science 
Activities: Gamma Phi Beta, 

David Martin Mora 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Bicultural Bilingual Studies 

Esa M. Mora 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Nursing 

Luz Johnanna Morales 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 

Nilmayra Morales 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Health Studies 

Alicia Morales-Johnson 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Elizabeth Anne Morent. 
Colchester, CT 
Major: Biology 

Gretchen James Morgan 

Conshohocken, PA 
Major: Management 

Shafeah Morrison 

Willingboro, NJ 
Major: Nursing 

Amanda Rose Morrissey 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 
Minor: Business 

Chad Edwards Morrow 

Harveys Lake, PA 
Major: Clinical Psychology 

Melissa Lynn Moscon 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Dionne Sharu Moseley 

Mt. Vernon. NY 
Major: Central/Eastern 
European Studies 

Jonathon Ryan Alonzo 

New Providence. Bahamas 
Major: Computer Information 

Angelica Mota 

Lake Mary. FL 
Majors: Finance. Marketing 
Activities: OLAS. LATINS. 
Business Scholars Co-Op. Beta 
Gamma Sigma Honor Society 

Megan L. Moyer 

Philadelphia. PA 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Kevin Mulderig 

Pennsauken. NJ 

Major: Digital Art 

Minor: Marketing 

Activities: Intramural Basketball, 


Joseph Robert Mullin 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Management 

Margarent W. Mungai 

Quakertown. PA 
Major: Nursing 

20o/i J\enior ^ndex 

Lauren Franchesca Munoz 

Moorestown, PA 

Major: Elementary/Special 


Minor: Psychology 

Sarah A. Munoz 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Kelly Lynn Murphy 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Kerri Elizabeth Murphy 

Lancaster Township, NJ 
Major: Accounting and 
Management Information 

Molly Murphy 

Philadephia, PA 
Major: History 

Kelly Murray 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Nursing 

Activities: Gamma Sigma Sigma Major: Nursing 

Yulia Nassibova 

Phialdelphia, PA 

Major: Central/Eastern European 


Erica Joy Natwick 

Holtville, CA 

Majors: Communication, 


Activities: Delta Phi Epsilon, IFSC, 

PEER Educators, Deans List 

Emily Louise Needleman 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Education 

Maegan C. Neill 

North Wildwood, NJ 
Major: Finance, Marketing 

Jessica Elizabeth Nelson 

Ardmore, PA 
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Philosophy 

Sabrina LeShawn Nelson 

Bel Air, MD 

Jamila Mashavu Muse 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Accounting 

Julia Musial 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 
Activities: SNAP 

Jennifer Ann Musico 

Staten Island, NY 

Major: Clinical Psychology 

Natalia Musitano 

Jamison, PA 

Major: Speech-Language- 

Minor: Psychology 
Activities: La Salle Singers, 

Geoffrey Nagle 

Marlton, NJ 

Major: Communication 

Activities: Football 

Anthony Patrick Neri 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Colleen Nesbitt 

Gap, PA 

Major: History 

Activities: Field Hockey, SAAC, 

Community Service 

Andrew R. Neumann 

Hopeweel Junction, NY 
Major: Communcation 

Robert Thomas Nevitt 

Berlin, NJ 
Major: Biology 

Sheria L. Newkirk 

Maple Shade, NJ 
Major Accounting 

Kimberly Annette Nichols 

Coatesvillle, PA 
Major: Communication 

Michael Steven Nanula Donna M. Nick 

Getzville, NY Glenside, PA 

Major: Management, Marketing Major: Business 

Jessica Grace Nissen 

Nazareth, PA 
Major: Finance 

Lisa Marie Noe 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Emmet Joseph Nolan 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Jeremiah Daniel Noll 

Levittown, PA 

Major: Education, Math 

Minor: Philosophy 

Jeneen M. Norfleet 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Social Work 

Lauren L. Nothnagel 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Adult Nurse Practioner 

Lauren Ashley Novitskie 

Vineland, NJ 
Major: Biology 

Penninah K. Obwaya 

Douglasville, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Steven Joseph Occhiolini 

Williamstown, NJ 

Major: Accounting, Philosophy 

Minor: Computer Science 

Peter Daly O'Donnell 

Drexel Hill, PA 
Major: ISBT 

Peter R. O'Driscoll, Jr. 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Information Technology 

Marita Ofori 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Paula Sabrina Ogden 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Education 

Mojisola-Adeut S. Ogunleye 

Williamstown, NJ 
Major: Nursing 

Ryan O'Hara 

Yardley, PA 
Major: Marketing 
Activities: Phi Gamma Delta, 
Funding Board, IFSC 

Lydia A. Ojomoh 

WoolWich Township, NJ 
Major: Nursing 

Ophelia Okebata 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Kasey Florence O'Keefe 

Levittown, PA 

Majors: Elementary/Special 

Education, American Studies 

Michael Sean O'Leary 

Princeton, NJ 

Major: Marital and Family 


Pavlo Olenchyk 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Finance 

Diana Olshansky 
Southampton, PA 
Major: Speech-Language- 

Brian Joseph O'Meara 

Glenside, PA 
Major: Management 

Colleen Marie O'Meara 

Glenside, PA 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Education, American Studies 

Ahunna Chinwe Onukogu 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Accounting 

Kevin Ormsby 

Philadelphia, PA 
Majors: Digital Arts 

Angelita Ortega 

Major: Nursing 

Denise Ortiz 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Lawrence Eugene Nikola 

Colts Neck, NJ 
Major: Criminal Justice 

20o8^e*ii^r ^ndex 

Jeremy Ortiz 

Mount Laurel, NJ 
Major: Communication 
Activities: Men's Soccer, 
Big Brother/Big Sister 

Karen G. Ortiz-Rozo 

Drexel Hill, PA 

Major: Marketing 

Minor: Leadership and Global 

Understanding, Communication 

Activities: LATINS, CCA, 

Leadership Council, Peer 

Advising, RA 

Scott Robert Orwig 

Ephrata, PA 

Major: Communication 

Gwendolyn Osborne 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Sean Michael O'Sullivan 

Mount Laurel, NJ 
Major: Criminal Justice 

Christopher J. Otto 

Huntingdon Valley, PA 
Major: Criminal Justice 
Minor: History 
Activities: Judicial Board 

Allison Marie Ours 

Langhome, PA 

Major: Education, English 

Stephanie Owen 

Burlington, WI 
Major: Psychology 
Activities: Volleyball, SAAC , 
Psychology Club 

Veida P. Owusu 

Morrisville, PA 
Major: Liberal Studies 

Christopher John Ozar 

Rumson, NJ 
Major: Digital Arts 

Utku Ozcan 

Williamstown, NJ 

Major: Finance, Marketing 

Mary Joan PadiUa 

Cinnaminson, NJ 
Major: Nursing 

Matthew Joseph Pagliaccetti 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major; Public Administration 

Minor: Business 

Marc B. Palmerio 

Lafayette Hill, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Mario Angelo Palmieri 

Exeter, PA 

Majors: Marketing, Management 
Activities: Football, Alpha Phi Delta, 
Italian Club, Pre-law Society, NSCS 

Steph Paltjon 

Green Brook, NJ 

Major: Nursing 

Activities: PEERS, RSA, Step Team, 

Team Leader, SIFE 

Jaclyn Renee Palumbo 

Southampton, PA 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Education, American Studies 

Joseph A. Pannulla 

Huntingdon Valley, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Roy Carlos Pantaleon 

Jersey City, NJ 

Major: Information Technology 

Minor: Business 

Lisa Paolone 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Education 

Eric David Paone 

Fort Washington, PA 
Majpr: Nursing 

Panagiota Papapanou 

Major: Communication 

Katherine Pape 

Mount Laurel, NJ 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Minor: Psychology 

Activities: NSSLHA, LOCK 

Dorothy Parkins 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Batucan Pars 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: ISBT 

Daniela Theresa Passalacqua 

Newtown, PA 
Major: Education 

Wanda D. Pate 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Mamta Jasbhai 

Bensalem, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Drew Florentino Paunil 

Silver Spring, MD 
Major: Communication 
Minor: History 

Hillary Pautz 

Troy, PA 
Major: Marketing 
Activities: AM A, 
Big Brother/Big Sister 

Katherine Marie Pcarcc 

Seaville, NJ 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Education, American Studies 

Jaclin Pearl 

Eagleville, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Gregg S. Pearson 

Doylestown, PA 
Major: History 

Kimberly Pccca 

Philadelphia, PA 

Majors: Finance, Management 

Joseph T. Pelone 

Blue Bell, PA 

Major: English 

Activities: Collegian, BackPac. 


Natasha Nicole Perry 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Jamie Elaine Peteraf 

Browns Mills, NJ 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Education, American Studies 

Cody Peters 

Lakehurst, NJ 
Major: Psychology 
Activities: Men's Soccer, Big 
Brothers/Big Sisters. SAAC. 
Psychology Club 

David Peters 

West Chester, PA 

Majors: Marketing, Management 

Activities: Track, SAM 

Claire Dale Peterson 

Philadelphia. PA 

Major: Marketing, Management 

Aikaterini Petrochilou 

Major: Communication 

Cindy Ann Pinkcrton 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Marketing 

Katherine S. Pinney 

Midlothian, VA 
Major; Central/Eastern 
European Studies 

Mark J. Pitta 

Peckville, PA 
Major: Business 

Tara Pizzo 

Swarthmore. PA 
Major: Communication 
Minor: Marketing 
Activities: Collegian, NSCS. 
Lambda Pi Eta 

John James Plessas 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major; Marketing 

Henry J. Podlctszewki 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Marketing 

Molly Caroline Poirier 

Greenwich. CT 
Major: Communication 

Neal Philip Pollack 

Morrisville. PA 
Major: Finance 

Niffari O. Poorman 

Palmyra, NJ 
Major: Education 

Jennifer Porter 

Doylestown, PA 
Majors: Elementary/Special 
Education. American Studies 
Activities: Alpha Sigma Tau. 
Neighborhood Tutoring 

2oo8(§enior Undex 

Jadera N. Postley 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Nursing 

Elaine Marie Potalivo 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Genevieve Marie Powell 

Southampton. PA 
Major: Marital and Family 

Svetlana Pozdnyakov 

Langhorne. PA 
Major: Management 

Richard A. Prall 

Doylestown. PA 
Major: Psychology 

Juliana Pray 

Westhampton. NJ 
Majors: Elementary/Special 
Education. American Studies 
Activities: Gamma Sigma Sigma 

Paula Jean Prillman 

Philadelphia. PA 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Joe Procopio 

Huntingtown, MD 
Major: Criminal Justice 
Activities: Football 

Marios Psallidas 

Major: Communication 

Shirley Nicole Puhiera 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Nursing 

Lauren Ann Purtle 

Huntingdon Valley, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Michael Purvis 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major; Computer Science 

Elvira Pyanova 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Nursing 
Activities: SNAP 

Zhanna Gena Pyanova 

New Hope, PA 
Major: Accounting 

Melissa E. Pysher 

Fountain Hill. PA 
Major: Management 

Sean Patrick Quigley 

Braintree. MA 
Major: History 

Lenzy L. Quiles 

Northeast Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 
Minor: Religion 
Activities: LaSalle 56 

John Quinn 

Philadelphia. PA 

Major: Accounting 

Activities: Ice Hockey, Accounting 


Jennifer Ann Radano 

Phoenixville, PA 
Major: Management 

Craig Raezer 

Downingtown, PA 
Major: Communication 
Minor: Marketing 
Activities: Sigma Phi Lambda, 
Men's Lacrosse 

Patrick Rafferty 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: ISBT 

Activities: SIFE. RSA. WEXP 

Eileen M. Rajkowski 

Levitt own, PA 

Major: Organizational Dynamics 

Debbie Ramos 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Marketing 
Activities: ADP 

Denise Elaine Ramsden 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Anne-LaVonne Randolph 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Nursing 

Activities: American Association of 

University Women 

Carla Rapp 

Perkasie, PA 

Major: Communication 

Activities: La Salle 56, UMAS, 


Abby Lynn Rathgeber 

Perkasie. PA 

Major: Central/Eastern European 


Kristin Ream 

Hatfield, PA 
Major: Management 

Kristie Reavey 

Downingtown, PA 
Major: Marketing 
Activities: Young Democrats 

Lisa Diane Recchione 

Morrisville. PA 
Major: Nursing 

Stacey Redley-Peak 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Nursing 

Activities: Community Nursing, 

YMCA. SNAP. Sigma Theta Tau. 

Research Project on Peripartum 


Michelle R. Reed 

Chalfont. PA 

Major: Organzational Dynamics 

Zachary Reese 

Sinking Spring, PA 

Major: Finance 

Activities: Intramural Sports 

Mark Joseph Renzi 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Accounting. Finance 

Jacob Simon Repash 

Hellertown, PA 
Major: Biology 

Doreen Michelle Reppy 

Egg Harbor Township. NJ 
Major: Elementary/Special 
Education. Psychology 

Elizabeth Marie Resta 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Minor: Education 

Ariel Reyes 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Brenda L. Reyes 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Irena R. Reynolds 

Ardmore, PA 

Major: Central/Eastern 

European Studies 

Jeff Reynolds 

Morrisville, PA 
Major: Education 

William C. Rhea 

Rockville, MD 

Major: ISBT 

Minor: Economics 

Activities: Track and Field, Phi 

Gamma Delta 

Edward Kenneth Rhines 

North Wales, PA 
Major: Management 

Thomas M. Ricchezza 

Philadelphia, PA 
Majors: Accounting, Finance 
Activities: Commuter and Off- 
Campus Student Association, 
Accounting Association, Beta 
Gamma Sigma 

Aleah Rice 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Psychology 
Activities: Psi Chi, AASL 

John Francis Rickards 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nutrition 

Elyce Rickerl 

Langhorne. PA 

Majors: Secondary Education, 


Activities: Alpha Sigma Tau, 

Writing Fellows, Writing Center 

John Riley 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Biology 

Activities: PEER Educators, AED 

Andrea Diane Rink-Elliot 

Warminster, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Melissa Risch 

Warminister, PA 

Major: Elementary/Special 


Minor: American Studies 

Activities: Cheerleading, 

Education Association 

20o8 (Scnio'T* ^fiflp'^ 

Harry Peter Rissling 

Philadelphia, PA 

MajorL Management Information 


Natlie Rittenhouse 

Chalfont, PA 
Major: Nursing 

David Eduardo Rivera 

Pennsauken, NJ 

Major: Marketing, Finance 

Marta M. Rivera 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Stephanie Rivera 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Accounting 
Activities: Nursing 

Yaidymar Rivera 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Fred F. Rizzo 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: English 

Michelle Rizzo 

Perkasie, PA 
Major: Accounting 

David Edward Robart 

West Orange, NJ 
Major: Marketing 

Melissa Dixon Roberts 

Hatboro, PA 

Major: Marital and Family 


DaVeda J. Robinson 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Douglas E. Robinson 

Blue Bell, PA 
Major: Finance 

Tiffany Robinson 

Philadelphia, PA 

Majors: Elementary /Special 

Education, American Studies 

Activities: NSCS, Phi Lambda 


Paula M. Roddy 

Wilmington, DE 
Major: Marketing 

Jacqueline Rodrigue 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Health Studies 

Candi E. Rodriguez Vargas 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Social Work 

Jeanette Rodriguez 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Jose R. Rodriguez 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Psychology 

Maria Rodriguez 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Olivia Rodriguez 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Rosmalby Rodriguez 

Phialdelphia, PA 

Major: Psychology, Spanish 

Renee Lynn Roland 

Ocala, FL 

Major: Finance 

Minor: Risk Management Insurance 

Bozena Rolla 

North Wales, PA 

Major: Managment Information 


Joe Rollo 

Drexel Hill, PA 
Major: Math 

Lizbeth Cecilia Romero 

Bethlehem, PA 
Major: ISBT 

Carly Roop 

Blue Bell, PA 
Major: Nutrition 
Activities: LEAN 

Alvaro Rosario 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Michael Charles Rose 

Marlton, NJ 

Major: Political Science 

Minor: Art 

Theresa A. Rose 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Adriana Rosman-Askot 

Newtown, PA 

Major: Marital and Family 


Natasha Rossi 

Yardley, PA 

Major: Psychology 

Minor: Italian 

Activities: Delta Phi Epsilon, 

Dance Team, Psychology Club 

Michelle Rothman 

Sicklerville, NJ 
Major: Nursing 

Joseph James Rotondo 

Feasterville Trevose, PA 
Major: Computer Information 

Gregory G. Rotz 

Major: Management 

Leugh Ann P. Rotz 

Conshohocken, PA 
Major: Management 

Michael Edu'ard Rousseau 

Watertown, CT 
Major: English 

Megan Lynn Rowen 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Minor: Psychology 

Activities: NSSLHA 

Mary-Megan Rubino 

Northfield. NJ 

Major: Psychology 

Activities: Dance Team, Biology 


Mary Katherine Ruffing 

Bethlehem. PA 
Major: Communication 

Brian Ruhling 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Accounting 
Activities: Phi Gamma Delta 

Jessica Runy :< 
Philadelphia. P/-, 
Major: Accounting 
Activities: Business Scholars Co- 
Op, Accounting Association, 
Beta Alpha Honor Society 

Lisa Russell 

Willingboro, NJ 
Major: Nursing 

Louis Daniel Russo 

Marlton, NJ 
Major: Finance 

Diane M. Rutkowski 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Nursing 

Jacqueline Diane Ruvo 

Philadelphia. PA 

Major: Clinincal Psychology 

Theresa Ryan 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Nursing 

Elizabeth Dunlap Sabia 

Doylestown. PA 

Major: Management. MIS 

Kristen Jean Sacco 

Bensalem. PA 
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Nutrition 

Theodore Sagos 

Derexel Hill. PA 
Major: Accounting 

Rachel D. Salbo 

Marlton. NJ 

Major: Clinical Psychology 

Gabrielle Salerno 

Oakford. PA 

Major: Psychology 

Activities: Psi Chi Honor Society 

Fabian A. Salgado 

North Wales. PA 

Major: Marital and Family 


Erin Elizabeth Salvatore 

Bridgeton. NJ 

Major: Communication 

Minor: Marketing 

20o8J^enior ^ndex 


Jennifer Niccolc 

Churchville. PA 
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Italian 

Simi Samuel 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Nursing 
Activities: MSN A 

Deborah Ann Sanders 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: General Studies 

Daniel Sandiford 

Fanwood. NJ 

Major: Public Administration 

Minor: Economics 

Activities: College Republicans, 


Christie Sands 

Havertown. PA 
Major: Math 
Minor: Education 

Jacqueline G. Sanford 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Speech-Language- 

Lauren Elizabeth 

Lumberton, NJ 
Major: Nursing 

Elina Anatolyevna 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Cenral/Eastern 
European Studies 

Jose Santiago 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Maria Santiago 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Alexandra Elizabeth 

Moorestown, NJ 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Education. American Studies 

Angela Maria Saracino 

Huntingdon Vallcav, PA 
Major: Marketing 

Catalina Sarmiento 

Columbia. South America 
Major: Geology 
Activities: Geology Club 

Manfred L Saur 

Major: General Business 

Geoff Schaeffer 

Blackwood, NJ 
Major: Accounting 
Activities: Soccer 

Jordan Justin Schaeffer 

Feasterville, PA 
Major: Finance 
Minor: Accounting 

Alison Nicole Scherer 

Collegeville, PA 
Major: Finance 

James Nicholas Schik 

Churchville, PA 
Major: Education 

Gerald Schlechter 

New Hope, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Melissa John Schmidt 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Psychological Counseling, 

Addicrtions Counseling 

Anita E. Schneck 

Lower Gwynedd. PA 

Major: Marital and Family Therapy 

Robert C. Schneller 

Doylestown, PA 
Major: Management 

Dean Schoendorfer 

Abington, PA 
Major: Marketing 

Kristin Lynne Schoeninger 

Boothwyn, PA 
Major: Communication 

Aubrey Schofield 

Somerton. PA 
Major: Nursing 
Activities: SNAP. LOCK 

Jessie R. Schol 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Thomas Sean Schrank 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Finance 

Sara Schreiner 

Washington Township, NJ 
Major: Communication 
Minor: Marketing 
Activities: Gamma Sigma Sigma 

Theodore Schuck 

Philadelphia, PA 

Majors: Computer Science, 


Activities: Ice Hockey 

Paige Amy Schurr 

Langhorne, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Lori Anne Schwanhausser 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Clinical Psychology 

Christopher C. Schwartz 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: History 

Renee Marie Schwartz 

Newtown, PA 

Major: Industrial/Organizational 


Aran Patrick Scott 

New York, NY 

Major: Finance, Marketing 

Tarsha Scovens 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 

Richard Michael Scully 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Information Technology 


Natalie Seal 

Philadelphia, PA 

Majors: Accounting. Organizational 


Activities: Alpha Sigma Tau, 

Accounting Association 

Christopher Michael Seasholtz 

Lansdale, PA 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Courtney Seaver 

Broomall, PA 
Major: Nutrition 

Megan Marie Sebastian 

Mantua, NJ 

Major: Speech-Language- 

John Richard Secondo 

Wilmington, DE 
Major: Marketing 

Elizabeth Rose Seeber 

Doylestown, PA 
Major: Management 

Brian Joseph Seeley 

Newtown. PA 
Major: Management 

John C. Sehi 

Fairless Hills. PA 

Major: Mathematics, Computer 


Christopher Alan Seifert 

Jenkintown, PA 
Major: Communication 
Minor; English 

Joseph Francis Seklecki 

Newtown, PA 
Major: Accounting 

Laura Serrano 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Social Work , 

Maria Nicole Serras 

Ann Arbor, MI 
Major: Communication 

Kcrri Ann Sforzo 

Parlin. NJ 
Major: Nutrition 

Amy E. Sgrenci 

Philadelphia. PA 

Major: Clinical Psychology 

Andrea Shadeed 

Norristown, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Ryan Richmond Shaffer 

Florence, NJ 
Major: Education 

Meghan Kathleem Shaginaw 

Atco, NJ 

Major: Communication 

20o8f§enior Undey 

Mary Shannoncella 

Margate, NJ 
Major: Marketing 
Minor: Communication 
Activities: AMA, Alliance, AIDS 

Lindsay Michelle Sharp 

Bridgeton, NJ 
Major; Speech-Language- 

Minor: Psychology 
Activities: NSSLHA, LOCK, 
Neighborhood Tutoring 

Gregor William Sherlock 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Central/Eastern European 



King of Prussia, PA 
Major: Accounting 

William Shipley 

Malvern, PA 

Major: Political Science 

Arin Ruth Shoemaker 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Psychology 

Minor: French 

Activities: Step Team, Gospel 

Choir, Treetops, AASL, Omega 

Phi Delta 

I Lee Christine Shurtz 

Telford, PA 

Major: Communication 

Jill Diane Siegfried 

Feasterville Trevose, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Drew Michael Silich 

Merchantville, NJ 
Major: Computer Science 

Stephen Silverman 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Marketing 

Amanda Nicole Simmons 

Mercersburg, PA 

Major: Clinical Psychology 

Michael Joseph Sims 

Sewell, NJ 
Major: Theology 

James F. Sinclair, Jr. 

Warminister, PA 

Major: Accounting 

Activities: Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta 


Karolina Siraki 

Conshohocken, PA 

Major: Central/Eastern European 


John Siwixki 

Shelton, CT 

Major: Communication 

Amanda Leigh Skowron 

Johnsown, PA 

Major: Clinical Psychology 

Andrew Thomas Slifko 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Agata A. Smagacz 

Poland/Philadelphia, PA 

Major: ISBT 

Activities: Gamma Sigma Sigma, 

Central Eastern European Society, 

President Assistant, Peer Advising 


Amy Sharee Smith 

Irvingotn, NJ 
Major: Sociology 

Nicholas J. Smith 

Pollock, PA 

Majors: Secondary Educations, 


Activities: Delta Sigma Phi, IFSC, 

Lacrosse, Ambassadors 

Randi Yvonne Smith 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Adult Nurse Practioner 

Raymond Smith 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Business 

Seamus Andrew Smith 

Sharon Hill, PA 

Major: Education, English 

Tara Lynn Smith 

Hatflied, PA 
Major: Management 

Tyree Darnell Smith 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

John Smyrl 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 
Activities: Ice Hockey, Film 
Society, La Salle 56 

Jonathan Francis Snyder 

Trenton, NJ 

Major: Information Technology 

Megan Geist Snyder 

Lancaster, PA 

Major: Finance, Marketing 

Hillary Solowy 

Summit, NJ 
Major: Nursing 

Joseph E. Sosnowsky 

Mullica Hill, NJ 
Major: Theology 

Maritza Soto 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major Nursing 

Anastasia Soupergetzi 

Major: Communication 

Delia Spellman 

Havertown, PA 

Major: Social Work 

Activities: Los Nihos, Crew, RSA 

Santina Spera 

Tumersville, NJ 

Major: Chemistry 

Activities: Italian Club, College 


Christina Spino 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Biology 

Minor: Political Science 

Activities: Women's Crew, CCA 

Thomas Spires 

Springfield, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Amy Lynn Sponenberg 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Andrea Marie Stagliano 

Woodbui-y Heights, NJ 
Major: Communication 
Minor: English 

Toni Stanhope 

Morrisville, PA 
Major: Education 

Nathan Elliot Starr 

Conshohocken, PA 
Major: History 

Heather Steacker 

Croydon, PA 
Major: Accounting 
Activities: Accounting 
Association, Beta Gamma 

John P. Stefano 

Washington Crossing. PA 
Major: Marketing 

Michael Steffen 

Dover. NJ 

Major: Criminal Justice 
Minor: Forensic Studies 
Activities: Football 

Brett Jarred Stein 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Finance 

Holli Courtney Stein 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Nursing 

Theresa Marie Steltzer 

Dolylestown. PA 
Major: Management 

Tomas J. Stenstrom 

Fort Washington. PA 
Major: Management 

Denise L. Stephens 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Education 

June B. Sterling 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Nursing 

Samantha Still 

Cherry Hill. NJ 
Major: Accounting 
Activities: Beta Alpha 
Accounting Honors Society, 
Business Scholars Co-Op, 
Accounting Association. SIFE 

Mark M. Stokes 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Business 

Mark M. Stokes 

Phiiaelphia, PA 
Major: Business 

Charles R. Storch 

Newtown. PA 
Major: Education 

Michael Stringer 

Raynham. MA 

Major: Communication 

Minor; Marketing 

Michael Lawrence Strobel 

Mount Laurel, NJ 
Major: Political Science 

Edward D. Strouse 

Doylestown, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Renee Lynn Stults 

Merchantville, NJ 
Major: Nursing 

Anna Mari Stunda 

Fairless Hills. PA 

Major: Adult Nurse Practioner 

Cheryl Ann Sturges 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Shu Su 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Management 

Jorge Andres Suarez 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: ISBT 

Andrea Jeanne Sudik 

Langhome, PA 

Major: Interanational Business 

Colleen Patricia Sullivan 

Lambert on, NJ 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Education, American Studies 

David Andrew Sullivan 

Oakmont, PA 

Major: Communication 

Erin Sullivan 

Coopersburg, PA 
Majors: Chemistry, 

Activities: Volleyball, AED, 
Chymian Society 

Michelle Sullivan 

Gibbstown, NJ 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Minor: Forensic Studies, History 

Activities: Softball, Alpha Iota, 


Shannon Summers 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: American Studies 
Activities: Collegian, Neighborhood 
Tutoring, Alliance 

Kent J. Sunderland 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Raul Eugenio Surdez Lopez 

Langhome, PA 

Majpr: Management Information 


Allison Christine Sweeney 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Clinical Counseling 

Charles G. Sweeney 

Bensalem, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Sharleen Swiderski 

Levittown, PA 

Major: Organizational Dynamics 

Scott M. Szewczak 

Phoenixville, PA 
Major; Marketing 

Michelle Talisesky 

Elysburg, PA 

Majors; Marketing, Economics 
Activities: AMA, Big Brothers/Big 
Sisters, Appalachia 

Candace Talley 

Sicklerville, NJ 
Major: Nursing 

Rebecca Anne Tanghe 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

April Marie Tapper 

Audubon, NJ 

Major: Management, Marketing 

Stacy Taragna 

Warminster, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Mark Anthony Tartaglia 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Digital Art 

Kanika Tayal 

New Hope, PA 
Major; Communication 

Benjamin Loyall Taylor 

Ardmore, PA 
Major: Finance 

Linda Louise Taylor 

Glenside, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Maryanne Taylor 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

James Robert Tchabo 

Herndon, VA 
Major: ISBT 

Lynette G. Terrell 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Business 

Ronny Terrero 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Liberal Arts 

Robert J. Terry, Jr. 

Delran, NJ 

Major; Finance 

Minor; Risk Management and 


Activities: Intramural Sports, 

Gamma Iota Sigma 

Carol King Tetteh 
King of Prussia, PA 
Major: Finance 

Charles Theisen 

Sellersville, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Marie Thomas 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major; Biology 

Activities: Leadership Council, 

Biology Club, French Club, Italian 


Shelby Thome 

Doylestown, PA 

Major; Biology 

Activities: Gamma Phi Beta, La 

Salle Shadowing, Biology Club 

Samantha Noel Thompson 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major; Psychological Counseling 

Alfreda Thurmond 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major; Nursing 

Nitchelle Timothy 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major; Nursing 

Activities: ADP, Peer Advisor, 

Culture Committee 

Janet A. Tirado 

Drexel Hill, PA 
Major: Communication 

Julia Tkachenko 

Major; Communication 

Donato Tocci 

Middletown, DE 
Majors: Accounting, Finance 
Activities; Alpha Chi Rho, Team 
Leader, Intramural Football 

Farinda Y. Tongor > 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major; Health Studies 

Joan Toohey 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Ceren Topaloglu 


Major: General Business 


Fanny Tossas 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Psychology 

Lauren Nicole Tosti 

Langhome, PA 
Major; Communication 

Christine Elaine Toy-Draoni 

Yardley, PA 

Major; Addictions Counseling 

John Trainer 

Bala Cynwyd, PA 
Major: Marketing 
Activities: Intramural Sports 

Angela Tramaglini 

New York 

Major: Social Work 

Activities: Alpha Theta Alpha 

Samuel Grayson Traut 

Laguna Hills, CA 
Major: Criminal Justice 

Theresa Travis 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major; Education 

Lavall Traynham 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Nicole Trimble 

Norristown, PA 
Major: Psychology 
Activities: Psychology Club 

Mary Theresa Trojecki 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Jeffrey E. Troy 

Langhorne, PA 

Major: Industrial/Organizational 


Paul J. Tsiknakis 

Buriington, NJ 
Major: Finance 
Minor; Risk Management 

Lucian Dupree Tucker 

Baltimore, MD 
Major: Digital Art 
Minor: English 

Andrea Claire Turner 

Upper Darby, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Tiffany Turner 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 
Activities; SNAP 

Lisa Ann Tyler 

Mount Laurel, NJ 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Jamie Lynn Udinson 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Accounting 

Nnena O. Ukwa 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Finance 

Brian Alexander Ulkloss 

Bensalem, PA 
Major: Education 

Rochelle M. Ulrich 

Maple Shade, NJ 

Major: Marketing, Finance 

Ashley Underwood 

Chester, PA 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 


Minor: Psychology 

Activities; NSSLHA, AASL, 

Psychology Club 

Keith C. Ung 

Lancaster, PA 

Major: Central/Eastern European 


Cenek Vachta 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major; Central/Eastern European 


Joseph Hyppolite Vaincoeur 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Education 

Ami M. Van Dine 

Ardmore, PA 

Major; Speech-Language-Hearing 

John Michael Van Eekelen 

Erdenheim, PA 
Major; Criminal Justice 
Minor: History 
Activities: Alpha Phi Delta, 
Intramural Softball 

Lisa Christine Van Horn 

Green Lane, PA 

Major; Psychological Counseling 

Matthew Stephen Vanacore 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Accounting 

David P. Vargason 

Warrnington, PA 
Major: Finance 

Reshma Varghese 

Drexel Hill, PA 

Major: Human Resource 


Georga Vassiliki 

Major: Communication 

Denise M. Veale 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major; Nursing 

Scott Velez 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major; Liberal Arts 

Erin Doran Venafra 

Havertown, PA 

Michelle Eileen Verzi 

Riverside, NJ 
Major: Marketing 
Minor; Spanish 

Rosanna Vinales 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major; Nursing 

John Michael Vincent 

Barnegat, NJ 
Major; Mathmatics 
Minor; History 

Stacey Marie Vinci 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Spanish 

Joseph Anthony Violi 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major; Pyschology 

Laura Violi 
Philadelphia, PA 
Major; Communication 
Activities; Gamma Sigma Sigma, 
Lambda Phi Eta Honor Society 

Natalie Rose Virgilio 

Erial, NJ 

Major: Communication 

Frank Visco 

Philadelphia, PA 
Majors; Communication, English 
Activities; Collegian, Honors 
Board, Project Appalachia, 
Habitat for Humanity, RA 

Vitaly Vitorsky 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Scott Raymond Vogt 

Glenolden, PA 

Major: Mangement, Finance 

Christopher A. Vokolos 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Mathmatics, Computer 


Minor: Risk Management 


Lindsey Vuolo 

Yardley, PA 

Major: Communication 

Celeste Wade 

Williamsport, PA 
Major: Art History 
Minor; Psychology 
Activities; SGA, Student Affairs 
Committee. Health Advisory 
Committee, NSCS, New 
Explorers Student Mentoring 

Jamie Lynn Wagsmian 

Emmaus, PA 

Major: Marital and Family 


Joshua Lee Wahl 

Shoemakersville. PA 
Major; Marketing 

Christine Marie Walker 

Silver Spring. MD 

Major: Elementary /Special 

Education. American Studies 

Tiffany Alexandria Walker 

Brooklyn, NY 
Major; Sociology 
Activities; Intermissions 


Salisbury Mills. NY 
Major: Communication 
Minor: Marketing 
Activities: PRSSA 

Aisha Tamika Wallace 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Accounting 

9nnR J^pmnr ^nd^ 

Kevin Wallace 

Galloway. NJ 
Major: Biology 
Minor: History 
Activities: FIJI, Football 

Diane L. Walls 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Marta Waraksa 

Chalfont, PA 
Major; Nursing 
Minor: Psychology 
Activities: SNAP, 
Psi Chi Honors Society, 
PEERS, AIDS Outreach 

Gabrielle V. Waring 

Willingboro, NJ 

Major: Psychology. Sociology 

Ceyola Malngiang Warjri 

Philadelphia. PA 

Major: Marital and Family 


Michelle D. Washington 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Kevin Waters 

Norristown, PA 
Majors: Marketing, 
Activities: Football, AMA, 
Big Brothers/Big Sisters 

Veronica Omolo 

Upper Darby, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Heather J. Watkins 

Warminster, PA 
Major: Criminal Justice 

Pctra R. Watson 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Organizational 

Patricia A. Webb 

Andalusia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Jonathan James Webster 

Hazlet, NJ 

Major: Manaoement 

Stephanie Weckesser 

Southampton. PA 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 

Minor: Psychology 

Activities: NSSLHA 

Siarra Delaine Weems 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Communication 

Andrew Weingarten 

Galloway, NJ 
Major: Biology 
Activities: Peer Educators, 
RA/CA, Alpha Epsilon Delta 
Alumni Honor Society 

Jennifer Lynn Weiss 

Audubon, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Michael James Welch 

Marlton, NJ 

Lauren M. Weldon 

Phildelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

John E. Welsh 

Ambler, PA 
Major: Management 

Paul Hagan Welsh 

Roslyn, PA 
Major: History 
Minor: Education 

Lauren Welte 

Philadelphia, PA 

Majors: Secondary Education, 


Minor: Political Science 

Activities: Honors Program, 

Neighborhood Tutoring, AIDS 


Funmilayo Whitaker 

Nigeria/ Newtown, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Jennifer White 

Newark, NJ 

Majors: Accounting, Finance 

Activities: Cheerleading, 

Alpha Sigma Tau, Accounting 


Tara Gabriele White 

Glen Mills, PA 
Major; Nursing 

Serena Hill Whitefield 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Kathleen Rose Wible 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Finance 

Brian Joseph Wiley 

Oreland. PA 
Major: Finance 

David Emmanuel Wilford 

Millsboro, DE 
Major: Social Work 
Minor: Religion 

Sean Michael Wilkinson 

Egg Harbor Township, NJ 
Major: Biology 

Charles Williams 

Dowingtown, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Kamietra Williams 

Mount Laurel, NJ 
Major: General Busines 
Minor: Accounting 

Kathleen Williams 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Communication 

Minors: English, Womans Studies 

Activities: Collegian, 

the Masque, WEXP 

Kia M. Williams 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Lisa R. Williams 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: General Business 

Melissa Ann Williams 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Accounting 

Robert Edward Williams 

Richboro, PA 
Major: Finance 

Sherrell Denise Williams 

Bristol, PA 

Major: Industrial/Organizational 


Monica Williams-Nicholson 

Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Nursing 

Aubra Katherine Williamson 

Media, PA 

Major: Education, Spanish 

Minor: Italian 

James A. Williamson 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Marketing 

Lindsay S. Williamson 

Drexel Hill, PA 

Major: Adult Nurse Practitioner 

Nadine Williamson 

Elkins Park, PA 

Major: Bicultural Bilingual Studies 

Peru C. Wilmer 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Health Sciences 

Ellen Clarice Wilson 

Marlton, NJ 
Major: Management 

Faith Naomi Wilson 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Nursing 

Jamie L. Wilson 

Oreland, PA 

Major: Elementary/Special 

Education, American Studies 

Kimberly Renee Wilson 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing. 

Minor: Psychology 

Activities: NSSLHA, 

Los Ninos, Week of Hope, Soup 

Kitchen, Psi Chi 

Vincent Robert Wisniewski 

Philadephia, PA 
Major: History 

Deidre Witkowski 

Brick, NJ 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 


Minor: Psychology 

Activities: NSSLHA, Sigma Phi 

Epsilon Sweetheart 

Zana Cecelia Wolf 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Marketing 

20o8^enior Undey 

Tanesha Prcshae Woodard 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major; Education 

Margaret Wooddell 

Fort Washington, PA 
Major: International Business 

Michael Robert Woods 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Accounting 

Daniel G. Worstall 

Blackwood, NJ 
Major: Accounting 

Natesha Wray 

Bronx, NY 
Major; History 

Karisma Wright 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Public Administration 

Minor: Language 

Lindsay Wright 

Brookfield, CT 
Major: Elementary/Special 
Education, American Studies 
Activities; Alpha Sigma Tau 

Lauren Yabut 

Marlton, NJ 

Majors: Marketing, Management 
Activities: Delta Phi Epsilon, 
X-Plorettes Dance Team. 

Kamil Yakubov 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: French 
Minor; German 

Nancy Lee Yates 

Blooming Glen, PA 

Major; Adult Health and Illness 

Lindsay Yeager 

Marlton, NJ 

Major: Speech-Language-Hearing 


Minor; Psychology 

Activities: NSSLHA 

David Yearwood 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Criminal Justice 

Aynur Yeniay 

Wayne, PA 
Major; Finance 

Inna Yermosh 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Finance 

Russell James Yetman 

Cortlandt Manor, NY 
Major: History 

Tara Yoos 

Suwanee, GA 

Major: Finance 

Minors: Risk Management Insurance 

Activities: Alpha Sigma Tau 

Alysia C Yost-Henighan 

Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Psychological Counseling 

Jonathan Dennis Youmans 

Tinton Falls, NJ 
Major: Digital Art 

Michael Anthony Young 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Marketing 
Minor; Philosophy 
Activities; Alpha Chi Rho, 
RA/CA, Campus Ministry 
Executive Board, Intramural Sports 

Julia Leigh Zachok 

Lavallette, NJ 

Major; Health Sciences 

Steven Ziegler 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major; Communication 
Minor: English 

Gerard Zitnik 

Baltimore, MD 
Major; Psychology 
Minor: Biology 
Activities: FIJI, Grift Club 
Activities; Lambda Pi Eta, NCHS 

Amanda Marie Zodeiko 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Elementary/Special 
Education, Environmental 

Joseph R. Zolofra 

Rumson, NJ 
Major: History 

Zachary Zysk 

Philadelphia, PA 
Major; Accounting 
Activities: Sigma Phi Epsilon 


all 2008 cGa 

(^alle Qraduatesl 

The "Ads Section" often marks the 
end of a yearbook, as is true in our 
case. In these final pages, 
businesses, friends and families, 
student organizations and University 
departments salute the graduating 
seniors, as they start the next path 
in their journey through life. These 
messages come straight from the 
heart, and are a creative way to say 
good luck, and in some cases, 

Congratulations, Class of 2008. 


2008 ratron Ads 


Christine OS. A.r6iis- Congratulations! You go girl! Love, Mom, Dad, and Paul 
(S^lhi Q^era A^elsen- Congratulations and well done!! Love, Mom and Dad 
(Brandon (Baldwin- We are so proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad 

oMichael^. ^^ier- God Bless You and Congratulations! We're Proud of You. Our Love 

and Prayers Always. 

(3^nn A.nne (^rodbeck- Congratulations and Good Luck! Mom, Dad, and Colleen 

cMkrk(^. &ost6lh- Congratulations! You did great. Love ya. Mom and Dad 

cMark(^. &0St6llo- Congratulations to a great little brother. Love, Col 

0>Zemn &r0ckett- Job well done boy! We're proud as can be. Love, Mom and Dad 

Joseph ^e'^arbsrie- Congrats! We're very proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad 

^amd (^ih ^ee- We're proud of you. The world awaits you. Mom and Dad 

(^^ina oWarie '^e'^oremo- To a bright future. Keep shining. Mom, Dad, and Anthony 

A^kscis ^eO^alva- Congratulations on your graduation! Love, Mom and Dad 

O^hrpn ^ou^hertp- We are very proud of you! All of our love, Mom and Dad 

O^hrpn '^ou^hertp- You did it! Who knew? Good Luck! Kelly, TR, and Lizzy 

&rpstal (paries- Congratulations! l love youe, Johnny 

6^rystal (^^aries- Congratulations! We love you, Mom and Jenna 

(^amma Q^i^a Q^i^a- Well done girls. The Schreiners 

(Kristin Q^extall- Congratulations! We knew you could do it. Love, Us :) 

(S^ric ^. (^aeri- Congratulations! We are so proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad 

(S^ric 'S i^aen- Congratulations from all of us. Ate, Jay, Gemma, Noele 

(S^ric ^. Q^am- You made it. Proud to be your Uncle Gaudie 

Q^oUp O^darski- Keep on dancing to your dreams. We love you so much. Mommy, 

Daddy & Tiffany 

(^immie ^pson- Congrats on the fabulous four years. Love, the Hextalls 

Trevor oMaki- Wee. $ 1000. Congrats Trev, much luck in the future! Love, Preston 

Q^arah oMahcki- Oh, how we love you! Congratulations to our sweet daughter! Our 

hearts are full of love and pride. Love, Mom and Dad 

oMalthew oMastronardo- We never doubted your success! Love, Mom and Dad 



2008 Patron Ads 

^mtm (2L. cMcCMamiS- You will be an awesome teacher and inspire so many. Always 

believe in yourself. We are so proud of you. We love you so much! Mom, Dad, and 


Q^oJm Of. cMcQ^ep- Congratulations! Continue on your road to greatness. 

^arissa oMeper- We are very proud of you- Love Mom, Dad, and Linda 

^Missa oMeper- Congratulations and Best Wishes. Love, Your Family 

Cation cM. oMant^Gmerp- We are so proud of all your accomplishments, both in school 

and at work. Love, Mom and Dad 

C^rian qM. oMdnt^amerp- Congratulations and much love for my grandson, Brian, on 

your graduation. Mom Mom 

O^imheiip ^ecca- Reach for the stars! Love, Mom, Dad, and Dakota 

(^erard ~^. ^rodaehl- Congratulations! We're so very proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, 

Ryan, and family 

Q^^//// ^. (^ihp- Thank you for a job well done. Love, Mom, Dad, and Jamie 

'T^iffanp qM. C^Ghiman' intelligence and Beauty, both wrapped up in one package. Sta\' 

focused and driven and you will succeed in all you do. Congrats and Best Wishes. Eric 

and Family. So precious! 

(Joseph c^. (^olh- Congrats and Best Wishes! Dad, Mom, and Stephanie 

&{kasha 6^. (^assi- You're the first! I'm very proud of you. Love, Mom 

(Jessica (^unpen- Congrats! We are proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, and family 

Q^araAm Q^chrmw>- Congratulations to the joy of our life. Mom and Dad 

Ci^eather Q^t6acke>- A good friend is a gift from God. The Schreiners 

O^hhen CWilliams- You are everything we dreamed you'd be! Mom and Dad 

oMichaelA. Qf^oun^- You are the best son and brother! Love, Dad, Mom, and Chick 

oMichaelA. Qf^Gun^- You are our pride and joy- We love you dearly. Mim and Pop 

oMichaelA,. Qf^oun^- You made it- Shoot for the stars! Chic con Terge XO 

(3-^ck (3^psk- Congratulations! Best of Luck. Mom and Dad 

(S^ck (3^psk- Congrats on your big day! You made it! Love, Becca 


Zxp/orer Teadoo^ 
^'Vp/shs fo/ig/W//at/o/is to 
gm^uatwg semors zJ^C/j^ ^ao ///// 

Tw/orM' zy)fa///! Tha/i^for 

zyfd&C of]'Oj/r Mp /'// /m^'/igth 

2008 Tearho^ a /m//Yy. (^00^ ///fj^ 

Vpl?er^er /(fe ta^s ht/j of you, W 

vp/7/ w/'ss oz /rfi^or/te phtograp/jers 

the 2008 Explorer (§taff 

ake a bow, seniors! Congratulations to the class of 2008 

The Masque would like to thank the Class of 2008 for all of their hard work and dedication. 
Thank you for all that you've done and all that you've taught us along the way. 

Kyle Abbott 
Gregory Allen 

Sara Allen 

David Amodei 

Courtney Bowers 

Kristen Cann 

Caitlin Cherry 
Lori Clemments 

Mark Costello 
Daniel Kenworthy 

Timothy Main 

Angela Mayo 
Megan McGee 
Michele MuUer 

John Sehi 

David Sullivan 

Kathleen Williams 



The Hot L Baltimore 

You 're a Good Man, 

Charlie Br wn 


A Funny Thing Happened on 

the Way to the Forum 

Red Herring 

The Complete Works of William 

Shakespeare. . Abridged! 


Jekyll and Hyde 
The Philadelphia Story 


Urine town: The Musical 
Picasso at the Lapin Agile 

All your hard work has 

paid off! You should b< 

so proud of yourself, W 

are very proud of you. 

Way to go! 


Danielle, Eddie, Julia, 

and Eddie jr, 

From the tearful goodbye 

as we left you as a 

freshman, to the tearful 

occasion watching you 

graduate; we are so proud 

of you and your hard 
work and dedication over 

the last four years, it's 

been a pleasure watching 

you grow into a fine 

young man. As you 

continue your education, 

we know that your 

dreams will become 

reality because of your 

devotion and dedication. 

Mom and Dad 

Congratulations! I of 
proud of all of yojj 

accomplishments! Yc 

been an inspiration 

me. You're a grec 

brother and a goc 

— ., friend! 


Devin M. Ladd - "COWBOY" H , I 

It seems like yesterday that Brother Jerry and Coach Farrell were giving us a tour of .11 " j 
LaSalle! You have grown so much and we are so proud of you! You always make us laugh 
and remind us to be thankful for the good things in life. May you be just 
as blessed in your future and may laughter and 
love be with you wherever you may go. 

Love ya! Mom, Dad, Troy and Colby 

Mimi and Guy, Grandma and Papa 

These are my people 

This is where I come from 

We 're givin this life 

everything we got and then 


It ain 7 always pretty 

But it 's real 

It 's the way we 're made 

Wouldn 't have it any other way 

These are my people 

Rodney Adkins 


Congratulations to 

Matthew J. Pagliaccetti 

on his graduation and acceptance into several law 

schools. We're very proud of you for attaining the 

Dean's List for all eight semesters. We wish you 

continued success in all you do. 

Love always, 

Dad, Mom, Johnny, Justin, Alyssa, Chiu, 

Grandparents, family and friends 


Cannot believe you're graduating already - it went so 
fast! Hold on to every moment and make it count. 
We pray for you and whatever you decide to do with 
your future. You are blessed to have so many 
options; the sky is the limit! 

We love you & are so proud of you & all of your 
accomplishments these last 4 years! 

#7 rocks!!! 

Love, Mom, Tim, & J.T. 

Congratulations 2008 La 

Salle University Graduate. 

Co confidently in the 

direction of your dreams. 

Live the life you imagine. 
You can do anything now. 

Love Al^vays & Forever 
Mom, Dad & Jackie 

Befj^y '•JhCahnej 

Seott 'SeUetU 

\S^ Thanks for a fantastic year! ^x 

igi'atulations Bob - You did it!! 
We ai'e proud of you! 

Love, Mom & Amanda 
Gi'andmom Lamb 
Aunt Chei"i 
Aunt Anita 

Aunt Cathy & Uncle Mark 
Uncle Ekidie & Aunt Jen 
Aunt Connie 


In your quest for success, 

never lose the little 



make us proud. 

We love you. 

Dad, Mom and Elizabeth 

Kyle M. Luke 


\Ve are so proud of you and your many 
accomplishments! Reach for the stars and 
continue to be the strong individual you have 
al^vays been. Remember "Our Wish For You". 
Our love and best v^hes for you and your 
future dreams. 

Love You, 

Dad, Mom & Valorie 



COTlIlpllEriTlffll UOIIT 

We are all vevii pTcut 
islcna'iolcm, iolcm, x/aol. 

Quel UOUT X»Tolll«T8 OTl' 



Upon your graduation, hold your 

memories in one hand, 

but leave the other open. ..for your 

life is just beginning, 

and the world that awaits you is endless! 

Wishing you the special happiness of seeing 
all your dreams come true! 

Hip, Hip, Hooray! You did it! 
Congratulations Poppy! 

Our love, prayers, and best wishes! 
Mom & Dad 

Caroline Abba 

Congrats on your Success 

We are very proud of you. Our BABY GIRL, has 

blossomed into a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN 


Congratulations to 

our (graduating 


Courtney Bowers 
Alison D. Graham 

Timothy Main 
Natalia Musitano 

May the music guide you in all that you do. 



We are all very proud of you 
You did a fantastic job at La Salle 
We hope your future holds all 
that you've dreamed of. 
We love you very much. 
Love, Dad, Donna, Lauren, and 

Anthony L. Bonagura 

We are extremely proud of you!! 
During the past 4 years, you took 
every opportunity to position yourself 
for a successful career in Public Relations. 
Internships with the Camden River Sharks, 
76er's, and a member of the Executive Board 
for WEXP were exciting activities and helped 
you get to the next level to become a highly 
successful professional. Now it's time to 
" GO FOR IT ". The sky is the limit!!! 

Love - Mom, Dad, Michael, and Chip 

ConO't^tMCitions to, . . 


La Salle University Class of 08 

From Your Family 












Congratulations) to Mike Diaz 
& the Class of 2008!!! 

Major in Mass Communications / Business 

Minor "^%L^ 

"There he is!" 


"All Growns Up!' 


You did it Mike! We ore all so proud of you! Set your goals, 
shoot for the nnoon, and nnoke every nnonnent count! 

\)0 41^ WILL. 

9 ^^^l REST 



"The world is round and the place which nnay seenn like the end 
nnay also be the beginning." - ivy Baker priest 


OOi LaSiilULnivLTsin 

To the Class of 2008. 

It has been our privilege to share your journey. You will remain in our hearts and in our 
\prayers always, and we know you will continue to apply and expand your Lasallian learning 

for the greater good 






"r ' n' If!^ 

ii tut iFiti^iil 



' OaSS oj 2008 

Elliott Lewis 

Service You Can 
b Depend on 










mm wsi'S' msM^ M.'WEmws 

lDIHm«^ IDS f1®fl41 



Pollack's Herbs & Vitamin Center 

5925 N. Broad St. 

Philadelphia, PA 19141 


(lo*u^ruitui<Vtion^ (a t^ Jl<nS<iUc (^^«44 <^ 200^ 


^^B^ Ogontz Av 

Ogontz Avenue Revitaiization Corporation 


1536 Haines Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19126 

Tel: (215) 549-9462 




to the Graduating 

Class of 2008! 


Enjoy Herr's FREE Snack Factory Tour. 
Sample tasty snacks, fresh and warm from our 
cookers. With guided tours, gift shop, Chipper's 
Cafe, video and more, we offer families, schools 
and bus tours lots of fun! It's a day trip of free, 
educational fun you'll remember forever. 
Handicap and wheelchair accessible. 4\ 

Herr's Snack 

Factory Tour 

and Visitor Center 

Mon.Thurs. 9am-3pm 
Friday 9am-1 1am 

In Nottingham, PA, 
take Herr Drive off of 
Bt. 272 and follow 
\ signs to Visitor Center 

"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile." 
— Albert Einstein 


Albert Einstein Healthcare Network 

is proud to be a partner 

with La Salle University 

in support of our community. 

Albert Einstein Healthcare Network 

mh Jefferson Health System 

Albert Einstein Medical Center • Belmont Behavioral Health • Einstein at Elkins Park 
Germantown Community Health Services • MossRehab • Willowcrest 


William A.Geppert, Jr. 
LaSalle '45 


3101 Tre Wigtown Road, Colmar, PA 18915 

83 Years 
of Progres 




Complete Demolition & Select Interiors: 

Industrial, Commercial & Residential 

Heavy Equipment Rental & Hauling 

Member of National Demolation Association 

estimating@geppertbros . com 

Ph: 800-698-3462 or 215-822-7900 


Fax: 215-822-0635 


for fast pick 

5826 Henry Avenue 
Philadelphia. Pa 19126 



Mon-Thur 11 AMlo 1AM 

Fri-Sat 11 Am to 2 AM 

Sun 11 AM to 11 PM 




Come Grow With Us 

Route Sales 

You know us. We are the worlds number one favorite 
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PepsiCo, a fortune 40 company and we have the largest 
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Currently we have immediate openings for Route Sales 
Representatives in the Philadelphia area. We are seeking 
qualified candidates to join our Sales Team that possess the 
following qualities: 

■ Excellent Selling Skills | 

■ Good Communication Skills \ 

■ Solid Work History & Experience 

■ Excellent Driving Record 

■ Professional Appearance 

Frito-Lay offers starting pay at approx. 35K/year to start 
and averages approx. 45K with excellent growlh potential 
We also offer excellent benefits including medical, dental, 
vision, life insurance, pension, 401k, stock options and 
much more. 
Qualified candidates please call: 



Frito-Lay: A Great Place To Grow! 


Drug Free Workplace 








E-mail: jburke@ 
Mobile #21 5-527-4802 

John Burke 


My & Massa Photography 

Vincent Massa 


416 D Governor Printz Blvd 






www, kellyand m assa .com 


Singer Equipment Co. 


Se/f-Strvict Superstart 
Open to 
the Pablic 

• China. Glassware & Flatware 

• Janilonals & Cleaning Supplies 

• Paper & Oisposafales 

• Kitchen Supplies & Cookware 

■ Equipment & Furniture, New & UsetJ 

■ Kitchen Design 


crU^o*an£e <^icuea-no- ^^Lounne 

(215)843-2643 oskar po 



Arborists Providing Fine Tree Care 

P.O. Box 280 • Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 

21 5-649-4843 -Business 
215-549-2306- Fax 


Phone: (610) 525-1562 
Phone: (610) 293-9430 
E Mail: jward(§> 

James B. Ward 

Certified Arborist *53 


Catering For 
All Occasions 


1 42 West Champlosl Ave, 
Phila., PA 19120 



Radio & Television Service Center 

Specialist! in Color, B. W, Stereos, VCR, 
Computer Monitors, etc. 

Open Tues. - Sat. 

5926 Old York Road 
Phila., PA 19141 

George R. Follonan 


Joseph Dugan, Inc. 

onry Restoration and Waterproofing 

905 Bethlehem Pike 

Erdenheim, PA 19038 


Pax 215.836.9144 


TEL 324-3800 


Printer Source is 100% ready to serve your needs Ihe way you want and 
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Energy Products Company 







Fax: (215)848-1970 

William F. Green 

General Manager 

Phone (215) 477-0200 

Fax (215)473-5510 



120 S,30lh street 

PNIadelptiia, PA 19104- M)3 

215-386-3838 i Fax; 215-386-4854 

4100 Presidential Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19131 



Jjuiiaina (uon/rac/ors z/nc. 

Michael Mannii 96 E Bringhurst Slitci 

(215)849-9773 Philadelphia. PA 19144 



Richard Dodridge 

Executive Director 

PO Box 4196 • Philadelphia, PA 19144 
Phone: (215) 849-2054 . Cell: (215) 806-9084 
Email: richard.dodridge@teenchallenget 

Steiwagon Roofing Supply, Inc. 

213 676-3176 • w\\-vv. steiwagon. com 

1 0094 Santlmrrcr La ;. Red Lion 3*1 6 Cofal St ii CastCf A',e 

Philaoelolua. PA 19116 =tii ade^phii. =A 1912-t 

45i;n 16"5tt. fcfield.i.e Sr SouthS'StiPine El 
PhilicclDIJ PA 19 Ul 

Leon Ellerson 

Keystone Computer Associates, Inc. 

1 055 Virginia Drive. Fort VWashington. PA 1 9034 

215-643-3800 X231 | Fax 215*13-0115 | | lelleison@keystoneca.D 

6410 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19126 

310 Second Street Pike, Southampton, PA 1 8966 

215,927.5800 ■ 1.800.622.6410 ■ Fax: 215.927.3110 

E-mail: info^ 

^"■GOR' Services 

Michael H, Novak 

Wca President 


Flulillcs, Inc. 

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Suite A 

Philadelphia, PA 19114 

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Apply online at': 

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it-A-Car Company R72430.1 

Lynn Buono 


your eyes 


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HATFIELD, PA 1 9440 

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215-549-4843 - Business 
215-549-2306 -Fax 



Catering For 
All Occasions 

142 West Champlost Ave. 
Phila., PA 19120 

Proudly serving La Salle University as architects 
for the new Science &Technology Center and 
Campus Linkage enhancements. 


^ ^5<r 

One Red Lion Road 

Philadelphia, PA 19115 


718 Arch Street | Suite 5N | Philadelphia, PA 19106 
T 21 5.440.01 90 | F 215.440.0197 | 

Wholesale Distributors 



6037 Germantown Ave. 
Philadelphia. PA 19144 

Phone: 215-848-5250 



I'nUett floral Service. Inc. 
4700 Wissabickon Avenue 
PbUadelphia, PA 19144 



Flowers Deliivrett . . . for Business, Home and Special Oct 


Institute for Safe 
Medication Practices 

a TumpTofu orgoTujadon 

1800 Byberry Road, Suite 810 Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006-3520 
Tel215"947'7797 Fax 215'9:4-1492 
Web Site: www.ismp.otg 

Elaine Jones 
Vice President 


5812 N. 12th Street 
Philadelphia. Pa 19141 
Office: (21 SM24-6S59 
Fax: (215)424-3305 
Cell: (215)778-0710 
Email: skarimiSverizonnet 
majesticsteell @netscape.nei 

Compliments of 


H I 


5224 Germantown Ave. 
Philadelphia, PA 19144 



963 S. 53rd St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19143 



Compliments of a friend 


Volume 64 of the Explorer Yearbook was printed by Jostens Publishing Company. Phil 
Klein acted as the Jostens local representative to La Salle University; Dee Skelton was 
the plant representative. The initial preparation, cover design, and final assembly took 
place at the Jostens plant in State College, Pennsylvania. 820 copies of the 2008 
yearbook were printed. The book is made up of 256 pages of gloss enamel paper 
printed in four color process and smythe sewn with head and foot bands. The cover of 
the 2008 yearbook is special litho with UV coating and the book has gold dust end 

Cad Wolf Studio produced all of the senior portraits in the book, as well as many 
athletic, academic and candid photographs. The remainder of the pictures were taken 
by Explorer Yearbook staff, submitted by the La Salle University community, from 
University Communications and from the University Archives. 

The "Charting the Course" theme was developed by the Explorer Yearbook staff and 
the layouts within the book were designed by the yearbook staff using Jostens Yeartech 
Online Program. The 2008 Explorer is an official publication of La Salle University, 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and reproduction of any portion of this book, either in part, 
or in its entirety, is prohibited without the written consent of the University. 

Inquires about the 2008 Explorer Yearbook should be sent to La Salle University. 

Xke 2008 ^xplorei^ yea^*book 

Dawn Wanner, 
Jen McShane 

Cory Anotado 

Holly Baublitz_ 

Karly Castillo 

Mike Dao 

Katie Elkins 

Ruel Fernandes_ 
Laura Hopkins_ 

Timothy Main 

Alii Myers 



_Copy Editor 

.Athletics Editor 
Writing Staff 

.Photography Editor 

Photography Staff 

Academics Staff 

Clubs Staff 

Alyssa O'Bomsawin, 

.Photography/Academics Staff 

. Writing Staff 

Ads Manager